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Who is Behind Rebels Attacking 'Serbia Proper'?
[Emperor's Clothes]

Note from Emperor's Clothes - The following 'Agence France Presse' ('AFP') story reports that NATO has "repeatedly warned the UPCMB [terrorists attacking Serbia from Kosovo] that they will not allow their troops to be drawn into fighting" and suggests that NATO is trying to stop terrorist raids against towns in ''Serbia proper.''

By referring to ''Serbia proper'' AFP is trying to solve what the rug cleaner who destroyed my rug called "a situation," namely that NATO entered Kosovo under UN Resolution 1244, which states that Kosovo is part of Serbia, no ifs ands or buts. But in practice NATO and the UN have engineered the terrorizing and expulsion of almost everyone who a) isn't Albanian or b) hates the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), not to mention the eradication of Serbian culture. (1) Moreover, NATO and the UN have presided over the theft of Serbian property, big, medium and small. AFP doesn't want to say Kosovo is separate from Serbia and it doesn't want to say Kosovo is part of Serbia, so it calls the area just north of the Kosovo provincial border "Serbia proper.''

And 'AFP' says NATO wants peace.

''KFOR patrols keep a close eye on the frontier to try and prevent arms being smuggled to the rebel group, which is thought to have close links with ethnic Albanian militants in Kosovo" ('AFP' article, posted below.)

As you may recall, we heard the same thing from NATO leaders regarding the Kosovo Verification Mission in the fall of 1998. They were also trying to prevent fighting.

At the time, some of us argued that the Verification Mission was dominated by US covert agents who wanted to: 1) identify future bombing targets as well as 2) upgrade the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) from terrorist gangsters to a terrorist-gangster Army, able to fight battles, if lamely. (2)

Now NATO and the UN have installed a regime in Kosovo made up of the same KLA monsters. They have been recycled and renamed the Kosovo Protection Corps. As the 'AFP' points out, members of the Kosovo "Protection" Corp are the ones attacking Serbia. If NATO were sincere about stopping these attacks, what could they do? Hint: how about arresting KPC chief Agim Ceku for starters? "But gee, fellows, wouldn't that be, like, war-like?" (3)

Over the past ten years the West has repeatedly 'warned' it will not be 'dragged' into fighting in Yugoslavia. This is always followed by the West being 'dragged' into fighting in Yugoslavia. This is because Humanitarian Disasters reliably occur at the required moment, overriding earlier promises of non-intervention. Last time it was the Racak (non)-massacre. (4) This time it will be Something Terrible Serbia Does to Montenegro and/or Something Terrible Serbia Does in Southern Serbia. Amazingly cooperative at providing atrocities at just the right time, those Serbs.

Diana Johnstone says this is NATO's Humanitarian Trigger. (5)

Bertolt Brecht says: "When the leaders speak of peace the common people know war is coming."

I say, take the 'Agence France Presse'dispatch with a generous pinch of salt. And get the word out to as many people as possible.

We need to prevent a war.

The dispatch from 'Agence France Presse' follows. -- Jared Israel

"Increased fighting between rebels and Yugoslavian forces
--Agence France Presse, 7-27-2000

"Fighting in southern Serbia between Yugoslavian security forces and ethnic Albanian separatists has intensified in the past week, US troops stationed nearby told AFP Thursday.

"The commander of the KFOR peacekeeping force's Outpost Sapper, Captain Tom Hairgrove, said that his troops had heard automatic gunfire and explosions from over the administrative border in Serbia proper near the village of Dobrosin on two nights this week.

"As he spoke, his troops were reinforcing the fortifications surrounding the checkpoint they man on the narrow country road beween Gnjilane in Kosovo and Dobrosin with extra razor wire and barricades packed with soil and rocks.

"Dobrosin is in a pocket of Serbia controlled by the Liberation Army of Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac (UPCMB), an ethnic Albanian guerilla force fighting to separate the Presevo valley area and its 70,000-strong Albanian majority from Yugoslavia.

"Guerrillas in the village confirmed to AFP Thursday that there had been recent fighting in the area but refused to discuss details.

'"We have heard bursts of automatic gunfire and explosions, probably mortars. There's definitely something going on,' Hairgrove said.

"KFOR sources said that the increased activity around Dobrosin in the five-kilometre (three-mile) -wide Ground Safety Zone, a demilitarised strip of land between UN-administered Kosovo and Serbia proper, was a matter of concern.

'The zone was set up under the Military Technical Agreement signed between NATO and Yugoslavia in June last year to regulate the withdrawal of Belgrade's forces from the disputed province.

''Under the agreement, the Yugoslavian army is barred from entering the zone, although Belgrade's well-armed interior ministry paramilitary police force does patrol there and sometimes clashes with the rebels.

''The UPCMB guerrillas move around openly in Dobrosin, where they are clearly in charge. They are well armed with good quality Yugoslavian manufactured Kalashnikov assault rifles and a variety of pistols, grenades and sub-machine guns.

''US soldiers stationed 200 metres (yards) from the village estimate their strength in Dobrosin at any one time to be around 60.

''KFOR patrols keep a close eye on the frontier to try and prevent arms being smuggled to the rebel group, which is thought to have close links with ethnic Albanian militants in Kosovo.

''One of the rebels met by AFP was wearing the uniform of the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC), the civilian successor of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). The man, who was unarmed, wore the shoulder flash of the group's Second Region, that operating in the north of Kosovo near Kosovska Mitrovica.

''The KPC, which is commanded by former KLA leaders, was set up as a civilian disaster relief force and receives funding from international donors including the United States and the European Union.

''Other rebels wore a variety of camouflage or black fatigues emblazoned with the red, black and gold UPCMB badge, itself very similar to those worn by the KLA and KPC.

''From the hill above Dobrosin, a small farming community huddled around a tiny mosque, six-man UPCMB patrols can be seen strung out along dirt tracks into the hills around the village.

''KFOR has repeatedly warned the UPCMB that they will not allow their troops to be drawn into fighting in the Ground Safety Zone or further inside Serbia.

(c) 2000, Agence France Presse, reprinted for Fair Use Only.


Further reading

1) On the attempted eradication of Serbian culture in Kosovo, see ''Season of Peace'' at (This article has many pictures so it loads slowly)

2) On the now-exposed covert actions of the Kosovo Verification Mission in the fall of 1998, see 'The Cat's out of the bag!' with introduction by Jared Israel at

3) If you haven't read it, please read the amazing article, 'The UN appoints an alleged war criminal in Kosovo' by Michel Chossudovsky at

4) 'Racak - The Impossible Massacre by Diana Johnstone at

5) See Diana Johnstone's "NATO's Humanitarian Trigger,' at

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