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"Hezbollah's Nasrallah urges Arab summit to arm Palestinians, support intifadah," Speech Broadcast on Al Manar TV, 24 March 2002

[Posted on Emperor's Clothes 4 August 2006]

Source: Hezbollah's Nasrallah urges Arab summit to arm Palestinians, support intifadah, Copyright 2002 British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC Monitoring Middle East - Political Supplied by BBC Worldwide Monitoring, March 24, 2002, Sunday, 3924 words, Manar Television, Beirut, in Arabic 0940 gmt 24 Mar 02
(As archived by Lexis-Nexis)

Note: In another text I referred to this text as the complete transcript of Nasrallah's 24 March 2002 speech.  It is not.  It is an excerpt, with the text selected by BBC Monitoring, which, as noted below, appears to be favorable to Nasrallah. - Jared Israel, Emperor's Clothes.


 [Note: the first paragraph is BBC Monitoring's introduction to Hasan Nasrallah's speech, exactly as published by BBC Monitoring.  Notice that it is written in a style that treats Nasrallah like a statesman, referring to "his aspirations or the upcoming Arab summit" and in general adopting an editorial stance favorable to Nasrallah. 
-- Jl, Emperor's Clothes.]

In a public speech in Beirut, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hasan Nasrallah has set out his aspirations for the upcoming Arab summit there. He called for a declaration clearly supporting the intifadah and the resistance in Lebanon - any other statement would be classed as one "written in US ink by Arab hands". He also called on the Arab countries to provide the Palestinians with weapons - not tanks and planes such as those that "America supplies" to Israel - but "weapons similar to the weapons that the resistance in Lebanon possessed". He rejected the proposed normalization with Israel and stated that "any call for normalization is only binding on its advocates". Lastly he called for the return of the Imam Sayyid Musa al-Sadr, a Lebanese Shi'i leader who disappeared in Libya in 1978. The following is an excerpt from a speech by Hasan Nasrallah at a rally on the occasion of Ashura Day at Al-Rayah Stadium in Al-Safir area in Beirut, broadcast live by Lebanese Hezbollah TV on 24 March; subheadings inserted editorially:

In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate... passage omitted on Ashura Day, the 10th day of the Islamic month of Muharram and the day of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn in Karbala

There may be pains and injustice in this or that Arab country, in this or that Islamic country, however, the major injustice and the most serious challenge - which threaten all Arabs and Muslims, the dignity of all Arabs and Muslims without exception, the pride and freedom of all without exception, the will and sovereignty of all without exception, the religion, values and culture of all without exception - is the Zionist plan. This plan represents in our region the clearest example of every injustice, terrorism, corruption and falsehood.

In light of this, the mujahidin, those who want to make sacrifices and those who respond to the appeals of the oppressed, should gather to confront this plan, which resulted in the establishing of an entity on the land of Palestine. This entity still occupies precious parts of other Arab countries in Lebanon and Syria. This Zionist plan represents in our region today falsehood, injustice, terrorism and corruption.

On the other hand, those who are confronting this plan are the ones who reject humiliation. They are the ones who honour the spirit of Karbala and the stand of Imam Husayn in Karbala. Karbala is a continuation of the message; and Imam Husayn is the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, who says: "Husayn is part of me and I am part of Husayn. Every Muslim who stands up today to confront this Zionist idol, which stands on our land and holy places, adheres to its stand."... passage omitted, commending the Palestinians' sacrifices and resistance and noting that this year's Ashura Day is the day of Palestine

Arab summit: timing and expectations

All eyes these days focus on the important event represented by the convening of the Arab summit in Beirut, in Lebanon. The summit convenes under exceptional circumstances in terms of time, venue and stage.

The time is Muharram, Ashura; that is, the anniversary of jihad, martyrdom, sacrifice, redemption and steadfastness.

The venue is Lebanon, the victorious and proud country. It is the country which forced the Zionist forces to withdraw from its land humiliated without conditions, without a price, without concessions, without humiliation and without begging anybody. The blood of tens of thousands of martyrs was shed in Lebanon.

