Despite pulling out all the stops -
Clinton almost beaten in Senate Kosovo vote [emperors-clothes]

  • "Congressional leaders, opposed to US involvement in Kosovo, were greatly encouraged by the margin of victory in the House and the small margin of defeat in the Senate.

    '"When you look at the margin of votes, going from a defeat in March by 19 votes to winning by 264 - 153 two months later - changing that many minds in that short a period - you can see how support for this issue has grown,' said Bruce Cuthbertson, a spokesman for Representative John Kasich, R-OH, who co-authored the bipartisan amendment on Kosovo funding.

    '"The people who would mistake the commitment and the intent of what we're trying to do, not to mention the attitudes that are being changed here on a daily basis on Kosovo - do so at their own peril.'" (From, 'Pentagon, Congress Clash Over Kosovo,' by Lawrence Morahan, 19 May, 2000) [emperors-clothes]