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March 18th in Kosovo: Anti-Serbian Bombings, Torchings, Ethnic Cleaning

[1] Serb Father, Three Children Injured When Bomb Thrown at Home, all Serb Homes in Village Burned

[2] Serbs Expelled from Gnjilane

[3] 100 Serbs Evacuated from Obilic

[4] Ethnic Albanians Invade Village Of Drajcice, Kill 60-Year-Old Man

[5] Serbian Women, Children Flee Svinjare

[6] Albanians “Torching Houses in Svinjare”

[7] Twenty-Seven Serbs Flee Kosovo Polje

[8] Kosovo Polje in Flames

[9] Serbs Flee Village of Plemetina

[10] Ethnic Albanians Trying to Seize Orthodox Church in Lipljan


Who is to Blame for  All-Out Terror in Kosovo?

For several days, led by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)  Albanian thugs have conducted a massive campaign of racist violence against the small Serbian population not already driven out of Kosovo.  Despite the public pretense of opposition to this terror by NATO and UN spokespersons, the fact is that the Albanian fascist/terrorists who are conducting this pogrom are not independent. They are the creation of the NATO powers; they have been groomed for power while conducting racist terror attacks for five years. For evidence of the intimacy of their connection with the Western powers, see,  "Stranger than Fiction: NATO and the US Sponsor Terror in Kosovo and Macedonia," at

For eyewitness accounts of how NATO created conditions of virtual imprisonment of Serbs remaining in Kosovo, see "Nightmare by Design: How NATO Changed a Kosovo Town into a  Racist Hell," at

Emperor's Clothes charges that NATO and the UN are behind the current Albanian terrorist violence.  We will post more articles documenting that charge.

[Just posted: "Why French Troops Stood by
as Albanians Burned a Serbian Village to the Ground," at ]

Jared Israel
Editor, Emperor's Clothes


[1]  Tanjug March 18, 2004

Three Serb children injured in bomb explosion in Cernica   

20:36 GNJILANE, March 18 (Tanjug) - Petar Jovanovic and three children, most likely his children or nephews were injured when a bomb was thrown at a Serb house in the village of Cernica near Gnjilane, southeastern Kosovo, the Belgrade-based BK television said late on Thursday.  In Gnjilane itself, all Serb houses were torched and Serbs were evacuated to the neighbouring villages of Silovo and Koretiste.


[2] Tanjug March 18, 2004

Serbs expelled from Gnjilane

19:00 GNJILANE , March 18 (Tanjug) - Out of 150 Serbs who had lived around the church in Gnjilane before Wednesday's incident, only about a dozen remained and they are guarded by KFOR and UNMIK.  Serbs from Gnjilane on Wednesday afternoon fled to neighbouring Serb-populated villages with the assistance of multinational forces.  


[3] Tanjug March 18, 2004

About one hundred Serbs evacuated from Obilic

13:03 KOSOVSKA MITROVICA , March 18 (Tanjug) - UNMIK police, after it was unable to guarantee their safety any longer, evacuated about one hundred of the total of 300 Serbs in Obilic, who lived in two buildings in the town.  The Serbs are currently housed in UNMIK's police station.  


[4] Tanjug March 18, 2004

Ethnic Albanians invaded village of Drajcice, killed Dobrivoje Stolic

13:49 STRPCE , March 18 (Tanjug) - Ethnic Albanians invaded the village of Drajcice, mostly inhabited by Serbs, in the municipality of Strpce late on Wednesday, and murdered Dobrivoje Stolic (60), Tanjug learned from the local Red Cross.  Some 130 Serbs live in the village.  


[5] Tanjug March 18, 2004

Serb women, children leave Svinjare accompanied by UNMIK

18:50 KOSOVSKA MITROVICA , March 18 (Tanjug) - At about 4 p.m. (1400 GMT) on Thursday, UNMIK police evacuated Serb women and children from the village of Svinjare, near Kosovska Mitrovica. Kosovo police force confirmed to Tanjug that the women and children had been accommodated at the KFOR Multinational Brigade Northeast base near Kosovska Mitrovica.  About 250 Serbs live in the mostly ethnic Albanian-populated multiethnic village of Svinjare.  


[6] Beta March 18, 2004

Albanians “torching houses in Svinjare”

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- Thursday – Hundreds of Albanians are reported to have descended on the village of Svinjare, outside Mitrovica, this afternoon and begun setting fire to Serb-owned houses.   Journalists have been unable to reach the town because of the UNMIK blockade of the bridge in Mitrovica.  


[7] Tanjug March 18, 2004

Twenty-seven Serbs flee Kosovo Polje

17:52 KURSUMLIJA , March 18 (Tanjug) - Fleeing from the threat of ethnic Albanian terrorists, 27 residents of Kosovo Polje, Kosovo and Metohija province, on Thursday crossed the administrative line at Merdare and found refuge in towns in Serbia proper, the Red Cross said in Kursumlija, where these families were administered immediate assistance.  One family found refuge in Nis, one in Bac, near Prokuplje, and the 13-member Jovanic family headed for Krusevac and Nis, where they have some relatives.  


[8] Tanjug March 18, 2004

Kosovo Polje on fire

09:31 KOSOVO POLJE , March 18 (Tanjug) - Kosovo Polje, where there are about one hundred Serbian houses, was set on fire in the night between Wednesday and Thursday by the Albanians and it is still on fire.  "In the afternoon and evening hours Serns withdrew from the village, and armed Albanians on the rampage entered the village and systematically started to set houses on fire," villager Zoran Grujic confirmed to Tanjug.


[9] Tanjug March 18, 2004

Serbs from Plemetina withdrawing in direction of Priluzje

13:59 KOSOVSKA MITROVICA , March 18 (Tanjug) - Accompanied by Kosovo police forces, Serbs from Plemetina, some 13 kilometres away from Vucitrn, began withdrawing in the direction of the village of Priluzje, inhabited by Serbs, around Thursday noon, Tanjug learned in that Serb village.  The Serbs from Plemetina demanded that international forces in Kosovo-Metohija protected them from ethnic Albanian terrorist attacks, but did not rule out a possibility of an evacuation on a massive basis if there was no such help.  


[10] Tanjug March 18, 2004

Ethnic Albanians are trying to seize Serbian Orthodox church in Lipljan

20:41 LIPLJAN , March 18 (Tanjug) - A group of ethnic Albanians showered the Serb part of Lipljan, central Kosovo-Metohija, with bombs in an attempt to seize the church protected by the Finnish KFOR battalion, representative of local authorities Borivoje Vignjevic said on Thursday.  "About 300 ethnic Albanians are trying to enter the Serbian Orthodox church in Lipljan," Vignjevic told the Reuters news agency over the phone and added that ethnic Albanians were throwing bombs.

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