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Edited by Jared Israel, 10-2-99


BELGRADE, September 30 (Tanjug) - As a result of the unprecedented cruel pressure to which Yugoslavia has been exposed for years, the growth and survival of three million children in this country are threatened, Yugoslav official Margit Savovic said on Thursday, opening a round table on the rights of children and health.

Savovic heads the Yugoslav Commission for cooperation with the United Nations children's fund UNICEF.

The meeting was organized at the Belgrade Faculty of Medicine by the Yugoslav Center for Children's Rights and the UNICEF.

Savovic warned that the latest investigations showed that ten percent of Yugoslav children are psychologically permanently damaged because of experienced stress and trauma.

Since 1991, Yugoslav children have been denied many elementary rights, she said. Punishing Yugoslavia for crimes it never committed, the big powers imposed economic sanctions and have almost completely destroyed its economy, systems of education, health and social institutions, she said.

According to UNICEF figures for 1998, children in Yugoslavia are the most endangered children's population in Europe. The European average is six percent, while children in Yugoslavia are believed to be threatened at a rate of 29 percent.


Note from Emperors-clothes.com. Were you aware that the sanctions which have been imposed for almost a decade on Yugoslavia are just as harsh as those imposed on Iraq? Former Pres. Woodrow Wilson described sanctions as the harshest way of making war on a people.

Below are two articles of interest, thanks to military analyst and political commentator, Ben Works. Ben writes:

Dear EC,

My neighbor, Milos P (Age 52), who grew up in Vitina, was required to learn Albanian in his Kosovo High School and studied it from 7th Grade through 12th Grade. By the way, his brother has been warned away from returning to Vitina, where they have property, as the Albanians will charge him with "war crimes." A sister is also unable to return, due to KLA threats; they want her apartment. Easy (and most profitable) to create a "war criminal."

It should be obvious that Sandy Berger's statement, (see below)about children and learning language is patently absurd, as all children learn their parents' languages at mother's breast.

Kosovo Albanians have an established track record --prior to the air war-- of burning books printed in other languages. Since the KFOR occupation, an article below asserts that the problem is worsening and done in front of KFOR eyes.

Best regards,

From Yugoslavia

Goethe, Shakespeare Burning.....


Representatives of the Historical Archive in Kosovska Mitrovica report that, since the arrival of KFOR (that is, NATO troops in Kosovo), Albanian terrorists have destroyed more than two million books in the Serbian language. The books were in local libraries...

Important archival material has also been destroyed. Nothing has been done by KFOR to protect the books in libraries and other cultural institutions. Thus the works of Shakespeare, Goethe and other famous writers are burned in front of soldiers from their countries.

Hardest hit are communal libraries in the cities of Prizren, Djakovica, Istok, Glogovac, Srbica, Podujevo, all of them under control of Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) members. This level of barbarism has not taken place since the Nazi book burnings under Hitler. (From the newspaper Glas Javnosti - 8/28/99, English trans. edited for syntax and readability by Jared Israel)


And now something rather different, from Clinton foreign policy adviser Sandy Berger...

Berger Sees Great Gains in Kosovo (excerpts)

By George Gedda

WASHINGTON –– International efforts have enabled the people of Kosovo to come a great distance since the end of the NATO air war against Yugoslavia, National Security Adviser Sandy Berger said today.

"All in all, we are on track in rebuilding the physical structure and in building political structures," Berger said. He spoke to a gathering at the U.S. Institute of Peace….

The energy sector and hospitals and clinics have been revitalized and mail service has been resumed, Berger said. Children have been immunized and been able to return to school.

He said about 1.2 million square yards of Kosovo territory has been cleared of mines.

Although life is far from normal, Berger said, life is more normal than it was before the war. {EC: for first-hand accounts of Berger's normalcy, see note #1 at end}

"At last, children are learning in their own language," he said. "What is occurring in Kosovo is the birth of something new. It is freedom." (AP, 8/30/99 Copyright 1999 The Associated Press)


Doesn't seem as if Berger and the Yugoslav newspaper, Glas Javnosti, are living in the same world, does it?

Berger's claim - that now ethnic Albanians can, for the first time, learn in their own language - is based on a favorite Albanian secessionist PR argument for ten years - namely, that in 1989 Milosevich's government took away Kosovo autonomy and in the process ended the use of the Albanian language in Kosovo schools. Thus, we are told, the poor Albanian children had to go to shabby schools, just to have the freedom to learn in their mother tongue.

Never mind that NO children in US schools have the freedom to learn exclusively in any language but English. (That is, non-English is used only along with English). Aside from that, and apart from the merits of going to school in a language other than the primary language of the country in which one lives, the argument is simply a lie. And as sometimes happens with lies, it is revealing.

Before 1989, ethnic Albanian racist-nationalists dominated every aspect of life in Kosovo, much the same as racist whites dominated the pre-civil rights South in the U.S. (to read more about this, see note # 2 at end) When it became clear that the racists were planning to break Kosovo away from Serbia and Yugoslavia and hook it up with Albania, the Serbian government restricted Kosovo's autonomy.

But cultural policies were maintained. Yugoslavian policy had always given extensive cultural autonomy to ethnic groups. This was most significant in Serbia which was (and still is) the most ethnically diverse Yugoslav republic. After 1989 the Serbian government continued to fund ALL government services in Albanian, including schools through the level of Ph.D.

Shoot self, blame others

Leaders of the nationalist-racist movement, working closely with Americans like Bob Dole, realized that the key to secession from Serbia was the creation of favorable world public opinion. The nationalists therefore adopted a strategy which can be summed up as: "Shoot yourself and then say: 'Look what he did! I'm bleeding!'"

To this end the nationalists organized a Kosovo-wide boycott of the government-funded schools (and other institutions, most notably hospitals). Albanians who didn't want to go along with the boycott were ostracized and ruthlessly harassed. The secessionist movement set up alternate schools, just as segregationists in the American South did after the onset of integration. They then took reporters, visiting liberal 'humanitarians' and others who were unfamiliar with the real situation and/or who didn't care on tour of the shabby alternative schools and the world got to hear a made-to-order morality tale: "See what these people have to go through just to learn in their own language!" Albanian suffering - self-induced - was a weapon in a greater cause: winning over world public opinion.

Ruthless with the lives of others

This willingness of the racist-nationalist leaders to sacrifice the needs of ordinary Albanian working people (in this case, for a decent education) - to sacrifice other people's lives in the interests of creating an ethnically purified Kosovo is the hallmark of the secessionist movement. In its most extreme form this attitude caused the secessionists to support massive bombing of Kosovo by NATO - even though the largest group of victims was Albanians.

The irony is the Serbian government continued funding Albanian-language schools year after year, apparently expecting that decency would win in the end. A cynic might say, maybe the Serbs do live in a different world.
-- Jared Israel, 10-2-99


1) Sandy Berger speaks of normalcy in Kosovo. To understand this Bergerian concept, see:

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* The March 24, 19998 report of the International Crisis Group (ICG), "Kosovo Spring" discusses the Albanian boycott strategy. Note that the ICG is far from pro-Serbian. This report is quoted in Diana Johnstone's, Yugoslavia Through a Dark Glass, Part III http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/Johnstone/Yugo3.html
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