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Citizens' association "The Committee for National Solidarity",
Tolstojeva 34, Yu-11000 Belgrade, Yugoslavia   [1-23-2001]

Distinguished Sir / Madam  

The citizens' association, The Committee for National Solidarity, addresses to you with an appeal that you urge your Government, the Parliament, the relevant institutions, organizations and media, for the permission that Mr. Radislav Krstic, the General of the Army of the Republic of Srpska [Bosnian Serb Republic], be trasferred to the Military-Medical Academy in Belgrade. An urgent re-amputation of his right leg, above the knee, is demanded, that is expected to be followed by a precarious post-operative recuperation.   Regarding the previous experiences with the medical services provided by the Hague Tribunal, and in particular the death of General Djukic immediately after his release from the imprisonment in Hague,
the sudden death of Dr. Kovacevic (later investigations revealed that he vas not given the necessary emergency medical aid), the alleged suicide of Mr. Slavko Dokmanovic in his cell and Gen. Krstic's personal experience (from the beginning of his stay in the Hague prison he was deprived of the proper medical treatment),  General Krstic refuses to be subjected to the necessary operation if it is performed by the medical services of the Hague Tribunal. This may lead to a tragic outcome.   Last month, a member of our Committee visited General Krstic in the prison, and was shocked by his overall physical condition, as well as with the conduct of the prison's medical department. We fear that, if an immediate action is not undertaken, the consequences for the health and life of Mr. Krstic may be tragic.  Today, we have received a stirring plea from his only daughter, Tamara Krstic, and decided to turn to you for help.  

Jela Jovanovic,
Secretary general of the Committee for National Solidarity   ===================================================================