Transcript of Pacifica Radio story on the YUGOSLAVIAN ELECTIONS
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by Jared Israel (9-25-2000)

The following partial transcript and sound file of a Pacifica radio report from Belgrade on the Yugoslav elections is revealing.

Pacifica interviews leaders of the so-called 'democratic' opposition political parties and the 'civil society' NGOs ('non'-governmental groups). These interviews show that these "democratic" opposition groups are in fact US dependencies if not US creations. That is, they are neocolonial organizations disguised as indigenous groups. (Neocolonial organizations are always disguised as indigenous groups. That's the whole idea of neocolonialism. The British Empire used a less blatant method of control which they called "indirect rule.")

The Pacifica interviewer in Belgrade repeats our charges to an opposition spokeswoman. She answers: "So what? So what if we take money from the West? National sovereignty is an outmoded concept." Or words to that effect.

What a wonderful justification for betraying one's people to a predator!

Mladjan Dinkic, a leader of the G-17 Plus (they recently added the Plus, which makes them sound like hair conditioner) is interviewed. Dinkic tries to turn the exposure of G-17s World Bank and International Monetary Fund connections into a virtue. He says it's good that G-17 (Plus) is led by experienced IMF and World Bank officials because that way, if the "democratic" opposition gets elected, there will be local people writing the plans for Yugoslavia.

Good? Good for whom?

Is the problem with the World Bank and IMF that they are ignorant of local conditions. No! The problem with the IMF and World Bank is that their normal operating procedure is to devastate local economies in order to provide quick profits for a handful of foreign billionaires. The IMF and World Bank are not privatizers. They are privateers.

At least Mr. Dinkic admits two things of importance. First, that he and other top G-17 economists do indeed want to bring IMF "economic medicine" to Yugoslavia. And second, that the G-17 economic planners would run the country if the "democrats" won.

The Pacifica reporter interviews a Belgrade professor who puts forward the theory, which we have heard many times, that the US really wants to keep Milosevich in power because that makes it easier for the US to demonize the Serbs and thereby maintain a presence in Europe.

This is nonsense.

The US and Germany have targeted Serbia because for a hundred years the Serbs and their allies have been the key obstacle to the conquest of the East. Whoever would conquor Russia must first conquor the Balkans, and that means conquering the Serbs. Conquering the Balkans was crucial for the US in the early 1990s because the Soviet Union was falling apart and the US goal was to make sure it could not make a comeback. Now the US and Germany want to fish in the former Soviet Union for protectorates, colonies of immense value. There is intense economic competition at work here between the US and Germany, under a facade of good relations. They are like two sharks circling dinner.

Moreover, and this is not to be underestimated, an example must be made of the Serbs. They must be brought to heal. Milosevich as a person is not the issue. The forces he now represents - the anti-NATO Serbs and other Yugoslav loyalists who are the majority in Yugoslavia, and the very capable army under firm anti-NATO leadership - these forces are what the US and Germany wish to crush. These forces are associated with Mr. Milosevich and that is why the West attacks him. They want him out and their "democratic" opposition in so that the "democratic" politicians, many of them paid employees of the U.S. government, and all of whom have made clear by their statements that they are willing to serve the U.S. masters, can fire the present army leadership and then allow NATO, the IMF and the World Bank to bring Serbia to heal. Serbia, some of its people nailed to crosses (as the Romans did to their rebellious slaves) all of its people miserable, leashed, sitting when they are told to sit and begging when they are told to beg. That is what the US wants.

One final point about the radio clip. My first reaction to it was, "Isn't this great! Pacifica is giving both sides." My friend Petar Makara said, "What? Have you gone soft? The interviewer's time is overwhelmingly spent talking to the "democratic" opposition and "civil society" NGO people - people paid by the West. They give the microphone to this Dinkic. Why? Why don;t they interview the ordinary people? Why don't they talk to refugees driven from Kosovo by the US ally, the KLA, or to workers at the auto plant the US bombed with the workers in the plant? Why does this station, representative of the moderate left in America, provide an almost unchallenged forum for paid agents of the US government in Yugoslavia?"

My friend Petar Makara is right. What a sorry state of affairs, that I am relieved that a supposedly left-wing radio station permits a few crumbs of truth amidst the lies.

Here is the partial transcript from Pacifica, followed by the sound file:

The first federal elections in Yugoslavia since NATO's 78 day bombing are down to the wire. On Sunday voters will head to the polls to decide whether to oust President Slobodan Milosevic and replace him with the opposition candidate Vojslav Kostunica. Milosevic has increased his attacks on the opposition as being what he calls NATO colonizers. His government received fresh ammunition this week for these attacks as reports surfaced in the press that the U.S. government has been funneling millions of dollars to groups supporting the opposition. In all, the U.S. is slated to give some $77 million dollars to these groups over the next three years.

What is particularly interesting about this is that this is the very thing that very nearly brought down President Clinton--the issue of foreign money in American politics. It is an issue that has also been plaguing Vice President Al Gore during this campaign, with serious questions about his Buddhist Temple fundraising scandal.

Well, Democracy Now! correspondent Jeremy Scahill is in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. We turn now to an in-depth report he has filed looking at the U.S. government money pipeline to groups opposing Slobodan Milosevic, as well as plans by the Democratic Opposition of Serbia to increase their dealings with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank should they emerge victorious this weekend.

Click here to here the Pacifica report from Belgrade
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