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In Memory of Corin Ismali
by Jared Israel
[3 September 2001]


The Western media gives the impression that all Kosovo Albanians hate Serbs and want to live in an ethnically pure state. In fact, many were and remain loyal to the concept of Yugoslavia. One such man was Corin Ismali, Secretary of the Kosovo Democratic Initiative.

After NATO and the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) seized control of Kosovo in June of 1999, Mr. Ismali and other loyalist leaders were subjected to attacks and death-threats. For a time he left Kosovo. Then, despite the threats, he returned.

This past weekend in Kosovo he was murdered in cold blood. NATO and the UN are guilty, just as sure as if they had pulled the trigger.

Mr. Ismali fought for a unified Yugoslavia in which people of different nationalities work together for the common good. That approach is the only hope for ethnic Albanians. The violent racial apartheid, which NATO has introduced into Kosovo and is now trying to force on Macedonia, can only end in misery, including for ethnic Albanians. For although NATO pretends to champion Albanians today, the truth is: Washington has no friends; it only has future victims. Thus, even while Washington pretended it was bombing Kosovo to protect ethnic Albanians, those bombs were encased in deadly uranium, laced with plutonium. Today Albanian children get to play in radioactive dust.

In the story below, the last line reads, "UN officials have launched an inquiry into the attack."

Doesn't "UN officials" have a comforting ring?

Pity that these UN officials created the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC), thus allowing NATO's fascist Albanian proxy force, the Kosovo Liberation Army, to continue robbing and murdering Serbs, 'Gypsies," Jews, Slavic Muslims, ethnic Turks and - yes - Albanians, all the while sporting such a nice-sounding title. The KPC's official job description is "disaster control" and indeed, disaster follows them. According to the London 'Times" at least 800 KPCers are fighting - as local rebels, mind you - in Macedonia. Paid for by NATO. Your tax dollars at work.

The KPCers have committed literally hundreds of thousands of brutal crimes - evictions by gangs of terrorists, robberies, burnings, kidnappings, torture, rape, murder - since NATO took over Kosovo 26 months ago. The Kosovo jails are filled with the victims of these crimes while the thugs are championed as freedom fighters by NATO and, yes, the UN, and there is much self-congratulatory discussion of progress. Meanwhile, those of incorrect ethnicity who are not in jail live in appalling conditions. Brave new world.

(By the way, in trying to demean Mr. Ismali's politics, the article below says he was "loyal to former Yugoslav hardliner Slobodan Milosevic." Can someone please explain what "former Yugoslav hardliner" means? What do these guys do, randomly mix and match their slurs from some officially provided list?)

- Jared Israel


Kosovo Albanian Politician Gunned Down in Front of Family

PRISTINA, Sep 3, 2001 -- (Agence France Presse) Attackers in Kosovo gunned down an ethnic Albanian politician in front of his family over the weekend, a United Nations spokesman told AFP on Monday.

Cerim Ismaili, 47, whose party was reportedly loyal to former Yugoslav hardliner Slobodan Milosevic, died in hospital in Pristina after the attack at the hands of unknown assailants at his home in Gornje Godance, around 25 kilometers (15 miles) south of the regional capital, Andrea Angeli said.

Ismaili was secretary of the Democratic Initiative of Kosovo, the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) spokesman said. The Beta news agency said the party was loyal to Milosevic.

United Nations authorities -- who have administered the province since Belgrade's troops pulled out in June 1999 -- said they had found several cartridge cases from Kalashnikov assault rifles at the scene of the killing.

UN officials have launched an inquiry into the attack. ((c) 2001 Agence France Presse) Posted for Fair Use Only


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