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Ramsey Clark's IAC accuses EC Editors of Slander but they get the Facts Wrong...

Letter from Clark's International Action Center, IAC
Reply by Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser

[Posted 13 June 2003]

We published two articles on Clark before this piece. They are, "Ramsey Clark Poses as Milosevic's Lawyer... ...and then smears the 'client' on nationwide U.S. television," at

* And, "More on how Ramsey Clark Attacked Milosevic at the National Press Club," at

We published one more after this piece. It's entitled "How Ramsey Clark Labored to Protect Nazi Émigrés," at


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Last month we posted the first article in a series about former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who is perceived worldwide as a leading opponent of US policies.

That article and a followup article analyzed Clark's recent appearance at the National Press Club. During that appearance, which was televised nationwide in the US, Clark falsely posed as President Milosevic's lawyer and falsely associated President Milosevic with Sheikh Rahman, whom Clark praised. Sheikh Rahman is the religious leader of Gama'a al-Islamyya, one of the worst terrorist groups in the world. [1]

Clark gets around. A decade ago, he and leaders of a group called Workers World founded the International Action Center (IAC). More recently, they founded ANSWER, which is prominent in the antiwar movement. Clark has involved himself in some of the sharpest international conflicts. He has appeared on TV around the world. For two years he was entrusted with the position of honorary co-President of the ICDSM, the group organized to counter media lies about the Serbs and President Milosevic. Clark no longer holds that position. He was removed following a decision reached with the agreement of President Milosevic.

Ramsey Clark has not replied to our charges. However, we did receive a short email from the address of the IAC in San Francisco. That email is posted below, followed by our reply.


Letter defending Ramsey Clark


To Emperor's Clothes:

After your disgusting, slanderous and divisive attacks on Ramsey Clark -- one of the few prominent individuals who took a principled and courageous stand on Yugoslavia and who flew to Belgrade in a desperate attempt to prevent President Milosevic's illegal deportation -- no one should give you any support.

International Action Center
San Francisco


Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser Reply


In our articles on Ramsey Clark, we did what we always do - we analyzed the propaganda affect of Clark's words. People can read those articles and judge for themselves whether they are slanderous or factual. [2]

The email we received, written in the name of the International Action Center, accuses us of being divisive. That's an interesting choice of words. When addressing people opposed to NATO's attack on Yugoslavia, Ramsey Clark makes statements designed to convince such people that he's on their side. But at crucial moments, the same Ramsey Clark stabs the Serbian people and President Milosevic in the back. We are not writing about Clark because we are divisive; we are writing about Clark because *he is divided*. This division is not something we made up or did to Clark; we are just pointing out a fact.

In this and future texts we will present more facts, all of which cause one to ask: who is the real Ramsey Clark? The one who presided over a counter-Tribunal in New York, attended by a *few hundred* people, and which produced an indictment of NATO for crimes in Yugoslavia? Or the one who, when interviewed by CNN, told *millions of people* that he needed to see the evidence before he could decide whether Milosevic is guilty of war crimes? [3]

Clark affects the political thinking of many people. We have observed first hand the great harm he does with his maneuvers. Therefore it is our duty to clarify his role.

Based on the argument that Clark has access to the mass media, and despite the strong misgivings some of us expressed, in June of 2001 Clark was entrusted with the honorary position of co-President of the ICDSM. (As noted above, he has been removed from that position by a decision reached with the agreement of President Milosevic).

As leaders of the ICDSM, we did everything we could to encourage Clark to make a positive contribution. Nevertheless we saw him betray people's trust time and again. At crucial moments, he always managed to so something that hurt the Yugoslav people and helped the US-led Empire. His performance at the National Press Club was only the latest example.


June 2001: Desperately seeking Belgrade...


In unraveling the maneuvers of the US-Led Empire and its operatives, sometimes the best clues are provided by lies, especially clever lies delivered in tones of moral outrage.

In an effort to shame and silence our criticisms of Ramsey Clark, the short email written in the name of the IAC makes only one supposedly factual argument. It states that in June 2001 Clark "flew to Belgrade in a desperate attempt to prevent President Milosevic's illegal deportation."

The interesting thing is, this isn't true.

The kidnapping of President Milosevic was announced by CNN on June 28th around 1 in the afternoon, Eastern US time. That same day, Ramsey Clark issued a statement about the kidnapping. And six hours later, Clark got on a plane for Belgrade. [4]

So unless Clark has a time machine, it could not be true that he "flew to Belgrade in a desperate attempt to prevent President Milosevic's illegal deportation..." for the very good reason that President Milosevic had already been illegally deported.

