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NATO’S Plutonium Weapons Create Reaction
From: Pravda, 1-23-2001
by Timonthy Bancroft-Hinchey [posted 1-25-2001]

The discovery that NATO used plutonium in weapons deployed in the Balkans has naturally created a shock wave in Portugal, a country which has seen two deaths and five cases of serious illness among its soldiers stationed in the Balkans.
The point is that NATO had not even warned Portugal that uranium was used in its weapons and now it is discovered that plutonium, 200,000 times more dangerous than uranium, was deployed in Kosovo.

Worse still, NATO only admitted that uranium was used in its weapons due to the outcry in the international press, an outcry in which Pravda.Ru was in the forefront. Now that plutonium has been discovered in NATO munitions used in Kosovo, the suspicion that NATO was ever a benevolent force starts to dissipate and the idea that NATO was, is and always has been, a belligerent force bent on wanton destruction and violence for political and economic reasons (to sell weapons) grows stronger by the day.

Now the Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Guterres, has demanded an explanation from NATO about the use of plutonium in Kosovo, given that the Portuguese authorities were not warned about its deployment. He demanded “detailed information about the circumstances and the justification to use this type of weapons”.

The United Nations Organisation has seen the need to send another team into the Balkans to find out exactly what the situation is, regarding public health.

This situation becomes more and more incredible by the day. NATO had all of western Europe convinced for decades that an invasion by the “evil empire” from the east, the Soviet Union, was imminent and that all of us would be interned in concentration camps and our property confiscated. How ridiculous this was and how absurd is the force behind the lie can now be seen very transparently through NATO’s Gulf and Balkans campaigns.

The only country to have used the atomic weapon is the United States of America. Russia never used it. Now it is NATO which deploys weapons causing damage to the environment – and indeed its own soldiers – and says nothing. Illegal, immoral, totally unacceptable, against all international arms agreements, against the Geneva Convention. NATO would have done much better by admitting that a mistake had been made and that weapons which had not been fully tested had been deployed. There is a saying that it takes a man to make an error and an even greater man to apologise. NATO come out of this with zero credibility. Never, ever again can NATO speak to the world, look the world in the face, eye to eye, with any hope of reciprocal respect. NATO is an evil force of arms traffickers, fascists, charlatans, murderers and callous opportunists who all cowardly hide behind the institution when the rest of the world is not looking.

People from NATO countries should feel sick to the stomach to be associated with such a deplorable, immoral institution. NATO is responsible for deaths of innocent civilians, NATO is responsible for the deaths of its own soldiers, NATO is managed by evil people, liars and assassins.

NATO indeed has done nothing to improve its cause in the world’s public opinion. NATO is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Gulf and in the Balkans and it would be logical and right to bring this organisation before the International Penal Court at the Hague.

(C) 2001 Pravda Reprinted for Fair Use Only


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