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What's the Target of the U.S. Move into Central Asia?
Two revealing reports on the Shanghai Cooperative Organization (SCO), created to fight terrorism and resist the U.S. Empire in Central Asia.
Article One: "Shanghai Grouping 'a Military Alliance'" - The Straits Times, (July 21, 2001)
* Article Two: Interview with a Kazakh political scientist, Sharipbek Amirbek, from Kazakh TV, January 2, 2002

Introductory Notes by Jared Israel
[Posted 29 January 2002]


The first article, reprinted below, reports that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, including Russia, China and the Central Asian Republics of the former Soviet Union, was turning into an aggressive anti-terrorist military alliance as of July 2001.

It states that as the SCO adopted more aggressive military policies:

"...the losers will be the United States and Turkey, whose tepid regional policies made the Central Asian countries look towards Moscow and Beijing."

'Tepid policies'? The writers are being polite.

In fact, Russian, Chinese and other intelligence agencies knew full well that the so-called Islamist movement was a creation of US and Saudi Arabian Intelligence which poured billions of dollars into recruiting, training, arming, supplying and building bases for the "Afghan Arabs" in the 1980s. These terrorists became the future Al Qaeda.

And the Russians, Chinese and others knew that the U.S., directly and through its proxy forces, such as Pakistani Intelligence, has continued to back these terrorist forces, using them to attack countries around the world, to destabilize China and the former Soviet Republics, and to keep India and Pakistan at each other's throats and therefore controllable.

We have argued elsewhere that the goal of the U.S. move into Central Asia is to prevent the emergence of a force capable of checking the U.S. Empire. The war on terrorism is a contrivance to create public support for what is in fact Imperial aggression.

As these articles show, before 9/11 Eurasia was moving towards creating what the U.S. Establishment feared most: a united block of half the people in the world. Did the U.S. Establishment stage the terrorist attacks on 9/11 precisely in order to make it appear that they too had become victims of terror, thus appearing to justify an assault on Central Asia?

The second article, an interview with a political scientist from Republic of Kazakhstan, suggests that at least so far the U.S. has not succeeded in reversing the purposes of the SCO.

Note the dates. First article: July 2001. Second article: January 2002. Before and after 9/11.

-- Jared Israel


Shanghai Grouping 'a military alliance'
The Straits Times (Singapore)
July 21, 2001, Saturday SECTION: East Asia, Pg. A2


Led by China and Russia, its real aim is to fight Islamic fundamentalism in Central Asia, says Jane's Terrorism and Security Monitor

CHINA would be able to send troops to Central Asia to combat Islamic extremism if requested, according to one of the unpublicised terms of the newly formed Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).

This and other arrangements, such as the setting up of an SCO Anti-Terrorism Centre in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, show that the SCO is by and large a military alliance despite all the disavowals, the July edition of Jane's Terrorism and Security Monitor said.

Its founding "underscores Russia and China's willingness to put its soldiers on the front line against fundamentalism", the magazine said. The Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan launched the SCO with China and Russia on June 15 in Shanghai.

Although the six member countries have harped more on economic cooperation and non-alignment, the SCO is undoubtedly geared towards combating Islamic fundamentalism, which is seeping out from Afghanistan, Jane's commented.

And the most tangible threat that they now face is from the Islamic Movement of Turkestan, formed in May by two terrorists, Juma Namangani and Tahir Yuldash, with the avowed aim of Islamising the territory from China's Xinjiang region to the Caucasus, the magazine pointed out.

One immediate step that China took to counter the growing Islamic threat was its offer to Kyrgyzstan of 8 million yuan (S$1.76 million) in military support on June 18.

Earlier this year, China had sent three planeloads of military equipment to Kyrgyzstan after Namangani crossed from Afghanistan into Tajikistan and set up a base there.

Security specialists of the SCO gathered in Kazakhstan early this month to hammer out structure, financing and personnel issues for the anti-terrorism centre.

Their heads of state have also agreed to meet once a year, with government officials meeting on a regular basis to coordinate activities.

Jane's also highlighted the global strategic backdrop against which the SCO came into being.

