Democratic Interaction, President Clinton Style...

Excerpts from a NY Times article on Clinton's Internet "Meeting" with the People. Please note the last paragraph.

Clinton Will Field Questions on Internet in Bid for Big Audience

President Clinton will field questions from the public over the Internet for an hour and a half next Monday, using an advanced technology that will allow 50,000 people to see and hear him.

"The president is looking forward to it," said Barry Toiv, a White House spokesman. "We want to continue to expand our use of the extraordinary technology to communicate with the American people and to allow the public to communicate with the president...."

Asked what would prevent a person from putting a rude question to Mr. Clinton, Al From, president of the Democratic Leadership Council, said, "We'll be able to see the questions before they're asked." (NY Times, 11/4/99, our emphasis)


Good thing, eh?