Gracanica shelled; calm prevails
by Jared Israel

This past Tuesday, Foreign ministers Joschka Fischer of Germany and Hubert Vedrine of France were in Pristina where they congratulated themselves that "U.N. and NATO-led KFOR troops were doing a good job in Kosovo but admitted security remained an issue in the province."

You may remember Mr. Fischer. He bravely held off a rebellion of German Greens opposed to bombing Yugoslavia by insisting the Serbs had installed a "system of Apartheid" against Albanians - I say bravely because in doing so he defied reports from his own Foreign Ministry that there was no persecution of or discrimination against Albanians in Kosovo. (You read that correctly. None. The reports can be read at http://emperors-clothes.commisce/germ.htm )

  • "KFOR and UNMIK (U.N. Mission in Kosovo) are doing a remarkable job..."Vedrine said.…

    Vedrine and Fischer reiterated the international community's determination to create a democratic, multi-ethnic society in Kosovo as a model for the Balkans.

  • Perhaps Herr Fischer and (Ass't?) Herr Vedrine would argue that multi-ethnic society has been achieved for the Serbs and Gypsies described below:

  • Two of his children have dysentery, the 30-year-old displaced Kosovo Serb said. A daughter is mentally retarded. Back home, he had arranged to have her treated, but the war put an end to that. ''I can't get care for her here,'' he said. Mr. Krstic and his family, along with about 420 other displaced people from Kosovo, are crammed into stifling, fly-infested rooms without toilets or running water at a workers' barracks in this Serbian city 30 miles (48 kilometers) southeast of Belgrade. They are among nearly 190,000 Serbs and Gypsies who have fled Kosovo since the war ended two months ago. (International Herald Tribune, 8/25/99)

  • Why does the West, led by Pres. Clinton, forbid international relief efforts for these people? Is it because they were the ruling class in a system of apartheid? If they were, why are they living on grease, with no toilets? And why are the streets of Serb-free Pristina suddenly lined with Mercedes? Could it be that, in order to crush these Serbs (which translates: everyone but KLA-supporting Albanians) we have to first condemn them in proper liberal language, hence the comparison to the South African whites. (Come to think of it, NATO never bombed them.)

    The Meaning of Security

    We just received this urgent message from Kosovo, transmitted by the Serbian Orthodox Priest, Fr. Sava:

    "Serbian Village & Monastery Shelled

    Urgent Message from the Information Service of the Raska~Prizren Diocese (Kosovo)


    Via radio amateurs we received the following news flash:

    Today, August 26, around 5.30 P.M., from the direction of the Albanian village Ajvajlija, 6km to the South from Pristina, ten odd mortar shells were fired on the Serbian village Gracanica. The shells landed in the courtyards of families Stojanovic and Djurlic, 200m from the monastery Gracanica (14.century), one of the greatest Christian sacred places and cultural monuments placed under the protection of UNESCO.This attack on the biggest Serbian village in Kosovo caused the great concern and bitterness among the Serbian population, especially since the attack took place on the eve of the great Christian holy day of the Virgin Mary's Ascension, the feast day of the monastery and the village of Gracanica.

    The monastery is the temporary seat of the Raska~Prizren diocese,while in the village itself are sheltered over 300 of refugee families expelled from different parts of the southern Serbian province. The Raska~Prizren diocese, nuns of the Gracanica monastery and the faithful people of this region strongly condemn this attack and demand from KFOR representatives and UN that the perpetrators be found and punished as soon as possible, and that terror over the Serbs of Kosovo and Metohija be finally stopped."


    Most non-Albanians and Albanians who the KLA labeled "collaborationists" (postmen, archivists, firemen - you get the idea) have been driven from Kosovo. Given the continuing terror, if Fischer, Vedrine and Clinton were sincere about a multi-ethnic Kosovo, they would demand most extreme measures. First they would publicly condemn NATO's actions: the opening of the border to Northern Albania, thus allowing a mass of KLA/gangster elements into the country; the practical coordination between the terrorist gangs and NATO troops (see JEWS DRIVEN FROM KOSOVO at

    Instead, the Foreign Ministers declare NATO is doing a splendid job. Doesn't this amount to telling the KLA terrorists they can continue to work, unimpeded? That despite a few minor bumps, the partnership with NATO continues?

    As before.

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