Support Yugoslav Prisoners' Hunger Strike Against Kosovo Inquisition

Please, support this call. We intent to hand over the petition by a solidarity delegation to Kosovo.

From JÖSB,
Vienna, April 29, 2000


To: Bernard Kouchner, UNMIK governor Juan Ortuno, KFOR commander chief protectorate prosecutor Kaplan Baruti, president of the court of Kosovska Mitrovica Sven Eric Laarsen, UNMIK police chief of Kosovska Mitrovica Benita Ferrero-Waldner, minister of foreign affairs Albert Rohan, general secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Freedom for the political prisoners in Kosovo who are in hunger strike

We, the undersigned individuals and organisations, request the UN protectorate authorities, UNMIK, to immediately release the thirty-six Serbs and Roma who are in hunger strike, as well as their five fellow detainees in the UN prison of Kosovska Mitrovica, if they are only being accused of summary offences. We request the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to bring their influence to bear in this sense.


1 For almost one year the non-Albanian detainees have been held without the prospect of trials in court. According to press statements, not even preliminary examinations have been conducted.

2 At the same time, assassins motivated by Albanian nationalism, such as the recent case of Dzeljalj Ademi, who threw a hand grenade in the Serb Ghetto of Mitrovica, injuring 22 Serb civilians and 14 French NATO soldiers, are released without being tried.

3 Until now the protectorate judiciary was not at all able to dispel the massive doubts of their impartiality.

4 Under the given circumstances, since the UÇK/KSK [or KLA] is still armed and still acting as a belligerent power in a civil war and since it has expelled a large part of the population who are national minorities and political critics, therefore, to own and to carry weapons, which is the main accusation against the detained non-Albanians, is purely a matter of self-defence.

To detain the non-Albanians of Kosovska Mitrovica obviously has political and nationalist motives and they should be freed immediately.

Yugoslav Austrian Solidarity Movement (Jugoslawisch-Österreichische Solidaritätsbewegung) Vienna, April 27th, 2000

**************************** Jugoslawisch-Österreichische Solidaritätsbewegung (JÖSB) PF 217, A-1040 Wien, Österreich