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Transcript of English translation of Channel 10 News broadcast with footage of the lynching of Eden Natan-Zada

The broadcast from which this translation was derived is posted as two Windows streaming videos. Part 1 is at 
Part 2 is at

This material is all copywrite 2005 by Channel Ten.  It is posted here for Fair Use Only.  It can be viewed only at Emperor's Clothes because it was banned by court order in Israel on the grounds that, as reported in Haaretz, it "might interfere with the police investigation."
[1] Was this footage in fact banned because a) it presents Eden's killers not as heroes who risked their lives to stop a killer, but as a cowardly lynch mob; b) by thus disproving part of what the rest of the media was reporting, it cast doubt on the entire story; and c) it all but states that some higher-ups (how high?) prevented the sending of sufficient reinforcements to protect Eden Natan-Zada.

In the videos, reporters casually refer to Eden Natan-Zada as the "terrorist."  This was the worldwide media verdict minutes after the shooting, but as Eden Natan-Zada's father told me, we do not know what happened on that bus in Shfaram. You can read my Arutz Sheva opinion piece, "Trial by Lynching in Israel," including excerpts from interviews with Eden Natan Zada's father, at
A year later, I wrote a second
Arutz Sheva piece, "Are the Natan-Zada Lynching Arrests a Cover-Up?"  It can be read at

The source for the worldwide belief that Eden Natan-Zada did in fact murder people before he was killed is the media.  But according to Mr. Natan-Zada senior, that same media quoted him as describing Eden as a fanatic, when in fact he stressed that Eden was not.  And the media also reported that Eden was killed immediately after he allegedly shot people on the bus, when, as reported by Channel 10, the killing occurred after he was in police custody for over an hour.

Below is the transcript.  I have highlighted in yellow all text in which Channel 10 describes Eden Natan-Zada as a terrorist, rather than a murder suspect, and text which accepts the story, propagated by almost all world media, that Eden Natan-Zada in fact murdered passengers on the bus. Notice that three out of the four times that Channel 10 calls Eden a terrorist, they use the phrase "Jewish terrorist," thus not only convicting him of murder but also ascribing motive (fanatical Judaism.)   In my opinion, this doubly unsubstantiated accusation, presented as if it were proven fact, constitutes racist incitement, a crime by international agreement.

I have highlighted in green the text that indicates a decision was taken by unknown higher-ups not to send sufficient forces to disperse the would-be lynchers and arrest those inciting them.

-- Jared Israel
Editor, Emperor's Clothes


Lynching in Shfaram, Part 1 Ė From Channel 10 News, Sunday, August 8, 2005 

Voiceover: Thursday, a little after 6:00 in the evening. A few minutes ago Eden Natan-Zada pulled his weapon and shot to death the driver of the busÖ[Here we see pictures of Eden Natan-Zada and three people whom he allegedly killed; they are named]Ö The rumor spreads through Shfaram like brushfire.

People come close to the bus.

Very bravely, one of the passengers jumped on the armed soldier and held him down a second before he shot a female passenger in the head. Then a security officer who coincidentally was riding behind the bus arrived on the scene. The armed security officer entered the bus and he provides the first eyewitness testimony that the soldier had been disarmed. 

[Picture of man identified as security guard Husam, a resident of Shfaram.]

Husam: I pointed my gun at the bus and I said, throw your gun out now. We succeeded after a few seconds to take the gun and we gave it to the police.

Voiceover:  And thus, we have these pictures that were filmed from just outside the entrance to the bus. Inside, a jumble of rioters and even police, and the Jewish terrorist in his final moments.

[Spotlight on the side of the bus. The spotlight is on the naked upper body of a bloody, bearded man. The video freezes, zooms in him.]

Voiceover: This is the bearded soldier, bleeding, standing.  Here is he running inside the bus...[The audio is unclear here].

[Video freezes on the image of the bloody man.]

Voiceover:  The hands of the soldier appear bound.  This is the left hand.  [An arrow points to his left hand.] This is his right hand. [Arrow points to right hand.] Still close together and tied with what appears to be a piece of cloth.  Bound, unarmed, and certainly alive. Thus he was moving inside the bus.

The disturbance develops quickly. The terrorist, bleeding, looks outside for a second, and turns around facing the back. A group of rioters jumps into the bus, stones in hand.

Voiceover: What happened afterwards we leave to the most brutal imagination. And it is important to notice that there are at least two police officers this whole time inside the bus.  This is one of them and this is the back of the other. [We see backs of two men in white shirts, inside bus.]  Who the police officers are, what they did and what they were supposed to do, is not yet known. Also outside the bus there are a number of police officers trying to prevent the crowd from going inside. We counted at least 10 police officers. But in the meantime what is happening inside continues. And soldiers in uniforms are also next to the bus without weapons.

