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Did 'Our' Allies, Pakistani Intelligence, Fund the WTC Attackers?
A Question Mr. Bush Is Not Asking...
[posted 15 October 2001]

Comment by Jared Israel, Emperor's Clothes

The following story from the 'Times of India' appears to confirm the charge, made by Emperor's Clothes and many others, that the U.S. foreign policy Establishment is playing a hypocritical game in Afghanistan. (1)

According to a story in the 'Times of India," the Pakistani intelligence service, ISI, Washington's close ally in the 'infinite war' against terror, was intimately involved with the 9-11 hijackers.

Is it true, as the 'Times' claims, that the U.S. pressured the now-retired head of Pakistani Intelligence, Lt-Gen Mahmud Ahmad, to 'request' early retirement?

If so, wasn't this an attempt to head off a fuller investigation?

And doesn't that mean the U.S. side knows Ahmad is guilty as charged?

And by demanding early retirement, rather than a trial for terrorism, hasn't the U.S. government acknowledged that a) in sending $100,000 to one of the alleged WTC hijackers, Ahmad was acting in accord with ISI policy and b) the CIA or other U.S. covert forces were also involved?

If the 'Times' is telling the truth, and Lt-Gen Mahmud Ahmad was pushed into retirement to prevent a scandal, and if President Bush really wants to punish the parties behind 9-11, why doesn't he demand a full investigation so that the guilty can be brought to justice, whether they are to be found in Kabul, or Islamabad, or Riyadh, or Langley or Washington, D.C.?

If, on the other hand, the 'Times' is lying, why hasn't the U.S. State Department demanded a retraction? After all, this is a most serious accusation.

Washington's silence is one more piece of evidence that the "infinite war" against terrorism is an infinite sham.

-- Jared Israel

India helped FBI trace ISI-terrorist links

12 October 2001

NEW DELHI: While the Pakistani Inter Services Public Relations claimed that former ISI director-general Lt-Gen Mahmud Ahmad sought retirement after being superseded on Monday, the truth is more shocking.

Top sources confirmed here on Tuesday, that the general lost his job because of the "evidence" India produced to show his links to one of the suicide bombers that wrecked the World Trade Centre. The US authorities sought his removal after confirming the fact that $100,000 were wired to WTC hijacker Mohammed Atta from Pakistan by Ahmad Umar Sheikh at the instance of Gen Mahumd.

Senior government sources have confirmed that India contributed significantly to establishing the link between the money transfer and the role played by the dismissed ISI chief. While they did not provide details, they said that Indian inputs, including Sheikh’s mobile phone number, helped the FBI in tracing and establishing the link.

A direct link between the ISI and the WTC attack could have enormous repercussions. The US cannot but suspect whether or not there were other senior Pakistani Army commanders who were in the know of things. Evidence of a larger conspiracy could shake US confidence in Pakistan’s ability to participate in the anti-terrorism coalition.

Indian officials say they are vitally interested in the unravelling of the case since it could link the ISI directly to the hijacking of the Indian Airlines Kathmandu-Delhi flight to Kandahar last December. Ahmad Umar Sayeed Sheikh is a British national and a London School of Economics graduate who was arrested by the police in Delhi following a bungled 1994 kidnapping of four westerners, including an American citizen.

(C) 'Times of India' 2001, Reprinted for Fair Use Only


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1) "Why Does Washington Want Afghanistan?" by Jared Israel, Rick Rozoff and Nico Varkevisser. Can be read at http://emperors-clothes.com/analysis/afghan.htm

2) Is Washington sincere about fighting terrorism? Then why has it coddled the terrorist armies in the Balkans? See '"TERRORISM AGAINST SERBIA IS NO CRIME' at http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/jared/nocrime.htm

And why has it threatened to unleash a campaign of terror against Belarus? See, 'Tough Measures Needed in Belarus!' at http://emperors-clothes.com/news/tough.htm

3) In the course of one week Osama bin laden switched from saying he opposed the 9-11 destruction to saying he rejoiced in it. Emperor's Clothes found this change a bit too convenient. See "'Osama bin laden, Terrorist Monster,' TAKE TWO!" by Jared Israel, at http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/jared/taketwo.htm

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