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Sure I did it -

"Mr Soros admitted that 'hedge funds like mine did play a role in the Asian currency turmoil'. But he has not disclosed to what extent his Soros Fund Management was involved in the baht market." ('The Daily Telegraph' (London) July 28, 2001)

But I wasn't alone!

"It was not the Quantum Fund alone that was raiding Southeast Asian currencies. Other US and European hedge funds and investment banks also took part in the attack that sent the regional financial markets into turmoil. The traditional war of guns and canons was transformed into the currency war, waged on computer screens. Later it was also discovered that local banks and corporations in Southeast Asia also speculated against their own currencies....

"Soros acknowledges that there was pressure from the US and the IMF to encourage countries to prematurely open up or liberalise their financial markets, which was an important factor in triggering the crisis." ('The Nation', (Thailand), January 29, 2001)

Now he's coming...

Now he aint!


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