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Crime & Terror in the New Kosovo
by Jared Israel (5-5-2000)

Below is an article from Tanjug (pronounced tanyug), the press service of the Yugoslav government. Given the admittedly partisan source some might be inclined to poo-poo the charges made here, so I added some quotes from pro-NATO media. These and my own analysis suggest that, if anything, Tanjug understates its case, sparing us some of the more unbelievable details.

Tanjug (5-4-00)
Comments by Jared Israel,]

TANJUG: The US administration recently secretly armed more than 3.500 Albanian extremists who are acting under the wing of the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC). The US government has continually supplied Albanian terrorists in Kosovo-Metohija with arms since the arrival of the UN Peace Mission in the southern Serbian province, in spite of verbal public condemnations of terrorism, and unknown to its allies in KFOR.

Jared comments: In Why is the KLA shooting at KFOR? we noted that recent fighting between the Kosovo Liberation Army and French troops in northern Kosovo (Mitrovica) was really a proxy war between the US and France. Well, during that fighting, French troops seized a KLA ambulance stuffed with, we kid you not, "14 anti-tank rocket launchers, more than 180 high-explosive grenades, and more than 3,000 cartridges for guns, (Bergen County Record, 2-16-00) and "including a US-made 'street sweeper' grenade launcher..." (AFP, 2-15-00)

Got that? Pretty amazing?

Here's more amazing. Gen. Shelton, boss of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, immediately held a press conference commenting on the ambulance. Why would a big-shot like him comment on an incident like that? But OK, did he at least denounce the KLA for violating the UN agreement under which NATO tries to justify its occupation of Kosovo? Did he chastise the KLA for planning to slaughter even more local people and now French troops as well? No sir, he talked about the difficulties of preventing arms smuggling from Serbia.

From Serbia?

The ambulance was seized as it was being driven north towards not away from inner Serbia. And these were US-made weapons stashed inside, and this was a KLA ambulance.

So what was the point of Shelton's statement? I think the intention was clear. By first taking the unheard of step of commenting on a minor incident, and then pointing the finger at Yugoslavia instead of the KLA, Shelton was affirming, at the highest level, that the US government supported the KLA arms buildup. What reason do we have to doubt that the US also covertly supplies the KLA with weapons? The only question is: why would the US equip only 3500 terrorists? has the CIA gotten cheap?

TANJUG: The Kosovo Protection Corps, officially formed Sept 20, 1999 as a civilian actually the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) extreme grouping of Albanian separatists but repackaged in a manner that NATO experts hope will be acceptable to the international public, that is, in a manner that creates the illusion of respecting Resolution 1244 of the UN Security Council.

Jared comments: The Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) is openly run by the same thugs who led the KLA. It's a name change. The KPC remains a racist, crazy, terrorist-gangster organization. Just read the following mind boggling account from the Albanian Daily News of 4-19-00. If I were editing the Albanian Daily News, I would have called the story:

"The right to bear rocket launchers..."

Forgive me but I peppered the Daily News text with comments, highlighted and in brackets. Here's the Daily News:

[Excerpt from Albanian Daily News starts here]

"United Nations police have detained a suspect in the murder of a high-ranking officer of the Kosovo Protection Force (KPC), spokesman Charlie Johnson said Tuesday... They are also searching for another man suspected of involvement in the slaying in central Pristina Monday of Besim Mala, a former commander of the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)...gunned down in broad daylight in a restaurant in what was thought to be a property dispute, Johnson said.

The suspect was detained several hours later. The killing was condemned by the commander of the KPC, General Agim Ceku who described it as an attack on the "freedom and future of Kosovo."

[Jared's note: Ceku is a former (?) KLA top leader, that is, war criminal. He has also been charged with war crimes for his role five years ago helping lead the slaughter and expulsion of over 200,000 Serbian residents of the Krajina section of what is now Croatia. It is clear from Ceku's remark about the murder being "an attack on the 'freedom and future of Kosovo.'" that this killing resulted from a leadership fight within the KPC. These guys conduct elections in the style of Al Capone: "Bang! You guys is dead. My guys is elected!"]

The KPC is a civil emergency organization formed out of the demilitarized KLA.
[Jared's note: Demilitarized? This is nightmare-comedy. Read on...]

Johnson said UN police had also released a man held late Monday in connection with another attack in central Prishtina just a few hundred meters from the restaurant where Mala was shot. The man had been detained by KFOR peacekeeping troops at a vehicle checkpoint for having two rocket warheads in his car shortly after unidentified attackers fired a rocket-propelled grenade into a building in the city center. The blast injured two ethnic Albanians but was thought to have been targeted at a neighboring apartment occupied by Serbian journalists, Johnson said. He [Johnson] said the explosive had apparently been fired from a rocket launcher from a nearby rooftop. The firing tube was found some 200 meters from the rooftop, Johnson said.

