It was always US policy to break up Yugoslavia

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Yugoslavia Dissolved?

Unconstitutional Change of Constitution in the New World (Dis)Order

By Jela Jovanovic
[Posted on 6 February 2003]


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Let us put aside for the moment the contents of the so-called Constitutional Charter of Serbia and Montenegro. It proclaims a 'state community' that nowhere exists because no state could possibly function based on its principles.


Apart from that, it is necessary to draw the attention of the domestic and international public and relevant institutions to the unconstitutional way this act was forced through the Serbian Parliament.


Contrary to the Constitution of Serbia, which stipulates that a Constitutional change requires a 2/3 Parliamentary majority, the deputies supporting Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic and his Democratic Party proclaimed that a simple majority was sufficient to accept this Charter *dissolving Yugoslavia*.


As if that was not sufficiently illegal, Parliamentary Chairperson Natasa Micic arbitrarily ruled that two *former* delegates - Goran Vesic, who resigned in June 2002 and Stevan Lilic, whose resignation was verified by Parliament, would be counted among the 130 voting for the Charter.


And more: at a 30 January Press Conference, Dr. Vojisla Seselj, president of the Serbian Radical Party, revealed the names of ten people who voted *although they are not deputies*.


The non-deputy voters are: Aleksandra Joksimovic, Jozef Kasa, Nebojsa Lekovic, Petar Misic, Gorica Mojovic, Visnja Nezic, Branisla Pomoriski, Zivica Predojev, Alan Selimovic and Goran Ciric.


How could a viable state be founded through such violation of the law?


It is urgent that the Constitutional Court annuls the results of this latest gangsterism.




Jela Jovanovic

art historian Yugoslavia


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