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Why China is right
by Llewellyn Rockwell Jr [Posted 9 April 2001]

US-based free-market economist Llewellyn Rockwell Jr gives seven reasons why China is right in the US spy-plane incident:

1 The collision between the US spy plane and the Chinese jet occurred along China's border.

The US claims it was in 'international airspace', but backs up this claim with a rule arrived at unilaterally by the US government and accepted by no one else. The US makes up rules to justify its behaviour, rules that it does not accept if they are applied against its territory.

2 The US plane was a spy plane. It was not a commercial airliner.

It is preposterous for the US to say that a spy plane landing in Chinese territory is somehow sovereign property. The international law on this subject applies to civil aviation.

3 The US spy plane landed at a Chinese military airport. The US crew did not ask for permission to do so.

Imagine what the US would do if a Chinese spy plane were zipping around outside Virginia, became entangled with US jets and then landed at a US base.

The US would not say: 'Sorry, guys, about interrupting your spy mission. Thanks for visiting our military base and come back soon.'

4 The Chinese pilot is presumbly dead. The US crew is not.

Also dead are the three Chinese journalists who were killed when the US bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999. No US soldiers died in that incident either.

The body count is beginning to mount and it is no surprise that at some point the Chinese will decide they are not going to take it any more. How long can one country be subjected to murderous attacks from the US before it begins to complain? But if China does complain, the US decries this as 'nationalism'.

5 There is no mystery about how the US treats such cases.

In 1976, a Soviet MiG carrying a defector landed in Japan. The Soviets demanded the plane back. The US complied after taking the entire jet apart. It was sent back to Moscow in packing crates. On another occasion in the 70s, the US tried secretly to raise a Soviet submarine from the ocean.

Washington uses any means possible to obtain military equipment from potentially hostile nations. So turnabout is fair play.

6 The US spy plane was not an innocent victim.

No one can say for sure how the collision occurred, but it seems obvious that the US version of events - a spy plane minding its own business gets bumped by a Chinese jet - is not true.

If it turns out that the US is wholly to blame, it would not be the first time. In 1998, a US military jet severed the cable of a ski-resort gondola in Italy, causing it to plunge 90 m to the ground and killing all 20 people inside.

And just recently, show offs cruising the world in a submarine sank a Japanese boat, killing nine, four of whom were 17-year-olds.

7 The US has fulminated for years about supposed spying by China against the US.

The Cox Report never went so far as to accuse China of flying spy planes around US borders. But it turns out that the US regards such activity as routine and justifiable, if directed against other countries.

The message is obvious: the US can do whatever it wants with its military, but believes itself exempt from the very laws it wants to apply to others. This attitude engenders hatred around the world.

Washington wants what every bully wants: the freedom to beat people up and never to pay the price.

There is only one evil empire alive in the world today and it is not China

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