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Speechless in Belarus
by Jared Israel [3 September 2001]

Frankly, the article posted below left me speechless.

But why?

After all, as President Slobodan Milosevich noted in the speech they didn't let him make a few days ago, the U.S. has employed missiles to punish uppity nations so often that the repetition of such attacks is 'expected before it occurs.'

If missiles are appropriate when one defies the Great White (Mini)Father, why should it surprise me that State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher says the U.S. is aiding the "prospect for free and fair presidential elections" by giving money and equipment to pro-U.S. groups in Belarus?

Why should I consider it odd that Boucher describes such groups, created and funded by the U.S. (there are now 300 U.S.-funded NGOs in Belarus!) as "independent?"

Perhaps the problem is I am 57, hence was (mis)educated in numerous out-of-date definitions, such as:


  • in·de·pend·ent (īndī-pčn¹dent) adjective
    Abbr. ind.
    Not governed by a foreign power; self-governing.
    Free from the influence, guidance, or control of another or others; self-reliant: an independent mind.
  • Whereas in Uncle Sam's Excellent New Order, 'independent' means "governed by a foreign power" not to mention "getting all the funds and computer equipment from Sam you Can."

    That being the case, when the State Department gives computers to an 'opposition' group in Belarus, thus heightening said group's independence, and the Belorussian authorities seize such equipment, thus abusing Washington's God-given right to rule the world - thus proving they are agents of a communist dictatorship - why shouldn't Mr. Boucher demand his computers be returned?

    Will I never learn?

    - Jared Israel, still speechless after all these years.

    AP Online
    August 3, 2001

    U.S. Denounces [!] Belarus Authorities


    The State Department on Friday denounced Belarus authorities for seizing U.S.-supplied equipment designed to assist the country's democratic opposition ahead of Sept. 9 presidential elections.

    Spokesman Richard Boucher demanded the immediate return of the equipment.

    On July 12, Boucher said, militia officers in the town of Krichev seized equipment owned by the U.S. government and leased to the independent newspaper Volny Grad.

    Militia officers also seized computer equipment leased by the U.S. Embassy Democracy Commission to a pro-democracy center, Boucher said.

    He noted that the Belarusian government had confirmed that the equipment was seized under terms of Decree No. 8, imposed by the regime to limit foreign assistance to the democratic opposition.

    ''This decree has ben denounced by the international community,'' Boucher said, ''as have many other actions taken by the regime that impede the prospect for free and fair presidential elections.''

    He said all U.S. assistance falls under a 1996 bilateral assistance agreement. He added that the seizures contradict the Belarusian government's assurances that U.S. assistance is exempt from Decree 8.

    Only by creating conditions for free and fair elections can Belarus win the respect of the international community, improve relations with the United States and end its self-imposed isolation, Boucher said.

    (c) AP 2001, Reprinted For Fair Use Only


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    Further Reading:

    * Regarding Mr. Boucher's justification, that he was 'leasing' computer equipment to opponents of the Belarus government based on a 'bi-lateral treaty,' does that mean Belarus gets to 'lease' equipment to U.S. opponents of the Bush regime? Sounds fair to me.

    1) Why is Lukashenko NATO's Enemy #1 in the former Soviet Union? Because he is resisting Washington's Imperial strategy as discussed in:

    * 'Why is NATO Decimating the Balkans and Trying to Force Milosevic to Surrender?' by Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser at http://emperors-clothes.com/analysis/whyisn.htm

    2) A few months ago, FBI agents arrested a Russian Pavel Borodin, a Russian diplomat, who had been invited to George W.'s inauguration. Many people felt the real target was Lukashenko's attempt to reunite Belarus, Russia and other former Soviet Republics.

    * 'Borodin Falsely Arrested - Washington's Excuse a Lie' by Jared Israel at http://emperors-clothes.com/news/bor.htm


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