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Kosovo Albanian Leader Blasts Lawlessness Under U.N. Rule

Tanjug, 4-21-2000 (posted 4-27-00)

Pristina - The top official of an ethnic Albanian party in Kosovo-Metohija [the official name of the Serbian province]said on Thursday that the situation in that U.N.-ruled Yugoslav province was deteriorating.

Sokol Quse, leader of the Democratic Reform Party and member of the Provisional Executive Council of Kosovo-Metohija, said at a party meeting in Pristina that crime, anarchy and lawlessness had peaked, which clearly showed that the U.N. mission had failed.

Threats to human rights and crimes are continuing, directed solely against non-Albanians, according to Quse who added, however, that indigenous ethnic Albanians, too, had lately been targeted if they would not support the terrorists and extremists.

Organized crime in Kosovo-Metohija is also very powerful, and is involved mostly in arms and drug trafficking.

The old codes of conduct in the ethnic Albanian community have been disrupted, and there is no control of the open border to Albania, which creates problems for the indigenous Albanians, according to Quse.

The ethnic Albanian Democratic Reform Party stressed the fact that, before the deployment of the international peace mission last June, the ethnic Albanians had enjoyed all rights and had had their legal representatives in the state bodies.

Now, however, their rights had been heavily curtailed, Quse added.

He noted that many ethnic Albanians were exposed to terrorism and even murdered for refusing to recognize the unlawful terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).


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