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[Posted 5 August 2002]
Reprinted from Agence France Press (AFP), 2 August 2002
This AFP dispatch was spotted by Rick Rozoff

The AFP gave their dispatch, which is posted below, a gentler title, but our title, above, is more accurate. According to the AFP report, Prime Minister Georgievski did accuse NATO countries of aiding the Greater Albania terrorists who have attaacked ethnic Serbs, Macedonians, "Gypsies" and others. This is an extreme charge, coming from a pro-NATO politician. And really, Georgievski is understating. To learn more about what has happened to Macedonia, which reveals so much about the nature of the US/West European Empire, see 'EMPEROR'S CLOTHES ARTICLES ON RESISTING TERROR IN MACEDONIA', at

-- John Flaherty


Friday, 02-Aug-2002 9:00AM

SKOPJE, Aug 2 (AFP) - Macedonian Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski on Friday accused the international community of double standards in the Balkans, as his country celebrated its national day.

Speaking to a crowd of thousands gathered to mark a Macedonian uprising against the Ottoman empire in 1903, Georgievski said the country was in a state of flux after last year's armed rebellion by ethnic Albanians.

"We thought the new century would bring peace and prosperity (but) the 20th century is not finished for Macedonia -- we are still full of worries for our present and for the future," he said in a speech in Krusevo, some 170 kilometres (105 miles) southwest of Skopje.

Rebels launched an insurgency last year in what they said was a bid to improve the rights of ethnic Albanians, who make up almost one third of Macedonia's two million people.

Skopje accused them of trying to unite northwestern Macedonia with the Serbian province of Kosovo, which also has a predominantly-Albanian population.

The fighting ended last August with a Western-brokered peace accord giving the Albanians more rights in exchange for disarmament, but Georgievski frequently accuses the rebels of secretly regrouping.

The prime minister said Macedonia had "no other alternative" but to cooperate with the European Union, but he objected to what he described as the "double standards" of the international community.

"Many words have been said about multi-ethnicity in Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia, but in reality what has been happening is the biggest ethnic cleansing that this part of the Balkans can remember," he said.

"Some international structures are supporting ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, even in some parts of Macedonia and of Serbs from Kosovo, supporting the creation of an independent Kosovo and even a Greater Albania."

(C) 2002 by Agence France-Presse (via ClariNet) * Reprinted for Fair Use Only



What NATO has done in the Balkans is perhaps clearest in Macedonia. Why do we say this? Because Mr. Georgievski's government did everything it could to fawn before NATO, providing fullest support for the bombing of Yugoslavia, and this despite courageous opposition within Macedonia. Shortly after the pro-NATO coup d'etat in Belgrade, NATO unleashed the Kosovo Liberation Army, regrouped in a UN organization, the Kosovo Protection Corps, in a terrorist war against Macedonia. Why?

To read our articles on Macedonia, go to 'EMPEROR'S CLOTHES ARTICLES ON RESISTING TERROR IN MACEDONIA', at

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