On the day of Imam Husayn and the day of Palestine, I would like to explain something: When we talk about 1300 martyrs, we are talking about martyrs from the fighters of the Islamic resistance. However, when we talk about the martyrs of Lebanon, the martyrs of steadfastness in Lebanon, the martyrs of sacrifices in Lebanon, the martyrs, who refused to succumb to Israeli conditions in Lebanon - from Hezbollah, from the political forces, from the Lebanese army, from the Syrian army, from the Lebanese civilians, from the Palestinian civilians in Lebanon's camps - we are talking about tens of thousands of martyrs and tens of thousands of wounded. They all fell over the past years, the years of jihad, steadfastness and challenge. Lebanon carries the banner of martyrdom and the banner of the pure blood of its civilians, military and fighters. Lebanon is victorious through the tears of mothers, the wounds of its citizens and the pains and suffering of its prisoners, detainees and their families.

As for the stage, it is the stage that witnessed two major events:

A historic, epic-like Palestinian uprising inside the occupied territory and a mammoth Palestinian intifadah, which uses stones, knives, blood, bullets and bodies of martyrdom seekers. This intifadah has placed the enemy in a historic impasse, something which it has not seen since its establishment.

The other event is the fallout of 11 September and the fierce US onslaught on Islam and Muslims, and on the Islamic world, and even on the Islamic establishments and societies in the United States, which voted in favour of George Bush in the US elections. It is the US onslaught on our people, governments and states, charging us with terrorism. This summit coincides with these major events.

Will the Arab summit be on the level of this stage? Will this summit be up to the ambitions and expectations of the Arab people, who are governed by the leaders, who will meet in Beirut in the coming days? This is a question addressed to the whole nation... passage omitted reviewing previous Arab summits

Today, the Arab people look at the efforts of some Arab rulers, who are honest about the issue of the conflict with the enemy. What do they say and what are their ambitions? They say: We are trying so that the Arab summit in Beirut will come up with minimum losses and with stands that are less evil than what we expect. Hence, even those who are going to the Arab summit know that the resolutions which the nation is expecting from these summits, will be like the resolutions of the previous summits. We are looking for what is less evil and for fewer losses. We will not hear in the summit a voice saying: "Palestine, all Palestine - from the sea to the river - belongs to the nation and the Palestinian people. We will not concede one grain of soil." Of course, we will not hear this. Today, the talk is about what is less evil and about minimum losses.

Some of us have ambition that Israel will give them the land that was occupied in June 1967 in exchange for conceding rights, recognizing Israel, normalizing relations with it, and giving it everything. What was Israel's response to the Arab peace initiatives during the past weeks? More massacres, killing, bloodshed and demolition of houses in Palestinian cities and camps. Sharon and the enemy army are shedding the blood of the Palestinians with fire and steel. Meanwhile, the Arabs respond with peace initiatives. The Israelis are detaining thousands in Palestine, destroying agricultural products, and besieging and starving people. Meanwhile, the Arabs respond with more concessions. Instead of fortifying the Palestinian refugee camps, which have been in the West Bank and Gaza Strip since 1948 and which were invaded by the Israeli occupation forces, the Arab world rulers were preoccupied with the issue of safeguarding or cancelling the right to repatriation. Is this the way to respond to the brutal Israel onslaught? Have we not learned after all these decades of the conflict with this enemy?

When we respond to this enemy, who kills us and attacks us, with peace initiatives it is as if we are saying to him: Well done. Continue killing us, shed more blood and destroy more houses. The Arabs have no fire or steel; you will find among the Arabs more concessions, more submission and more disavowal of rights. Is this not the current situation? We call on the Arab summit to fear God... passage omitted urging leaders to embody Arab values of dignity and pride

Call for Arab nations to supply intifadah with weapons

We call on the Arab summit to raise its voice high and to put - at the beginning of its resolution - a clear Arab declaration on supporting the initifadah and resistance in Palestine, as well as supporting the resistance in Lebanon. Any statement that does not call for supporting the intifadah and resistance will be a statement written in US ink by Arab hands. It will not be more than this.

