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[Note from Emperor's Clothes: Was it just a few short months ago that German Foreign Minister Fischer told parliament the German army should occupy Yugoslavia to teach the Serbian people about democracy? 1]

Germany Rebuffs Parliamentary Oversight On NATO Actions

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung June 19, 2001

FRANKFURT. German government leaders took the stand in Federal Constitutional Court on Tuesday to counter an attempt by the ex-communist Party of Democratic Socialism to give parliament a greater say in German military policy.

The PDS said German lawmakers were illegally bypassed on a 1999 NATO accord that allowed the alliance to enter "out of area" conflicts, such as the one in Yugoslavia, without United Nations approval. The PDS claims the agreement involved German foreign policy and therefore should have been put before lawmakers.

Foreign Minister Joseph (Joschka) Fischer rejected the claim, saying that giving parliament a greater voice in defense strategy would compromise Germany's reliability as a NATO partner. He also warned that other alliance partners, such as the United States, might then rethink its role in Europe. Defense Minister Rudolf Scharping made similar arguments to the court, which is not expected to rule on the case before autumn.


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1) 'German Foreign Minister Calls for Permanent German Troop Occupation of Yugoslavia' In this 'AP' dispatch, translated from the German, Foreign Minister Fisher expresses his thoughts about how Germany can educate Yugoslavia. With comments by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky. At http://emperors-clothes.com/news/occupation.htm




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