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by Jared Israel [31 May 2001]

Elections were just held in Serbia to fill the seats of County officials who had died or resigned before their terms expired. These elections were entirely random. Therefore, although only 7 counties out of perhaps 200 were involved, the elections are a reasonable indicator of the mood of ordinary people.

According to preliminary reports, the Socialist Party of Serbia came in first in every county.

The Serbian Renewal Party of Vuk Draskovic apparently came in second. Mr. Draskovic opposes the Socialists, but his party is not part of the governing DOS coalition.

This is a stunning defeat for the policies of the governing authorities in Belgrade. Since their Oct. 5th coup, prices have doubled - people joke that these are "democratic price hikes."

The economy is operating at a third the pre-coup level. Secessionist violence has increased in Voyvodina. NATO's KLA terrorists have brought death and national humiliation to southern Serbia. Patriots, such as Mr. Miloshevich, have been illegally jailed. He and others are held for "investigation" while witnesses are threatened if they do not testify against them.

In the past few weeks the present authorities have officially endorsed NATO's claim that the Miloshevich government was guilty of war crimes. They have endorsed the War Crimes Tribunal and have put their full weight behind a law to extradite Miloshevich and others to the Hague, suggesting that Yugoslavia failed International Good Citizenship by opposing this Serb-killing and Serb-slandering Star Chamber:

'"Cooperation with The Hague tribunal is something that is necessary for this country being a member of the United Nations and behaving as a good member of the international community,' Kostunica said outside the State Department." ('AP' May 9, 2001)

The rejection of these policies in the County elections is all the more remarkable because after the Oct. 5th coup, gangs of thugs drove most dissenting voices from the mass media. The Socialists were left without even a daily newspaper. They have minor TV access.

If the elections indicate the country's mood, they also indicate the current authorities have a wee problem. They took a lot of money from the Imperial Beings in Washington who are not generous Beings and dislike being trifled with. When these Beings pay hard cash for service they expect service to be rendered. They are neither tolerant of failure nor patient with excuse.

Like all gangsters, they have a short fuse and a tendency to employ violence to make a cautionary example of those who fail.


To get some sense of the feelings of the Serbian people, click here to go to the hear/see big Belgrade rally March 24th at which Jared Israel spoke, click here

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May 31, 2001


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