We call on them to declare to the world that resistance is a right and to reject - in front of the world and America - labelling resistance as terrorism. Those martyrdom-seekers in Palestine - who blow themselves up to make the nation live, to safeguard the pride of this nation and to restore the nation's dignity and presence - are not terrorists. It is a shame to accept such a description. We call on the summit to declare a serious, real support for the intifadah in terms of money and weapons. Yes, give them weapons. I said a few days ago that the Palestinians do not need Arab forces, as happened in 1948. Keep your armies, forces and guard. However, provide them with weapons. The Arabs states are capable of this; they possess enough money, expertise and strength to supply the Palestinians with weapons. America supplies Israel with new planes, tanks and weapons every year before the eyes and ears of the Arab world. Meanwhile, the Arab world does not move to supply the Palestinians with simple weapons to defend themselves. The Palestinians do not want your planes, keep your planes for yourselves; they do not want your tanks, keep them for yourselves. Give them weapons similar to the weapons that the resistance in Lebanon possessed. One day after another, the Palestinians prove that they are capable of achieving victory more quickly than you expect.

The Arab countries are witnessing the Palestinians being slaughtered and killed. At the same time, the Palestinians do not ask the Arab states to fight on their behalf. They are the ones who are fighting on the behalf of the Arab states. The Arab states are required to supply the Palestinians with weapons with courage. The honest person, not the terrorist, is the one who supplies the Palestinians with weapons. The condemned is not the one who supplies the Palestinians with weapons; the condemned is the one who can supply them with weapons but does not do so. Those are condemned because they are participants in shedding their blood. Had the Palestinians had these weapons they could have spared some of this blood.

In jihad and martyrdom, there are sacrifices and martyrs to safeguard the lives of the others. In Lebanon martyrs have fallen to let the others remain alive. Have all the Lebanese been killed? No, thousands or tens of thousands of Lebanese have been martyred, but millions of Lebanese are today enjoying freedom and dignity, are having their land, and are feeling their existence and their ability to confront the enemy. Some people ask why give weapons to the Palestinians? If you give them weapons, Sharon will kill them. We protect the Palestinians with weapons. The martyrs' blood will give a dignified life to the Palestinians and to the whole nation.

US wants "to silence the intifadah", attack Iraq

Our call to the Arab summit is to not allow, or at least to not contribute to silencing the intifadah. Our call is not to take part in a conspiracy on this intifadah. The Americans are making strong efforts and employing enormous pressures to stop the intifadah. Are they doing this for the sake of the Palestinians? Of course not. Has George Bush been appalled by the scenes of blood in Jabaliyah and Tulkarm refugee camp? Of course not.

These efforts and pressures are made for two clear objectives. First is to silence the intifadah so that the United States can begin the second stage of what it calls fighting terrorism. This means launching an aggression against Iraq. O Arabs, do not allow this to happen. Do not say something to the media and something else at your meetings with Cheney. Dick Cheney exposed many leaders when he said in Washington that the Arab rulers also expressed their concern about the situation in Iraq. It is not enough to say that we reject the first or the second stage of fighting terrorism. We should be true to our God and to ourselves. You should know that the Americans will not save your face, will not preserve your dignity, and will not keep your secrets. When they need to reveal these secrets, they will do so openly. It will then become clear that you say something behind closed doors and something different to the media.

O Arab leaders, do not allow the United States to isolate any of your countries because it will do the same with the other countries. No one should be deceived by the fact that he is a friend or ally to the United States. The United States will burden you with more conditions and more demands whether concerning your peoples or Israel. It will leave all your governments in a state of anxiety to impose more concessions on you.

First, the intifadah should calm down so that the Americans can start the second stage of the war on what they call terrorism. The second objective is to rescue the Zionist entity. The issue is not one of salvaging Sharon or Baraq. Sharon and Baraq are details. The Zionist entity in the region is part of the US strategy in this area. This entity is facing a historic and strategic dilemma that threatens its existence caused by this heroic and mujahid intifadah and by those great martyrdom seekers who overcome all security belts and measures and the tight siege imposed on the Palestinian territories. This entity is facing a dilemma at present. Immigration, investments, tourism, economy, growth, security, stability and peace of that entity are in a dilemma. All pillars of this entity are shaking. They are shaken by these heroic Palestinian youths.

