Local Support Actions for Vieques

The following protests will occur if arrests take place. (This information provided by www.viequeslibre.org )

If there are no protests planned in your area please organize one by talking with some friends or a local organizations supportive of the Vieques' struggle.

To select the site

The ideal site would be a Federal or Military facility, but keep in mind that you would like to protest in a public place with passers-by. Therefore, if there are no well-located facilities, a public plaza will be a good place. This will ensure visibility, will allow you to hand out flyers and inform the public, and it will also decrease the chances of any illegal action from authorities.

Remember to call the media for the event and bring cameras and these chants with you! Let us know of your events at: viequeslibre@viequeslibre.org

Puerto Rico

Buchanan - "El Frente Socialista" is calling a protest activity in front of the gates at the Buchanan Base in Guaynabo. "That's the exact place to express our feelings against the abuses of the NAVY, to repudiate the arrests and demonstrate that the fight will continue and that the federal government repressive acts do not intimidate us."

Contacts: Rafael Bernabe y Jorge Farinacci, 787-761-8869, 787-759-1255 u. 373-4833

New York

Manhattan - The Vieques' Solidarity Network is calling to a massive mobilization that will take place the next day after the imprisonment at 5:00 P.M. in Times Square (42nd. and Broadway). If the arrests are Friday or Saturday the protest will be the next day at noon in Times Square.

Contacts: "Todo Nueva York con Vieques" at 212-631-4620 and "Todo el Barrio con Vieques" at 212-348-8004


If the arrests occur before midnight, the next day at noon, there will be a mobilization in Lafayette Park, in front of the White House. If the arrests occur after midnight, then the protest will be the following day at noon. Please, contact the media and call your people.

Contacts: David Santiago 202-223-3915 ext. 308

San Francisco

The Vieques Solidarity Coalition is calling to a "Weekday-After" Emergency Response Rally the day after the arrests at Justin Hermann Square (by Stewart and Market across from the Ferry Building, near Embarcadero BART) at 4:00 PM.

Contact: Fellowship of Reconciliation 415-495-6334 Comité 98 510-389-5660


In the event of arrests or removal of protesters in Vieques we will demonstrate in front of the federal courthouse on Main Street in Hartford a day after the arrests or removal. The demonstration will begin at 5:00 PM

or more information please contact: Rafael Rodriguez Cruz- home (860)523-4125 or work (860)541-5053. or email ivanr67@hotmail.com