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Who is Goran Svilanovic?
The Man Who Invited The War Crimes Tribunal to Belgrade

by Jared Israel (11-7-2000)

Goran Svilanovic became Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia last weekend. Exactly how Svilanovic achieved this post without a vote of the Yugoslav Parliament is a mystery, but in his newly acquired post, Svilanovic just announced, with the apparent approval of Vojislav Kostunica, who has taken the post of President, that the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (the 'War Crimes Tribunal') will establish an office in Belgrade and that 'his' government will fully cooperate in hunting down 'war criminals.'

This represents a reversal of Yugoslav policy. That policy was established by a government with a majority of seats in the Federal Parliament. It does not appear that Parliament has discussed this change; it has simply been announced.

Goran Svilanovic is Chairperson of the miniscule Serbian Citizens' Alliance party (GSS). He ascended to that position in August, 1999. The GSS has had the warmest relations with Washington. Its previous chair, Vesna Pesic, was a founder of the Washington-funded group, 'Women in Black,' which simulated the appearance of a peace movement while actively discouraging resistance to the Washington/Bonn assault on Yugoslavia. Pesic is widely despised in Yugoslavia as a traitor. Another former GSS leader (he is now with the minute Social Democratic Union) Zarko Korac, a Belgrade psych professor, has appeared in Western mass media as an expert witness, arguing his pet theory, that the Yugoslav wars of secession were caused by Serbian aggression stemming from paranoia, the much acclaimed 'victim mentality.'

Mr. Svilanovic met several times with US Special Envoy to the Balkans, Robert Gelbard; for instance on August 4, 1999. ('Middle East News Items,' August 10, 1999 )

On Nov. 3. 1999 Svilanovic and other opposition leaders met in Washington with Madeline Albright who promised them more money and other support and praised their courage, etc. Following is the text of Svilanovic's statement made at that time, from Washington, D.C.:

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