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Video of three men and a boy taken prisoner and beaten inside the Muslim Brotherhood's encampment at Rabaa al-Adaweya Square in Nasr City, Cairo, July-August 2013

The video below is discussed in the article, "Egypt: Sit-ins? Or terror camps? What's in a name?," by Jared Israel and Samantha Criscione, posted on Emperor's Clothes on August 18, 2013.

Below is a video shot from a window or balcony in one of the huge residential buildings around which the Muslim Brotherhood Rabaa Square encampment in Cairo was set up.  The video is raw footage, consisting of four video sequences, in which we see Rabaa Square encampment lynch mobs, including a large number of Brotherhood security guards wearing bright orange day-glo vests and Brotherhood militia members wearing colored helmets, with some members of both groups being armed with steel pipes, who have beaten, and in two of the four cases are still violently beating, three men and a boy whom they have captured.  Apparently the security guards are under orders to question these people and therefore do not allow the encampment inmates to kill them immediately.

We do not know the 'offenses' of these victims; perhaps they disagreed with the Brothers, or perhaps the Brotherhood knows or suspects that they are anti-Brotherhood activists, or perhaps some Brotherhood militia captured them near the encampment just in order to supply the demanded quota of torture detainees.‫Torture-Rabaa‬‎.mp4
Video: "Beaten and tortured inside the sit-in of brotherhood on Rabaa Square - Cairo," posted on Youtube at

1) 0:00-0:54
A man in dark t-shirt and slacks is held by members of a mob, repeatedly beaten by many people, some with clubs, including by Brotherhood security guards (wearing day-glo orange vests) and Brotherhood militia (with colored helmets) and is being taken somewhere in the encampment, when that segment ends.

2) 0:54-1:17
A man in white t-shirt and dark slacks is rapidly and violently beaten by a mob and then half-walked half-dragged by five men to an undisclosed location. Men wearing the day-glo orange vests of the Rabaa Square encampment Brotherhood security force are active in the beating and the moving of this man. One of the five men who walk/drag him away is wearing an orange vest.

3) 1:17-1:31
A man in yellow t-shirt, covered with blood, and red slacks has already been severely beaten and is now being taken away by a group of security guards in orange day-glo vests.

4) 1:31-1:48
A boy who has obviously been beaten is taken somewhere in the camp. The group escorting him includes one man carrying a long steel pipe.

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-- Jared Israel and Samantha Criscione
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