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6 March 2008

 “In 1993, the Pope Openly Embraced Kosovo Secession”

  I. Comment by Jared Israel

 II. Transcript of Ibrahim Rugova's News Conference in Albania after Meeting with Italian Leaders and Pope

III. News Service Report: Rugova Discusses Kosovo Issues with Italian Leaders and Pope

19 October 2007

“What Does the World Owe 1940s Serbs? Not too much...”
In March 1941 the New York Times reported a huge rebellion in Serbia and Montenegro against pro-Nazi policies. The world held its breath...

Scanned and transcribed from the original.

Comments by Jared Israel

11 October 2007

News reports on NATO's Oct. 2007 'Noble Midas' Maneuvers in the Adriatic; possible indictments of Montenegrin officials; NAZI anti-Serb plans in 1941

1. "NATO Exercise Starts in Croatia"
BBC Monitoring, October 1, 2007

2. "Italian soldier wounded in NATO exercise in Croatia"
BBC Monitoring, October 2, 2007

3. "Croatian president visits headquarters of Noble Midas 07 NATO exercise"
BBC Monitoring, October 5, 2007

4. "Montenegrin officials reject Italian prosecutors' tobacco-smuggling accusations"
BBC Monitoring, June 24, 2007

5. "Nazis Held Ready to Crush Serb Guerrillas and Jews"
The New York Times, May 11, 1941
With comment by Jared Israel

21 September 2006

Despite Evidence of Foul Play, Prosecutors Plan Not to Reopen Inquiry into Krajina Serb Leader Milan Babic's Death in Hague Tribunal Prison

Did Accused Saudi Terrorist Paymaster Fund Alija Izetbegovic?

3 September 2006

UN: Serbs aren't collectively guilty; they just have a bad national past

27 August 2006

UN Envoy Maligns Serbs; Terrorist Bombs Serbian Cafe in Mitrovica

5 August 2006

Petar Makara: "Pametna karta" za glupe Srbe

25 July 2006

Jared Israel vs. Noam Chomsky on Yugoslavia

1 June 2006

In Dec. 2004, Italy's High Court Ruled: Jail Prime Minister Djukanovic
Was this ruling the reason for the frantic push for Montenegrin independence? This article includes TENC's English translation of an ANSA wire service report with excerpts from the high court ruling, plus our summary of key points, background information and explanatory notes. In the West (outside Italy) the Supreme Court ruling has, as far as we can find, gone virtually unreported.


31 May 2006

Boasting about Results of Independence Referendum, Montenegrin Leader's Lawyer Puts Foot in Mouth
[Procitajte ovaj tekst na srpsko-hrvatskom]

Attorney Enrico Tuccillo's statement, quoted in a 22 May 2006 dispatch from ANSA, the Italian wire service, has explosive implications. We have posted the Italian original, our English translation, and comments. Searching Google and Lexis-Nexis, we can find no media or government source (anywhere) that has even mentioned Tucillo's remarks. Why not?

More here.
Dear Readers,

Today (31 May) we are resuming publication of Yugoslav Reports. We will be posting reprints from the media, chosen because they are informative, often despite the media's intentions. We will especially try to a) post translations of important non-English texts and b) post revealing wire service dispatches that have been blacked-out by the print and broadcast media. (Wire service dispatches only reach the public if they are published in newspapers or quoted on radio or TV.)



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