If you are fearful of supporting and backing this intifadah, the bare minimum you should do is not to contribute to silencing, besieging, or forsaking it. Remain neutral. Of course, this is not only the minimum but much below that. The exacerbating situation of the nation is what prompted us to say that this is the minimum.

UN Resolution 194: Right to repatriation or compensation

Among the issues that the summit should clearly affirm is the Palestinian refugees' right to repatriation. Some are barricaded behind Resolution 194, saying that the Palestinian refugees in the camps and the diaspora have two options: repatriation or compensation. To the Palestinians in the diaspora and in the refugee camps in the West Bank and Gaza, I say: You will see Arab financial generosity that you have never seen for 50 years. The Arab funds will be in the service of the idea and option of compensation. This is because your repatriation threatens the existence of the Zionist entity. There is a US veto on the repatriation and an Israeli rejection of it, which means that all the Arabs must work for appeasing the United States and Israel, and therefore opt for the second choice, which is the compensation. The Arabs will deduct huge funds from their treasuries, much more than what they can offer to the intifadah to be victorious, to liquidate the right to return. However, I tell them: Do you think the Palestinian people will sell out their homeland and land? The issue of refugees and compensation is not a question of a house or a lot of land for sale. Nor is it a question of saying that I have the right to return, but I do not want to return. Rather, it is a question of selling a homeland. Today, we see the Palestinian reply to this cheap and frail bargaining. The Palestinians' response is that the people who sacrifice their blood, children and beloved ones to restore their land will not sell out their land in return for money. The Palestinian refugees in the West Bank and Gaza refugee camps fought bravely at a time when they were hearing about compensation. The refugees in Lebanon's camps and in the diaspora are fully ready for martyrdom and willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of returning to their homeland. No one has the right to those people down, push them towards desperation, or seduce them into accepting compensation.

Rejection of "disgraceful" recognition of Israel

On 10 Muharram, we must say a word of truth even though those who defend truth are not many and even though the word truth has become awkward. Yet, saying the truth and doing what is right will give the truth a push, leverage, and presence in history, just as Al-Husayn did in Karbala. On this day, we in Hezbollah stand here to affirm and say that truth does not become false by the passage of time and that falsehood does not become a truth by the passage of time. First of all, Israel is pure falsehood. It is a usurper, transient, occupier, terrorist, and cancerous entity that has no, nor will it ever have, legitimacy at all. Second, no Arab or Muslim leader, or any Arab or Muslim summit, or any side, group, or reference has the right to relinquish one iota of the land of Palestine. No one has the right to relinquish even one letter from the word Palestine. Third, the recognition of Israel within the framework of any settlement or an Arab peace initiative does not mean anything to the nation. The nation will consider this recognition as a shame on its forehead and a disgraceful chapter in its history and will therefore seize an opportunity to get rid of it and cleanse itself from this filth. Fourth, any call for normalization is only binding on its advocates and does not mean anything to the peoples of our nation. Our peoples will reject all forms of normalization with this usurper enemy, just as the valiant Egyptian and the garrisoned Jordanian and Palestinian people did despite the harsh conditions.

O rulers, if you cannot stand a confrontation, the least you can do is to remain steadfast. Do not bequeath a historical defeat to your nation and the coming generations. Let them inherit this steadfastness and right in the hope that they will achieve victory for their right through this steadfastness.

Issue of prisoners

There is another file that the Arab leaders and the Arab summit are responsible for. It is the file of the prisoners in the Israeli and non-Israeli prisons. Those are the prisoners of jihad, resistance, intifadah, sacrifice, and struggle. Israel shook the earth for the sake of some invading soldiers who were taken captive in Shab'a farms. What will our rulers do in the Arab summit for the thousands of Palestinian, Lebanese, and Arab prisoners in Israeli prisons, foremost of whom are Shaykh Ubayd, Abu-Ali Al-Dirani and their brothers, and many of the select few of the men and women of this nation.

