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Putin Consults With Central Asian Leaders
  [posted 24 September 2001]

[To put the following article in perspective, try to imagine the response of the US and NATO if Chechnyan separatists, implicated in the bombing deaths of several hundred civilians in the very heart of Russia, were accused of receiving support from an ally in Mexico; then envision Russia sending war planes and special forces personnel to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua - without first seeking the authorization of either the United Nations or the Organization of American States - preparatory to a unilateral operation against the United States' southern neighbor. - Rick Rozoff]

Putin Consults With Central Asian Leaders As U.S. Strikes Loom

MOSCOW, Sep 24, 2001 -- (dpa) Russian President Vladimir Putin held telephone consultations Sunday with the leaders of the former Soviet Central Asian states as U.S. punitive strikes loomed in Afghanistan.

Putin spoke during a short working vacation in the Black Sea resort of Sochi with the presidents of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, Interfax news agency reported.

His foreign policy adviser Sergei Prikhodko said the calls concerned "coordination of our actions connected with events in and around the region".

On Saturday, Russia's national security council secretary Vladimir Rushailo returned from Central Asia after a series of secret consultations in the republics.

He briefed Putin and Russia's security and defense chiefs at a four-hour meeting in Sochi, after which Putin held telephone consultations with U.S. President George W. Bush. No details of the meetings and talks were released.

Russia has given its support to U.S. military action against terrorist centers in Afghanistan but does not agree with use of the Central Asian states' territory or air space for strikes.

(C)2001. dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur Reposted for Fair Use Only

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Unknown to many people in the NATO countries, Washington and its European allies have themselves employed terror, both overt state terror (bombing in defiance of international law) and covert terror (creating, sponsoring, funding, arming and directing terrorist groups) in the day to day conduct of international affairs. This has led to the deaths of vast numbers of human beings.

The following articles from Emperor's Clothes expose these policies as practiced in the Balkans, based on information gleaned from mainstream media.

Terrorists attacking Yugoslavia have been treated by the U.S. government with kindness and consideration:

The strategy of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in Kosovo and Macedonia has relied on proving to ethnic Albanians that the terrorist KLA has the full support of NATO, especially Washington:

Terror has become state policy in Kosovo under NATO occupation and with NATO playing the leading role in enforcing conditions of nightmare terror on the non-Albanian population. The following article consists of interviews with victims of that terror:

Earlier, behind a cloak of supporting democracy and - amazingly - multiethnic society, the NATO countries backed terrorist Islamist forces in Bosnia:

In the fall of 1998, NATO threatened to bomb Yugoslavia unless that country allowed 2000 so-called Verifiers into the province of Kosovo. The Verifiers did come in, led by William Walker. Walker had been a death squad liaison specialist for the U.S. government in Latin America:

What is a death squad but a group of terrorists supported by an outside Imperial power and/or local oligarchs? Walker and his team of Verifiers, mainly former intelligence operatives, reorganized the KLA into a more effective terrorist group:

The charge that the Verification Mission was used to organize terror was originally raised by Emperor's Clothes. It has been confirmed in a special internal report to the U.N.:

After Walker and his Verifiers left Kosovo in the winter of 1999, NATO began bombing Yugoslavia. Ordinary citizens were the targets of this state terror:

NATO is now employing a terrorist proxy army against Macedonia

The NATO assault on Yugoslavia and on former Yugoslav Republics has also involved terrorists from outside the Balkans, such as the much talked-about Osama bin Laden:

And now, by attacking Afghanistan, in the strategic heart of Central Asia, Washington is risking the most horrible terrorist crime: the annihilation of millions of non-military citizens in a nuclear war:

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