Voiceover: The new facts apparent from this documentation are clear to the eye.  The Jewish terrorist was alive and unarmed. Police officers were inside the bus. And after the lynching, the Jewish terrorist was found dead.

[Inside Channel Ten studio.]

Anchorwoman: And what preceded the lynching. Tonight we bring the first eyewitness testimony...


Lynching in Shfaram, Part 2
Channel 10 News, Sunday, August 8, 2005  

[Note: There is a gap in the broadcast between Parts 1 & 2.  When the broadcast resumes in Part 2, Channel 10 is interviewing a policeman, identified as Yoram Danieli, commander of the Shfaram police station.  Danieli is in the middle of a sentence.
-- Jared Israel]

Commander Danieli: [....] inside a box. At any moment something could happen to you and you don't know if you will get out of there alive. 

Interviewer [not seen]: An actual threat to your life.

Commander Danieli, nodding: Actually life threatening.

Voiceover [Interviewer]: Testimony of the Shfaram station commander sheds light on the first minutes from the moment of the receipt of the notification of the event. Yoram Danieli is the first officer who arrived on the scene. The first officer who takes command of the situation in the field.

Commander Danieli: I somehow succeeded in [unintelligible] ...them from the windows, all the time moving the., the individual that we are protecting from side to side in the bus.

Interviewer: A feeling of helplessness?

Commander Danieli: Yes. [Hems and haws] Yeah, you are waiting for the moment when someone will respond to you, when someone will back you up.

Voiceover [Interviewer]: AT 6:00, twenty minutes after the first notification of the event, Danieli calls for backup; and here is the main point. The entire district already received the report of the incident, but for some reason backup doesn't arrive.

[Police station. We see three men. Two are wearing police uniforms.  The third wears a different uniform; perhaps a border guard. Caption reads: "Shfaram today."]

Voiceover: Today the commander of the Galilee district arrives for a conversation with the first seven officers who arrived at the bus. Pay attention to what he hears from the stationís head of police investigation and intelligence.

[We see two men, a young man and a white haired guy. Subtitle in Hebrew reads: "The head of Intelligence and Investigation of the Shfaram station, Eliyahu Fuchs." Fuchs, the white-haired guy, speaks.

Fuchs: That there would be no police, I knew. That the backup would not arrive, I knew.

[Fuchs puts a hand on young policemanís shoulders. Young policeman gives him a disbelieving look.]

Danieli: The fire is high [an expression?] and it is filling with people and Shafik [?], my [unclear, apparently police rank/title], is nervous, and I said to him [apparently referring to the young officer to whom Fuchs was speaking] - I told him, come on, get out of the bus. He didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay, and what can I tell you? He wanted to be sure that he did [his best] not to leave him there. 

Interviewer: The soldier was secured?

Commander Danieli nods: Yes, the soldier was secured.

[Footage of the lynching.]

Voiceover: Secured and alive.  With the small force nothing can be accomplished,  and the backup doesn't arrive. And today it became clear to us that at 6:20 the small force attempted to take the attacking soldier off the bus. Because the rioters don't back off, after five minutes the policemen return him to the bus.

[We see a police officer, identified as Dan Ronen, Commander, northern district.]

Ronen: If it was a situation like people thought or fantasized, that police came and went and left - there was no such thing like that. Every police officer...

Interviewer: [Crosstalk] leave the bus?

Commander Ronen: No. Every officer who arrived on the scene threw himself into the scene, protected the soldier with his body.  That's the reason why policemen were injured. They were injured in the head; they were injured in the body.

Interviewer: They didn't try and leave there?

Ronen: Not for a minute.

[Back to scene of lynching.]

Voiceover: Not precisely. [Subtitle: "Failure on the Bus. 7:10 The police are forced to leave the bus."]

From the first officers that were on the scene it appears that at 7:10 the police understand that their lives are in danger. The backup is ineffective. And they leave the bus and the attacking soldier is still alive.

Voiceover: The police investigation will only begin tomorrow but already at this stage -

[Video switches to Reporter Sharon Gal]

Reporter Sharon Gal, speaking outside:  - from the testimony that we've collected today - itís possible to definitely determine that the murdering soldier was killed in the custody of a few police officers who were forced to handle an impossible situation on the bus for at least an hour.

(C) Channel Ten News.  Posted for Fair Use Only.  The truth belongs to the people.


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[1] See July 8, 2005 Haaretz article, "Channel 10 video depicts lynching of Jewish terrorist by angry mob," at 
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