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The Iraq War: Worse than a Mistake

Emperor's Clothes editorial

[Posted 24 March 2003]


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Dear readers,

We are in the process of preparing several articles about the US-led war in Iraq. But people have written to us, asking us to make our position clear. So, until the first article appears (very soon), let us state the following:

1) All of us at Emperor's Clothes oppose this war.

2) We understand that many decent people support it because of the horrible nature of Saddam Hussein's government.

3) We think the war has purposes entirely different from the ones being stated by coalition leaders and will have disastrous consequences. The issues are much bigger even than Iraq, and very serious.

Below, under 'Further Reading,' are some articles that will give you a general idea where we are coming from. In addition, articles on the current situation are in the works.

Best regards,
Editorial Board, Emperor's Clothes)


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Further Reading


1) A Los Angeles Reader Asks: Are You for or Against Saddam Hussein? Are You For or Against the Proposed War?
Jared Israel Replies: Emperor's Clothes is Against Projected War and Against Hussein.
[Posted 31 December 2002]

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Note added April 27, 2004 - For more on what lies behind the Iraq war, see Jared Israel's series, "How the Lies of Scott Ritter Reveal the Strategic Goals of the Bizarre Iraq War"
Part 1 is posted at

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