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US Police Attack Serbs in Northern Mitrovica
Based on interviews with observers in Mitrovica

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On June 21, 2000 at around 9:30 AM, local time, UNMIK (the UN command in Kosovo) created a provocation in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica. A caravan of secessionist Albanians was organized and this caravan was then paraded around the streets with an official escort of KFOR vehicles, as if the KLA people were visiting dignitaries.

Some local people responded to this provocation by throwing a few stones as a gesture of defiance against NATO. In minutes, a dozen UNMIK police cars arrived on the scene at Anke Spajica Street.

It is of course customary to judge a thing by its label, but these UNMIK policemen didn't spring out of the ground in Kosovo. They were in fact American "peace officers."

We are all familiar with how US policemen are screened and trained for the job. We have seen the fruits of their training in their treatment of black people in the US, not to mention protesters in Seattle and Washington. Systematic violence is their method of herding human beings.

A bunch of these US cops jumped off the UNMIK vehicles and with a threatening posture approached the first group of Serbs they saw, some young men standing in front of a shop. The cops demanded the youths identify the "perpetrators." The young men didn't know; they hadn't seen the incident. The US policemen pressed hard and tried to drag some of the youths into their vehicles. The other Serbs rushed to defend these victims and the peace officers responded with what is called in the US "legal measures against those who resist arrest;" that is, they beat them with billy clubs.

The attack by US police, wearing a different, UNMIK uniform, developed into a street battle when the police called in reinforcements. The end result was twenty Serbian civilians injured, two with gunshot wounds, the rest severely beaten, five with serious head injuries, many blinded with pepper spray and other US-made "harmless" control chemicals, some with burned faces.

Here are the names of the two Serbian victims, shot by brave US policemen, Clinton's heroes:

BRANISLAV VLASKOVIC, 30, seriously wounded in the belly. BOZIDAR NEDELJKOVIC, bullet wound in the arm.

The official UNMIK communiqué on the incident stated that "two Serbs, three Albanians and two UNMIK police officers were injured in the incident; eventually a few warning shots were fired in the air."

What else could the world expect from US-trained UNMIK? Not honesty.


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