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[Note from Emperor's Clothes: Please read this story carefully. The writer hints more than he/she says. Why is Djindjic repeating this ''warning'' for reasons that are "not immediately clear "?]

Opposition leader reiterates warning of unrest

BELGRADE, Oct 6 (Reuters) - One of the leaders of the opposition bloc backing Yugoslav president-elect Vojislav Kostunica on Friday repeated a warning that Slobodan Milosevic may use police to resume power.

``I think that he is only preparing his position for a perfidious blow and aims to consolidate his position so that, through disorder and chaos, he can return to the scene as a 'firm hand','' Zoran Djindjic said in a statement.

The opposition bloc had issued a similar warning earlier in the day but later withdrew it, saying there was no confirmation.

It was not immediately clear why Djindjic was reviving the suspicion.

Fear that Milosevic's resignation could be a trick figured among many rumours started in Belgrade by the shock of his abrupt withdrawal.

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