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin took office, China and Russia have grown much closer, bound by their mutual distrust of US hegemony and their perceived need to promote a multipolar world, it said.

Just this week, Chinese President Jiang Zemin visited Moscow to sign a pact of friendship and cooperation, further cementing the Sino-Russian partnership.

The magazine speculated that the "long-term result of the gathering is the tacit surrender of defence elements of sovereignty by Central Asia to their "superpower' neighbours".

The dominance of Russia and China in the forum is unmistakable, it said, adding that the losers will be the United States and Turkey, whose tepid regional policies made the Central Asian countries look towards Moscow and Beijing.

The SCO might even expand, with Iran, Turkmenistan, Mongolia and India having expressed interest in participating in its activities in one way or another, the magazine said.

Copyright 2001 Singapore Press Holdings Limited The Straits Times (Singapore) Posted for Fiar Use Only



Source: Kazakh Television first channel, Astana, in Kazakh 1510 gmt 13 Jan 02
BBC Monitoring International Reports
January 15, 2002

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is designed to decrease the USA's world domination, political scientist Sharipbek Sharipbek Amirbek: said in an interview with Kazakh TV's weekly round-up programme Mezgil (Time) broadcast on 13 January. He also said that China wanted Pakistan to join this organization, and Russia wanted India to join it, but as there is tension on the border between India and Pakistan these countries' joining the Shanghai organization may cause disagreements. The following is the text of a report by Kazakh TV:

Presenter: Political scientist has come to our studio specifically for the purpose of answering some of our questions. Welcome to our studio, Sharipbek Amirbek! What do you think about the Shanghai Cooperation Organization SCO, which is seen by the Western media as a counterbalance to US political influence over Central Asia?

Sharipbek Amirbek: In general, the SCO was set up in 1996 to tackle border issues. However, after a blueprint for a multipolar world was adopted at a meeting of the presidents of Russia and China in 1997, the SCO emerged as an organization that is against the [domination by the] USA and is designed to decrease the USA's domination over the world. Therefore, I believe that this above view is generally true.

Presenter: May the countries of South Asia join the SCO? I mean it is known that Russia and India have been military partners for a long time, as have China and Pakistan. May this issue cause any disagreement within the organization?

Sharipbek: In general, there are some ideas about this. Before the 11 September events, China wanted Pakistan to join the organization, and Russia, in turn, wanted India to be a member of this organization since these countries are known to be allies. However, there is a border conflict between India and Pakistan and the latter, which blames India for Bangladesh's secession from Pakistan some time earlier in 1971 , still wants to defend its interests. Therefore, in political terms, this Pakistan's and India's joining the SCO may cause disagreements. However, the big powers pursue their economic interests. Because if India and Pakistan join the organization, then 3bn out of the world's over 6bn population will be in the organization. Therefore, this issue may be raised any time when required by economic and political priorities.

Presenter: The UN has started to take measures to rehabilitate the ailing Afghan community, and we can watch this and follow events there. More and more peacekeepers are arriving in Kabul. What I have noticed is that most of these peacekeeping forces have been formed from neutral states that do not have any desire to influence Afghanistan. And, you know that an initial group of about 400 Taleban detainees have been transferred to Guantanamo in Cuba . What is your view on the USA transferring these Taleban to that far-away island? Do you think those 400 Taleban on the Caribbean will be tried as POWs or international criminals?

Sharipbek: In general, as for the situation in Afghanistan, of course, the USA could have tackled all the issues lawfully before launching those operations. What is surprising about this is that US legislation seems to have been adapted to these events since it allows the waging of war against any country involved with any terrorist organization, without getting the approval of the UN.

As for the detained Taleban, the reason for them to be taken to Guantanamo is because that place is considered to be very difficult to escape from since there is quagmire all around it. In my opinion, the USA may try them as POWs who were involved in a terrorist organization.

Presenter: Does this not run counter to international law?

Sharipbek: It is not considered as a large-scale war, and they may be tried under US laws since they are viewed as terrorists.

Copyright 2002 BBC Monitoring/BBC Posted for Fiar Use Only

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