1:19 am, Friday

Internet aggression

Posted by [emperors-clothes]

Belgrade, April 13 - Certain new methods are being applied these days in the media war against Serbia and the Serbian people. Along with their psychological and propaganda services and home-maid self-proclaimed independent media, those who had bombed Serbia and who still carry out the aggression against it, have entered upon a new stage of the attacks over Internet.

In a planned and malicious action regularly registered Yugoslav sites were taken over on the central server of an American firm involved in the registration of the Internet domains. Numerous sites of the Yugoslav providers, political parties and firms were attacked in a synchronized manner.

One of the most severe criminal attacks on the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Serbia was carried out on Wednesday afternoon. American-Albanian propagandists forged the entire English version of the site and by false presentation on the Ministry of Information Internet address tried once again to delude the entire world and conceal their own crimes. It was not a surprise that they placed that bunch of outrageous lies regarding the historical and current developments on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija between the story about the massacre in Racak and the text in which they rendered thanks to NATO. Though the Finnish, Russian and Belarus pathologists and numerous world media have denied the existence of the fabricated mass grave of the Albanians in Racak long ago, which was used as a pretext for bombardment of Serbia by its author Walker, the mass grave is persistently being mentioned. This story has a new function; it is supposed to conceal the real truth from the Kosovo Albanians themselves - that they were misused by the NATO persons in power. The gratitude to NATO and the U.S., expressed in the end of the forged site has the same function. This propaganda against Serbia and the Serbian people, created by the order givers, by a combination of circumstances appeared on the day when the NATO killers had bombed the convoy of ethnic Albanian refugees in the village of Meja, near Djakovica last year. In the attack, 73 persons had been killed and 36 injured.

In keeping with its obligations, the Ministry of Information will continue informing domestic and world public about the developments in the country, especially in Kosovo and Metohija. All necessary measures will be taken against the media violence, the misuse of the Internet as a media and violations of all international judicial and moral norms. [emperors-clothes]