The detainee was released after explosives experts established the rockets he was carrying were of a different type to the one used in the attack.
[Jared's note:
Can you believe this? It reads like a crazy satire.]

[Excerpt from Albanian Daily News ends here]

Now back to Tanjug:

TANJUG: Since the arrival of KFOR in Kosovo-Metohija, members of "Kosovo Protection Corps" have brutally liquidated more than 1.000 civilians.

Jared comments: KFOR, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Kosovapress, and the Internatioanl Crisis Group, who are to different degrees either run by NATO or pro-NATO, have each admitted the KLA/KPC killed hundreds of people in Kosovo. There is no question that, in NATO's interest, these groups have understated the numbers murdered.

The Orthodox Church, the Pristina Center for Tolerance and the Yugoslav government have documented hundreds more deaths. Aside from that, many have been kidnapped and may be dead. In any case, the most important point is not the exact number of murders - which probably exceed 1000 - but the situation.

Over 300,000 people have been driven from Kosovo. This includes most Serbs, Slavic Muslims, thousands of non-KLA Albanians, thousands of Roma ("Gypsies"). They did not leave out of fear of NATO bombs; they left *after* NATO took over Kosovo because of the following:

[Quote from Observer starts here]

"Murder, torture and extortion: these are the extraordinary charges made against the UN's own Kosovo Protection Corps in a confidential United Nations report written for Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

The KPC stands accused in the document, drawn up on 29 February, of 'criminal activities - killings, ill-treatment/torture, illegal policing, abuse of authority, intimidation, breaches of political neutrality and hate-speech'.

The 5,000-strong corps, funded by UN members including Britain, has a £30 million aid budget for Kosovo. It was set up to provide 'disaster response services'; instead, says the UN, it has been murdering and torturing people." (From
London Observer, 3/12/00 quoted in How will you plead at the trial, Mr. Annan?)

[Quote from Observer ends here]

In other words, the cause of the huge exodus is gangsterism and racist terror. As you may recall, NATO said it was taking over Kosovo in order to produce racial harmony. So what is NATO's reaction to the destruction of multiethnic life in Kosovo, to the transformation of Kosovo into a nightmare of fascist gangsterism? Here is the answer from the outgoing NATO Commander in Kosovo, Gen. Wesley Clark:

"On Monday, he visited Kosovo and said there was an 'increasing sense of security, the indicators of recovery from strong-arm ethnic cleansing and even some first budding signs of willingness to tolerate ethnic differences and cooperate among ethnic groups.'"
-- The Boston Globe, May 3, 2000, Wednesday, Third Edition, Pg. A4, 638 Words, Clark, Nato Leader In Kosovo, Retires From His Us Command General Sought Stepped-Up Effort, By John Donnelly, Globe Staff

Here's Tanjug:

[Tanjug excerpt starts here]

TANJUG: The Corps comprises 5.000 men and is under the direct command of the keeping with the policy of the UN Secretary-General's special envoy... Bernard Kouchner of France.

The fact that US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright recently ordered Hague Tribunal Chief Prosecutor, Carla Del Ponte, to strike leader Hashim Thaci (of the officially disbanded terrorist KLA) from the list of persons indicted for war crimes, is perhaps the best confirmation that Albanian extremists are in fact favorites and protégés of the US administration.

[Tanjug excerpt ends here]

Jared comments: Maybe the Thaci cover-up is the best evidence that the murderous KLA racists are US administration proteges. But as we have seen, it is not the only evidence.

Let me close with a quote from an op ed article in the NY Times by William Clinton. It is inconceivable that when Clinton wrote this op ed piece last May he was unaware of the nature of the KLA, which US covert agencies had helped to create and for whom the US had been the key sponsor at least since the Verification Teams went to Kosovo in the Fall of 1998. He understood the nature of the monster the US had chosen as its proxy force; he knew the KLA's dreams:

"He, like many KLA officers, says openly that he dreams of a Kosovo without Serbs." (Description of KLA death squad commander "The Teacher", Agence France Presse, August 19, 1999, quoted in The roots of Kosovo fascism by George Thompson.)

Knowing what the KLA was, knowing what NATO and therefore KLA domination of Kosovo would mean, Clinton wrote, concerning the motivation of NATO and the KLA:

"Freedom, respect for minority rights, and prosperity are powerful forces for progress. They give people goals to work for; they elevate hope over fear and tomorrow over yesterday." (Clinton, op-ed editorial, NY Times, May 23, 1999)


Further reading...

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