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Were NATO's Aerial Photo's of Mass Graves Faked?
[Written during Spring and Fall, 1999]

There are two very interesting things about the following article from 'Agence France Presse' ('AFP'). One thing is: if indeed NATO fabricated its aerial mass grave photos, then none of the forensic investigation presently (the summer and fall of 1999) being conducted under NATO guidance in Kosovo should be trusted.

The second thing is NATO never answered the charges made by the map expert. And the Western media, which is so quick to report the least rumor of Serbian wrongdoing, has not made this story available to the general public. Isn't this a terrible commentary on press objectivity regarding the Serbs?

The article from 'AFP' is below.

-- JI

THE HAGUE, April 24 (AFP) - Several photos distributed by NATO and said to show possible mass graves in Kosovo could be fake, the Dutch daily Algemen Dagblad said Saturday.

The paper based its claims on analyses carried out by a map expert
specializing in the study of satellite photos, who examined four
pictures taken over the Kosovo villages of Pusto Selo and Izbica.
NATO showed two photos of each village. In each case, one of the photos shows the area before the alleged graves were dug and the second, taken several days later, appears to show a number of freshly dug graves. According to the expert, identified only as E. Burie, the most recent photos displayed worrying inconsistencies.

He said that in the second picture of the Pusto Selo village, there is a
house which does not feature in the image taken a few days before.
He said: "Either the Kosovars had time between the massacres to build a house in a few nights, or the photo has been manipulated."
He said the photo of Izbica showing rows of graves had "touch-up work
which could only be the result of two different pictures being

Burie, who runs a studio in the central Dutch town of Almere
specialising in work for the country's top publishers and for military
maps, could not be reached for comment.

Italian General Giuseppe Marani, a NATO spokesman, said on April 18 that the alliance had photos of 43 sites in Kosovo which featured "very clear rows of individual tombs facing southeast, that is, towards Mecca."

[Emperors-clothes.com comments: Let's see if we've got this right. The Yugoslav Army dug individual graves for Muslim atrocity victims, and made sure they were all facing Mecca? And this act of religious sensitivity was carried out by Serbian Orthdox soldiers consumed with anti-Muslim religious bigotry? And these are the mass graves NATO is talking about?

Isn't a rather more obvious explanation that NATO has 'discovered' a Muslim cemetary?]

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