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by Jared Israel
[Posted 5 December 2001]

In April, 2000, when the State Department announced that a group of CIA employees were being punished for supposedly causing the supposedly mistaken bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, we republished Jared Israel's original analysis of the bombing, 'Lies, Damn Lies and Maps,' with an introduction including the following remarks:

"...Now the CIA fires one guy and disciplines six. Isn't this a rather obvious attempt to scapegoat lowly employees? If it really was these seven people's fault - why did it take the government 11 months to figure it out? And since the "mistake" ended in death and destruction - isn't job discipline a mite weak for a punishment? Doesn't all this suggest that these seven have been bribed or coerced (or both) to take a fall?" (From 'The Arrogance of Rome,' at http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/jared/arroganc.htm
For original refutation of the official cover story, written in May, 1999, see '
Lies, Damn Lies, and Maps' at http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/jared/lies.htm )

Well, maybe they tried to coerce and bribe these people, but it doesn't look like it worked.

I assume these employees will be accused of being unpatriotic. So let's talk about patriotism. The great sin of the Milosevic government was that it resisted an attack by terrorists - the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) - trained and financed by U.S. covert forces. (4) The U.S./NATO bombing of Yugoslavia was illegal (5) and without moral justification. Civilians were routinely slaughtered (6) and a beautiful country polluted with depleted uranium and hazardous chemicals. The goal was not moral, as the media rather ludicrously claimed, but geopolitical: the control of the Balkans, one of the key strategic regions in the world. The southern gateway to Russia. (7)

The war criminals who attacked Yugoslavia stamped the attack MADE IN AMERICA. But who is America? Is it a handful of immoral billionaires with a crazy dream of controlling the world? Or is it the rest of us, decent people, who have no quarrel with the Yugoslavs. Many of us opposed the war. And most of the rest were tricked by war propaganda which barraged us with the lie that 'The Serbs" were monstrous racists and that this war was needed to help oppressed people.

The bombing of the Chinese Embassy was an act of murder. Moreover it might easily have led to a wider war. The U.S. Establishment ordered this crime with the purpose of warning the Chinese not to continue helping Yugoslavia and other countries targeted for punishment by the New World Order. But they wanted to deny it was deliberate in order to avoid worldwide censure. Hence the claim that incompetent employees at the CIA were responsible.

Is it the patriotic duty of these employees to take the rap?

Was the war against Yugoslavia patriotic? On the contrary, it further sullied America's name, convincing most people in the world that our country is a very dangerous bully, driven by a lust for profit and power and utterly unconcerned with international law, justice, or the harm it does to other people's countries.

For the people that control America, patriotism means they get richer and conquor other countries and ordinary Americans get poorer and take the blame.

Well, 15 employees at CIA have refused to take the blame.

What do you know. Maybe there's some hope for us Americans, after all.

Regarding the media coverage, two thoughts.

First, we have yet to see this explosive story covered in the U.S. press or on TV. If any of our readers see some coverage, please let us know.

-- Jared Israel

Employees sue CIA for 'abuse of power'

By Rupert Cornwell

04 December 2001

A group of CIA officers has brought a class-action suit against the agency, alleging abuse of power against employees – including the cover-up of mistakes leading to the accidental US bombing of China's embassy in Belgrade in 1999, for which several lower-ranking employees were wrongly blamed.

The case, filed by 15 past and present mid-to-upper level CIA employees, claims that the spy agency has used illegal tactics to prevent them pursuing legitimate grievances against the CIA, including altering and destroying documents, and eavesdropping on privileged discussions with their lawyers.

Roy Krieger, a lawyer for the 15, said: "What the agency is trying to hide is not its intelligence sources but its own dirty laundry about internal disputes, kangaroo disciplinary procedures, discrimination and who is to blame for blunders."

Among those blunders was the mistaken bombing (2) of the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia during the Kosovo war. One plaintiff alleges that he and other mid- and low-ranking officers were falsely blamed to cover up a mistake made by a senior officer. The former were disciplined, while the senior officer received only a verbal reprimand, followed by a secret, backdated promotion. He now works at the White House, the lawsuit alleges.

Original URL for this article is http://news.independent.co.uk/world/americas/story.jsp?story=108245

(C) 'Independent' 2001 Repritned for Fair Use Only


Further Reading

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4) Regarding U.S. training of the Kosovo Liberation terrorists see for example "Diplomats Admit NATO Backs KLA Invasion of Inner Serbia" http://emperors-clothes.com/docs/admi2.htm

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