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A Criticism of the European Union and Vojislav Kostunica

by William Spring (10-17-2000)

This Biarritz gathering of loathed leaders of the new Europe, got a much needed boost by the appearance in their midst of the representative of the country they had most recently bombed.

If there is a place for reconciliation, this wasn't it.

It was insensitive to the highest degree for Dr Kostunica to field questions about the possibility of handing over Mr Milosevic to Carla del Ponte's so called Court at The Hague, without at the same time referring to indictments issued by the Serbian Public Prosecutor's Office of 29th August 2000 (ref: KT - 420/99) against NATO leaders, nor to the application made by the Yugoslav Government to the International Court at The Hague for condemnation of the NATO aggression, nor to the proceedings of the Association for Legal Theory and Practice at Novi Sad last year, where NATO was condemned by internationally eminent lawyers, and to the many other initiatives aimed at getting NATO into the dock.

NATO and the EU want the discussion dominated by Milosevic: but this is not the question Dr Kostunica should address. NATO has no locus standi to ask for Mr Milosevic to be handed over to US lawyers; NATO itself is a criminal organization.

"Confronted with the enemies of Yugoslavia gathered in conclave he should not have given them absolution quite so readily.

The ball should be on the other foot. It shouldn't be the Yugoslav President (or Serbia-Montenegro, as Dr Kostunica suggests we call the FRY) being pursued by journalists but Dr. Kostunica should instead be demanding NATO war criminals be handed over to the FRY.

Why do the Yugoslavs let themselves be pushed around? Kostunica should turn on the media pack, suggest they go after Albright instead.

But perhaps he had to go to Biarritz and say what he said, and the paymasters wanted their reward; the German Government has admitted in the last few days that it channeled 6 million to the Serbian Opposition, a large proportion through the International Red Cross, and other NGOs (which makes me wonder what happens to charitable donations these days. Next time the Red Cross shake their can ask where the money's going. The International Red Cross in Geneva must address this point, otherwise face a complete loss of confidence by donors. Money given to the Red Cross shouldn't go to Zoran Djindjic. Is he a cripple?)

It's sad indeed to see the desperate straits to which EU sanctions and bombing and the subversion of the electoral process has reduced the Yugoslav state, the last independent country in Europe. That may also be an explanation for the Biarritz visit; the desperate need to get foreign investment.

But it gives a bad impression, for Dr Kostunica to be so pally with the EU. Couldn't he have insisted at least upon one expression of regret by someone at the Conference, as a pre-condition for attending?

One understands the need for normalization of relations between Yugoslavia and the rest of the world, but this behaviour is negative in terms of Serbia's image: it makes people think that the Serbs who couldn't be bombed into acquiescence can be bought instead. Perhaps they have already been, but they should have held out for a higher price.

As for EU leaders they must answer this question: if, all along, as it now appears, bribes could have had the same effect as bombing, then why was the bombing necessary?

Couldn't the UK Government have used the 1 billion spent on the NATO bombing on less destructive activities? If the EU had dispersed its funds earlier, most people in Belgrade by now would be driving Mercedes, and casualties and deaths avoided. "

Can one assume all this is perfectly legal: is it legal for Tony Blair to take taxpayers money to subsidize opposition parties in Serbia. Or, did he use the National Lottery instead?


Arrest of Hubert Vedrine! French Foreign Minister and EU envoy due in Belgrade today

Tuesday 10th October

To the Yugoslav Government

The CANA hereby issues an urgent appeal to the Yugoslav Government for the arrest of Hubert Vedrine, French Foreign Minister and EU envoy due in Belgrade today, to begin talks about normalizing relations between Belgrade and Paris.

CANA also asks for the arrest of Paddy Ashdown MP, former leader of the Liberal Democrats [travelling in Montenegro] and Prime Mover and Architect of the Kosovo War.

This is not an unserious idea. I am amazed how supposedly liberal politicians, like Messers Blair and Ashdown, while 'meaning well' nevertheless create such mayhem and suffering in Europe. The political legacy of Mr Ashdown and Mr Blair is a half life of 4.5 billion years of DU and innumerable cripples.

Regarding the arrest of Mr. Vedrine, he is after all mentioned in the indictment prepared by the Serbian Public Prosecutor's Office. Vedrine failed to attend the Court to answer the indictment of August 29th.

The NATO leaders prepared and executed aggressive war, the supreme war crime.

As for the demand the EU and US make that Dr Kostunica hands over Mr Milosevic over to the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague, this is quite impertinent. As the NATO leaders are themselves war criminals they can hardly sit in judgement on Mr Milosevic.

To quote scripture (King James version), it's a case of 'beams and motes'.

In any case Dr Kostunica gave election pledges to the Yugoslav people that he would not hand over Mr Milosevic to a foreign Court.

Messers Blair and Cook may regard their election pledges with levity - to be torn up at will- but they should not seek to impose their contorted New Labour morality on others.

William Spring

Director, CANA

for further information telephone 0208 802 2144

CANA is an ecumenical group of Christians who came together during the NATO air war against Yugoslavia.

Although we have differences on matters of Christian doctrine, being from different denominations, (some of us Orthodox, some Catholic, others Evangelical, Unitarian, Baptist, Quaker and Pentecostal etc), we are united in a conviction that the attack on Yugoslavia by NATO was and is morally and legally indefensible.

The war on Yugoslavia and NATO's frantic efforts to blame Mr Milosevic for it, must be seen only as another indication of the almost terminal illness afflicting western society, which involves the end of thought.


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