NATO downplays Kosovo terror

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Belgrade, November 10, 1999

The KFOR spokesman, Maj Ole Irgens, in his Press briefing on November 10th in Pristina, presented the KFOR official statistics on number of killed and kidnapped people in Kosovo and Metohija since June 12th. According to Maj Jirgens out of 379 killed persons 135 are Serbs and 145 Albanians, while 99 are of unknown ethnic origin. In the same period according to the KFOR official 137 persons were kidnapped. Among them 43 are Serbs and 77 Kosovo Albanians.

The Serb National Council has completely different statistics according to which more than 500 Serbs have been kidnapped and nearly 400 killed since June 1999. The information from September and November is still being gathered, but in the period June - September it has been found that 450 Serbs were kidnapped and 357 killed. In our lists one can clearly see the names and surnames of the killed and kidnapped usually accompanied by additional information on their murder or kidnapping. Nearly two thirds of the prewar Serb population are refugees now, Romas have been almost completely driven away, thousands of Serb and Roma houses have been set on fire, almost 80 Orthodox churches destroyed or severely damaged. Now Bosnians, Goranci [Slavic Muslims], Croats are exposed to threats and persecution. The result of this is the territory only inhabited by Kosovo Albanians. All this happens not in war but in the presence of 40.000 KFOR troops and the UN Peace Mission.

The Executive Board of the Serb National Council is expressing the strongest protest because of the publishing of incorrect information by Maj Irgens. KFOR officials by this want to manipulate the public and justify the failure of the international peace forces to prevent the mass retaliation after their arrival to Kosovo and Metohija. According to testimonies of many independent observers, journalists, human rights organizations in Kosovo today we can see the ethnic cleansing which is orchestrated by the Albanian extremists led by the UCK leadership. Due to very indecisive position towards the Albanian extremists and their self-proclaimed government as well as due to their policy of avoiding any armed conflict with UCK militants, KFOR in general has not managed to implement the most important requirement of the UNSC Res 1244 and that is the protection of the non-Albanian population from repression and the organized ethnic cleansing.

Beside individual efforts, which KFOR soldiers are undertaking to secure the Serb and other non-Albanian population, the terrorist actions against civilians (Serbs, Romas, Bosnians, Goranci, Croats and others) are continued, Orthodox churches are still being destroyed and our graveyards desecrated. The remaining non-Albanian population is slowly disappearing from the former multiethnic areas (Pristina, Gnjilane,

Kosovo Polje, Orahovac, Prizren etc). In the meantime not a single person was brought to justice after these crimes while the official investigations on major massacres against Serbs (Staro Gracko, Bresje market place and others) are still without results. The Serb National Council has always insisted that these repressive acts are not individual acts of revenge but an organized ethnic cleansing and crime, which is aimed to create ethnically cleansed Kosovo - the heart of the future Greater Albania. The Albanian extremists in their ideology of ethnic discrimination are now more and more targeting freethinking and moderate Albanians who condemn the violence in Kosovo comparing it with "fascism".

Publishing incorrect and incomplete information about the suffering of the civil population after the KFOR deployment in Kosovo the manipulation with the public opinion is being continued in the same style as during the NATO intervention when excessive and random figures of killed Albanians were mentioned which so far has not been documented by forensic investigation. Besides, it is usually mentioned that the number of post war crimes has decreased although this is very much the consequence of the exodus and regrouping of the non-Albanian population, which now lives and survives only in ethnically compact areas – ghettoes – sometimes even surrounded by barbed wire. The representatives of our Council are in continuous contact with the families of the kidnapped and killed Serbs and their members are shocked and disappointed with such a behavior of KFOR officials. Such statements represent the greatest insult to the international and humanitarian right. We appeal on the representatives of various human rights organizations to document precisely the suffering of the Serbian and other non-Albanian population in Kosovo and Metohija. The results willshow that it is impossible to built peace and confidence in the Province by manipulations and justification of crimes.

Serb National Council of Kosovo and Metohija
Bishop Artemije, President of the Serb National Council
Mr. Momcilo Trajkovic, President of the Executive Council
Mr. Randjel Nojkic, Vice President of the Executive Counci

Partial List of Killed Serbs in Kosovo 12 June - 31 Aug

Partial List of Kidnapped Serbs in Kosovo


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