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Venice on a sea of bombs

by a Yugoslav Writer

[Posted 27 March 2000, Re-posted 5 January 2003]

[ Note from emperors-clothes. The author has asked that her name be withheld. She wrote the following during the bombing of Yugoslavia last spring. Large numbers of cluster bombs had been dropped on Nish, a city in Serbia, in Yugoslavia. One of the targets was the open air market, packed with food stands and shoppers when the NATO planes attacked. NATO later claimed this was an error, but there are no military targets near the market. And in any case, cluster bombs are a weapon against people, ineffective against equipment. They are made-up of hundreds of bomblets which float down on tiny parachutes and burst into shrapnel when touched. The bomblets look like toys. Humanitarian war. ]


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BBC world showed last night the nets of Italian fishermen full of NATO bombs. The nets were thrown in the Adriatic somewhere near Venice. One of the caught bombs exploded, and some fishermen got injured.

The fact that Venice now floats on the sea full of unexploded bombs simply cannot get into my head. It was almost easier to accept that the town of Nish lives on the cluster bomb carpet. Is it that monstrous getting used to the misfortune? While you are getting used to the war in your country, the war elsewhere, or its consequences, become more abhorring. After the first shock, you learn to live with the cluster bombs all around your country, but you are appalled when unexploded bombs are dropped into the Adriatic sea near Venice! I mean - Venice! It is one and only, a priceless pearl among cities. Maybe President Clinton does not value it as much as I do, but he should know that Venice, Oregon (no matter how cute it looks) would be a poor substitute for Venice, Venice.

Today, a postcard from Nish arrived at my faculty. It was sent by the staff from the English department in Nish. We all looked at it in amazement as if it came from a faraway exotic place. The definition of the word 'exotic' changes for us - exotic, a synonym for both 'foreign' and 'fascinating', becomes the synonym of the unreachable. Nish is so many destroyed bridges and damaged roads away. Paved with cluster bombs and human blood, it becomes the monument of human suffering, as Venice is a monument of art. Both cities promoted into time-bombs, thanks to his NATOness.

Nish is so far away, whereas yesterday Italy seemed to me so close. I watched reports from the Perugia-Assisi protest peace march, and I was overwhelmed with happiness when I recognized the very spot from where the march started! It started from the arch on the Piazza Fortebraccio, near Universita per Stranieri, in Perugia. I spent my summer there, some twelve years ago. I also visited Assisi then. I remember traveling there by train with a Spanish friend (her name was Isla, Spanish for 'island'). When we arrived at Assisi, a wonderful town on the hill, we bought a city map. It was huge, and we thought that the city must be big. But it turned out that the distances seeming so long on the map were small in reality. We spent a wonderful afternoon there, eating cakes and visiting churches. I remember how seeing the body of Santa Chiara in a glass case made me wonder if she was a wax figure or a mummy. I do not know even today.

The ages and distances - such intricate issues. When distance and time become insurmountable, the bridges of memory bring them closer.


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