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Brokered by a Top U.S. Official:

From BETA wire service
[Posted 26 January 2002]

[EMPEROR'S CLOTHES NOTE: If you think you've seen everything, check out the dispatch from the BETA wire service, posted below.

In the midst of the infinite war against terrorism, John Menzies, top U.S. official in Pristina, capital of the Serbian province of Kosovo, has arranged a deal appointing a KLA terrorist to be the so-called Premier of Kosovo.

How can the U.S. foreign policy Establishment expect to get away with this open endorsement of terrorism?

Actually it's quite simple. Although BBC WorldWide Monitoring has posted transcripts of Albanian secessionist sources reporting that Menzies was trying to arrange such a deal, not one important English-language news source has at this time (2 AM ET, 26 January) reported that Menzies pulled it off.

The motto of our brave new Empire might be: an uninformed people is a placid people.

The dispatch from the BETA wire service refers to the Democratic [sic!] Party of Kosovo (DPK). The DPK is one of two parties formed from factions of the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). Keep in mind that these same terrorists are continuing to attack southern Serbia and Macedonia, and assassinate Serbs and others in Kosovo. (1) & (2)

The DPK is the party of Mr. Hacim Thaci's faction. The other KLA party is called the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo. It is led by Ramush (or Ramus) Haradinaj, who participated in Mr. Menzies' meeting in Pristina, discussed in the BETA dispatch.

Haradinaj is infamous for the bombing of the Panda Cafe in Pec in December 1999. Haradinaj's KLA opened fire on the Cafe, machine gunning six Serbian teenagers. (3)

If you are distressed that this deal, giving Thaci's party the post of Premier of Kosovo, was arranged by the top U.S. official in Kosovo - you should be. Alas this is nothing new. The U.S. has been using Kosovo secessionists, including the KLA, to destabilize the Balkans for years. (4) & (5)

-- Jared Israel ]

January 24


[EC Note: The following is the full text of the BETA dispatch concerning the agreement.]

An agreement was reached in the U.S. office in Pristina on the distribution of top political duties in the province, BETA learned from unofficial sources.

According to the sources, leaders of the three strongest Kosovo parties had talks with the head of the U.S. office in Pristina John Menzies on Jan. 22 and 23, about ending the political crisis in Kosovo.

Besides Menzies, the meeting was attended by the president of the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo (DSK) Ibrahim Rugova, Fatmir Limaj and Hajredin Kuci of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (DPK), and by the president of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo Ramus Haradinaj.

Sources close to the participants of the meeting said that the DSK gave up on the duty of Kosovo premier and agreed that this position belongs to the DPK, which won 26 seats in the Kosovo assembly.

According to BETA's sources, the DSK still requested that the premier be proposed by assembly speaker Nexhat Daci and not directly by the DPK.

So far the DSK had offered five ministerial positions to its partners, two deputy premierships and one deputy assembly speaker post, which the DPK and the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo rejected.

According to the new agreement, the DSK will take the office of Kosovo president and assembly speaker. If the DPK is to supply the premier, the party will then have only one minister in the future Kosovo government.

Out of nine portfolios in the future cabinet, seven will be controlled by Albanian parties. Meanwhile, Kosovo Albanian leaders are under great pressure by representatives of the international community in Pristina to appoint top officials of the interim administration. (1)

(c) BETA 2002 - Posted for Fair Use Only
For full dispatch from which the section concerning this meeting was taken, see http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:544iejN9TsQC:www.beta.co.yu/vestieng.asp+beta+thaci+menzies&hl=en


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* 'Afghan Operation Leaves Russia 'Encircled' by US-NATO'
by Sergey Ptichkin and Aleksey Chichkin. Can be read at

1) 'How NATO and the UN Sponsor Terrorists in Kosovo'
by Jared Israel and Rick Rozoff Can be read at

2) 'Dragoljub Markovic, Murdered by NATO Terrorists on Orthodox Christmas' by Jared Israel at http://emperors-clothes.com/analysis/dragoljub.htm

3) Regarding both the slaughter in the Panda Cafe and the current British/U.S. policy of grooming the KLA terrorists in the disguise of humanitarian, democratic politicians, see 'Which Terrorists Are Worse?
Al Qaeda? Or the KLA?'
by Jared Israel at http://emperors-clothes.com/analysis/kla-aq.htm

4) In 'The Cat is Out of the Bag,' we quote Western media sources to confirm that the U.S. Establishment used the so-called Kosovo Verification Mission in the fall of 1998 to reorganize the Kosovo Liberation Army, attempting to create a more effective terrorist force.

This is U.S. strategy is brilliantly explained by Kosovo Archivist Cedomir Prlincevic in the interview, 'Why Albanians Fled During the NATO Bombing,' at http://emperors-clothes.com/interviews/keys.htm This is must reading for anyone who would understand a) the Balkans and b) the skill with which U.S. covert operations manipulate ethnic groups for geopolitical ends.

(5) 'Articles Documenting the U.S./NATO Assault on Macedonia,' can be read at

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