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In the article, "A Look at Two Unbelievable Documents from The Hague" at
I provided a link to a cardiologist's report on Slobodan Milosevic. The link was incorrect. The scanned image of the report is posted in three parts at

-- Jared Israel

'JUDGMENT!' Video Shown As Evidence at The Hague Tribunal!
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September 26 was the first day of the Bosnian part of the Hague trial against Slobodan Milosevic. That day Mr. Milosevic showed excerpts from a video which demonstrates how the British TV station, ITN, fabricated evidence of Serbian death camps in Bosnia.

The video, co-produced by Emperor's Clothes and reporters from Serbian Television, is called 'JUDGMENT!' It demonstrates that the famous Bosnian pictures, especially the tall, seemingly starved man behind barbed wire in a death camp, were a hoax. It was not a death camp. The Muslim men were not behind barbed wire. This is eminently clear from video footage shot that day and reproduced in 'JUDGMENT!' The movie shows step-by-step how the phony pictures were created.

The Bosnian pictures had a huge impact in 1992. Twenty minutes after they were shown on TV on August 6th, George Bush Sr. held a press conference to proclaim a whole new get-tough policy against the Bosnian Serbs. This was followed by a worldwide media campaign - all based on the Bosnian pictures.

If we at Emperor's Clothes are right that these pictures were a fraud, then the implications are staggering: the pictures were staged to justify a coordinated US/European policy of demonizing the Serbian people to justify war. The press conference was planned to coincide with the release of the pictures. The worldwide press campaign against the Bosnian Serbs was planned in advance.

You can view the same video Mr. Milosevic showed at The Hague. If you conclude that we are not telling the truth, send the video back and we'll refund the purchase price in full. You don't risk a penny.

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