Frankly, this claim that Clark wanted "desperately" to prevent the deportation of President Milosevic is an insult to our intelligence. Prior to the kidnapping, President Milosevic was held in a Belgrade jail for three months, beginning April 1 2001. During that time, disregarding urgent appeals to act, Ramsey Clark refused to go to Belgrade to publicly campaign for Milosevic's release, even though he might have had some impact.

Other international attorneys did try to help, travelling to Belgrade while President Milosevic was held in jail. These included Canadian Attorney Christopher Black and Italian International Law Professor Aldo Bernardini.


An intriguing trip to Belgrade


Why did Ramsey Clark suddenly discover a desperate need to travel to Belgrade at the end of June 2001?

A clue is provided by another lie from Ramsey Clark's IAC.

It seems that on the 27th of June, Ramsey Clark's application for a visa was turned down by the Yugoslav Embassy in Washington. On the same day, an International Action Center report made much of this refusal. They claimed the US government was behind the denial and that this showed the US government didn't want Clark to get into Belgrade. But, the same report from the IAC, which was broadcast all over the Internet, contradicted their claim:

"According to Vladimir Krsljanin, international secretary of the Socialist Party of Serbia, of which Mr. Milosevic is chairman, Propic was not acting with the full the authority of the Yugoslav government. Krsljanin said that the chief of the cabinet of the Yugoslav government sent a cable at 7:34 p.m. Belgrade time 1:34 p.m. in Washington ordering that Mr. Clark receive his visa."

As you may not be aware, the Yugoslav Federal cabinet was a key player in the fight to illegally deport President Milosevic. The Cabinet went so far as to issue a law authorizing extradition. This took the form of a Cabinet decree, even though:

A) The Yugoslav Constitution did not permit the Cabinet to rule by decree. It required that laws be passed in Parliament.

B) The Yugoslav Constitution forbade the extradition of Yugoslav citizens.

So this Cabinet, in the very vanguard of the drive to illegally deport President Milosevic, intervened to assist Ramsey Clark's "desperate" effort to get to Belgrade.

It does not sound good.

We think the operatives with whom Clark works in the US-led Empire wanted Clark to appear in Belgrade around the time of the kidnapping for two reasons.

First, they of course knew that Milosevic was about to be kidnapped and an outbreak of popular anger was to be expected. They wanted Clark in Belgrade to help direct the people's anger in accecptable directions. Second, we think they had decided that Clark should try to become President Milosevic's attorney. Given this strategy, Clark's failure to show up in Belgrade prior to the kidnapping of President Milosevic was an embarrassment. Hence Clark's "desperate" need to make an appearance in Belgrade around the time of the kidnapping.

This thesis is supported by Clark's actions after Milosevic was incarcerated in The Hague. We will turn our attention to Clark's harmful behavior at The Hague in our next article.

-- Nico Varkevisser and Jared Israel

Coming next: "Hague Tribunal Maneuvers to Make Ramsey Clark Milosevic's Attorney!"

[Footnotes and Further Reading Follow The Appeal]


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* Footnotes and Further Reading *


[1] Sheikh Rahman's Gama'a al-Islamyya is the largest and most vicious terrorist group in Egypt. In 1997, they carried out the slaughter of 58 foreign tourists and four Egyptians at the Luxor archeological site in Egypt. Gama'a al-Islamyya took credit for the massacre, which involved ghastly mutilation, stating that the murders were a failed attempt to take hostages in order to bargain for Sheikh Rahman's freedom. See for example
The Toronto Star; November 19, 1997, Wednesday, Metro Edition ;Section: News; Pg. A3; Length: 863 Words; Headline: Slain Tourists Mutilated Witnesses Tell Of Ritual Executions At Temple; Byline: By Martin Regg Cohn Toronto Star; Dateline: Luxor, Egypt

[2] Our first article on Clark was, "Ramsey Clark Poses as Milosevic's Lawyer... ...and then smears the "client" on nationwide U.S. television!' at

The followup piece was, "More on how Ramsey Clark Attacked Milosevic at the National Press Club," at

Subseqwuently, we published a fourth piece, "How Ramsey Clark Labored to Protect Nazi Émigrés," at

[3] CNN International; Show: Q&A 03:30 PM Eastern Standard Time; November 23, 2001 Friday; Transcript # 112301cb.K18; Section: News; International; Length: 3538 Words; Headline: Will Slobodan Milosevic Receive A Fair Trial?; Guests: Florence Hartman, Ramsey Clark, Geoffrey Robertson, Grace Amakyel; Byline: Zain Verjee

[4] CNN BREAKING NEWS 13:20, June 28, 2001 Thursday, Transcript # 062808CN.V00, News; International, 630 words, Yugoslavia Confirms Extradition of Milosevic, Lou Waters, Alessio Vinci

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