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Reichstag Fire Trial, the Sequel
by Jared Israel [4 July 2001]

"I just saw Milosevic. He told this criminal Western kangaroo court that he doesn't recognize them. So I wish there was a lot more of those guys, like Milosevic." -- Comment of a refugee from the U.S.-installed Taliban regime in Afghanistan, presently residing in California, after watching President Slobodan Milosevic tell off the NATO's "Tribunal" earlier today.

[This is article does not aim to present a literal transcript of President Milosevic's confrontation with the Hague 'Tribunal.' A video is currently viewable at http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/cta/events01/world/eur/milosevic_trial/hague_03july.ram ]

How is one to describe it?

The other day, Slobodan Milosevic, who has a genius for brevity, called it a 'genocidal circus.' Should the powers-that-be have allowed this confrontation to be televised? On the one hand, a modest man, genuine, smart, accusing his accusers; on the other hand, a sugary nightmare of Empire.

Now that Americans run the world, they like to wheel out a Brit sometimes for effect ("they got class, you know") but it wasn't enough. At least two times 'Judge' Richard May, 'Chairman' of the 'Tribunal,' (in the New World Unreality, one is driven to quotation marks...) was witnessed by 300 million viewers cutting Slobodan Milosevic's microphone.

I'll say one thing for May: he's quick with the cutoff button. When Milosevic finishes making a complete fool of him, he'll be much sought-after as a radio Talk Show host.

To the glib unreality of CNN's standard coverage, with cameras at first lingering on Stately Buildings and a reporter who talked like the guy who narrated 'Lives of the Rich and Famous,' was added the faux-judicial atmosphere of the Tribunal, which looks like a movie set designed by an ad agency. What are they selling?

'Chairman' May was the perfect TV pitchman, delivering memorized lines with what someone called "cut glass politeness". And of course, upper class British. That sells in the colonies.

"You will be accorded the full rights of the accused, according to international law, ' May promised Slobodan Milosevic plus hundreds of millions of viewers as if we were fools, as if in this theme park of a court room with its designer robes he was addressing a fellow actor instead of the man who led his country ten years resisting Washington's attempt to destroy it (during which Washington violated every known international law plus human decency).

"The full protections of international law," intoned May. As if Milosevic had not just been kidnapped and thrown in a cell, apparently without his heart pills.

What are the rights of a kidnap victim under international law?

"These proceedings will be long and complex and you may wish to reconsider whether you want to have counsel," cooed the false May.

The real Slobodan Milosevic answered, "I consider this tribunal false tribunal and indictments false indictments. It is illegal, not being appointed by UN general assembly so I have no need to appoint council to illegal organ."

May frowned. He explained to the three hundred million that of course this unwise decision to decline counsel could be reversed anytime because NATO's court was entirely fair minded and now would or would not Mr. Milosevic care to exercise his inalienable right to hear the lies fabricated against him?

"That's your problem," said Milosevic.

May looked pained, meaning, 'Now do you see why we dropped uranium-encased bombs on them?'

"What is your plea?"

Answered Milosevic: "This Tribunal aims to produce false justification for the war crimes of NATO committed in Yugoslavia."

"I asked you a question," said May, reminding the world that: 'The International Community's patience is not infinite.' As if the world didn't already know.

"I have given you my answer," replied Milosevic. "Furthermore, this so-called Tribunal - - "

May hit the mike-cut button. "The rules state that if an accused fail to enter a plea then the trial chamber will enter a plea of not guilty on his behalf."

Milosevic replied, speaking in Serbo-Croatian. "As I have said, the aim of this tribunal is to justify the crimes committed in Yugoslavia. That is why this is a false tribunal, and illegitimate -"

The translator hesitated a moment. "I am sorry," she said. "The mike is not on."

One almost expected a Director to interrupt, crying: "CUT! CUT! Mr. Milosevic, if it is not too too much trouble could I ask you to kindly stick to your lines? Now let us try again, shall we? 'NATO Shows The World It Isn't Just A Bunch Of Nazis With A Smiling Face,' Take Two!" ***


Do you recall that two days ago the "Telegraph" (and other papers) assured us that Milosevic's legal strategy would be to say, "Sure I committed war crimes, but Western leaders helped me do it." And remember that I said they were making the whole thing up? ( See: http://emperors-clothes.com/analysis/dis.htm)

Well, next time you read some article where Milosevic or someone else opposing Washington is reported saying or doing something which it would REALLY help Washington for him or her to say or do, and you in your kindness of heart start to think, "There must be SOME truth to this - they couldn't just make the whole thing up," just recall the difference between what they told us Milosevic was going to say and what he in fact said.

Yes, Virginia, they CAN AND DO make the whole thing up!

- J. I.


Further Reading:

1) For pictures of the massive demonstration in Belgrade the day after Milosevic was kidnapped, see "YUGOSLAVIA RESISTS!" at http://emperors-clothes.com/petition/j29.htm

2) Concerning the role of Vojislav Kostunica in Milosevic's kidnapping, see "THE TREASON OF VOJISLAV KOSTUNICA" at http://emperors-clothes.com/analysis/treas.htm

3) To read a viewpoint not found in the media's descriptions of what Mr. Milosevic has supposedly said, you might want to read some actual words. Must-reading: "Milosevich 1989 Speech in Kosovo" at http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/jared/milosaid.html

4) In case you had any doubts, technical problems were not the reason President Milosevic went silent two or three times during the confrontation. As the following excerpt makes clear, he was cut off. Consider that. This was supposedly a Tribunal of high intent, following all the rules of law, as Mr. May informed us more than once. But what is the reality? The 'Tribunal' is sponsored and controlled by NATO, especially Washington. NATO committed massive war crimes against Yugoslavia. NATO sponsored and is continuing to sponsor terrorists and fascist-secessionists throughout the area. And NATO's agents in Yugoslavia, Mr. Djindjic and Mr. Kostunica, first arrested Mr. Milosevic and then kidnapped him out of their own jail and shipped him to The Hague. It was to keep Milosevic from talking about those things that May cut him off.

Agence France Presse July 3, 2001 Judge May cut off microphone to hush Milosevic: ICTY spokesman


"Judge Richard May cut off the microphone used by Slobodan Milosevic to interrupt him during the former Yugoslav president's dramatic appearance at the UN war crimes tribunal on Tuesday, a spokesman for the court in The Hague said.

"'It has happened before. The judge has a button on his desk that enables him to cut off the sound,' spokesman Jim Landale told reporters.

"He was explaining what had initially appeared to be technical problems which made Milosevic's remarks inaudible as he launched into an apparently prepared speech challenging the legitimacy of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)."





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