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Jared Israel Interviews Hague 'Prosecutor' Graham Blewitt about the Abuse of Rade Markovic

[October 3, 2002]

Re-laid out with minor editing August 15, 2008

On 28 August 2002, Emperor's Clothes Editor Jared Israel asked Hague Tribunal Deputy Prosecutor Blewitt what has been done - and what is being done - to Radomir Markovic, the former security chief of Serbia.

On July 26th, Mr. Markovic had testified as a prosecution witness in The Hague proceedings against Milosevic. When  cross-examined, Markovic confirmed that he was pressured and tortured by the current Serbian security officials to give false testimony against President Milosevic. According to Markovic, the officials who committed these crimes work with, or perhaps work for, The Hague Tribunal.

How did Prosecutor Blewitt respond when asked about these charges?

You may hear for yourself because we posted the interview as a RealPlayer audio file.

* Blewitt Interview

To download RealPlayer go to
(A free download is available but you have to hunt a bit to find  it.)


* Further Reading on the Rade Markovic case following the fund-raising appeal below...


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Footnotes & Further Reading


Emperor's Clothes has had several articles on the Rade Markovic case. They are, in chronological order:

1) As Serbian Ex-Security Chief testifies he was tortured to force him to give false testimony, "Milosevic 'Trial' Blows Up In Hague Tribunal's Face!"
By Jared Israel, and Nico Varkevisser at The Hague
[Posted 27 July 2002]

2) "Jared Israel Interviewed on BBC"
Mr. Israel discusses the Rade Markovic issue.
[Posted 29 August 2002]

3) "33 Days and still no answer: What was done to Rade Markovic?"
by Jared Israel
[Posted 29 August 2002]

4) "Slobodan Milosevic Cross-Examines Rade Markovic, July 26, Part 1," at
"July 26th Cross-Examination of Rade Markovic, Part 2 of 2," at
Part 2 includes exchange in which Markovic confirms he was tortured.
Both tets include comments by Jared Israel
[Posted 14 September 2002]

5) "Ari Fleischer, Iraq, Jews, Jared Israel & the BBC ...Letters and Replies"
[Posted 2 October 2002]
The second letter concerns the Markovic case.

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