Call for return of imam "missing" in Libya

Also in this file, we, on the eve of the summit and on the 10th day of Muharram - the day of the oppressed, stranger, and persecuted - should deeply evoke the cause of a great imam, leader, and founder of a resistance approach. He is the Imam Sayyid Musa al-Sadr, who used to say that "I am protecting the Palestinian resistance with my turban and from my prayer niche and dais." The eyes of Imam Musa al-Sadr had always been fixed on Jerusalem and he conveyed the Palestinian question to every mosque, church, and forum in the homeland and in exile. The Lebanese, Arabs, and Muslims owe him much at this stage. This oppressed imam was invited by an Arab country, Libya, in 1978, and has since been missing. O Arab leaders, when you come to Lebanon, you will not be able to breathe the smell of freedom without smelling in it the fragrance of Imam Musa al-Sadr. O Arab leaders, you will not be able to sense the pride in the victorious Lebanon without seeing the glory of Musa al-Sadr. The summit, which will convene in Beirut, is required to determine decisively the fate of the imam and his two aides. It should work strongly to return them to their kinfolk, people, homeland, and resistance group ...

Passage omitted expressing allegiance to the Imam Al-Husayn and reiterating commitment to the "approach of resistance"

At this time, we recall the Imam Rohollah al-Musawi Khomeyni, a grandson of Al-Husayn and one of the greatest Muslim scholars and revolutionaries, may he enjoy God's appreciation. He taught us how blood can triumph over the sword. This is the resistance approach, to which another imam, grandson of Al-Husayn, and one of the leaders of steadfastness - Imam Sayyid Khamene'i - adheres. He is not intimidated by the threats and fleets of the United States.

"One destiny with fraternal Syria"

We reiterate our commitment to national unity in Lebanon, because it is one of this country's elements of strength. We reiterate our commitment to the one destiny with fraternal Syria, which has always been with us and championed our people's rights, resistance, steadfastness and victory.

We reiterate our commitment to the one destiny with fraternal Syria under the leadership of President Bashar al-Asad. We reiterate support for our people in Palestine regardless of the cost, repercussions, sacrifices and the threats we may face. This is our pledge and allegiance, which we reiterate on the day of Ashura this year. As we do every year, we respond to Al-Husayn's call. This year, after tasting the sweetness of the victory of blood over the sword, we all rise to respond to Al-Husayn's call. The essence of our response to this call is represented in the fact that we will remain steadfast along the line of resistance against this aggressive, sinful and terrorist entity. We will not be scared. Our faces will shine when we enter the battlefield and see the fleets gathering around us. Our faith in God will be deeper and reliance on Him stronger. We will have more faith in ourselves, our mujahidin, men, women and children.

This year, we once again respond to Al-Husayn's call by promising to stand by the oppressed in Palestine, who are today representing the values of Al-Husayn in Karbala - the values of jihad, martyrdom, rejection of humiliation, readiness for sacrifice, looking forward to the afterlife and work for God's satisfaction... Passage omitted eulogizing Al-Husayn and hailing the resistance

We stress, based on our response to Al-Husayn's call, that our slogans will remain alive. We have remained the same, before and after 11 September, before and after the doors were opened, and before and after we were placed on the terrorist list. We do not accept submission to this supercilious, despotic arch-satan, who wants to impose its hegemony on the world. Our slogan, which Imam Khomeyni taught us in this age, will remain elevated and strong; namely, death to America. Audience repeats the slogan several times

This entity Israel - which represents sheer falsehood, corruption, oppression, terrorism and which is a cancer - will continue to be an unwelcome entity, regardless of who reconciles with, recognizes or surrenders to it.

This faith will be inherited by our children and grandchildren, although I believe that we will be the generation that will witness victory in Palestine and pray in Jerusalem. This is an indisputable faith and unflagging commitment. Our commitment to the resistance - its rifles, bullets and the blood of its martyrs - is represented in seeking death to Israel. Audience repeats "death to Israel" several times ...

Source: Manar Television, Beirut, in Arabic 0940 gmt 24 Mar 02

Copyright 2002 BBC Monitoring/BBC; BBC Monitoring International Reports * Posted for Fair Use Only


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