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Milosevic: "I Am the Moral Winner!"
Report by Committee to Defend Milosevic Lawyer, Chris Black [9 July 2001]

Attorney Andre Tremblay and I met for two hours with President Slobodan Milosevic in the isolation cell where he is being held at the ICTY, the "War Crimes Tribunal" at The Hague, Netherlands. I am authorized to report that he is feeling well and in good spirits. During our conversation we discussed many things. He said, among other things:

"I am the moral winner. I am proud of everything I did for my people and my country and everything I did was honest. I only exercised the right of every citizen to defend their country and that is why they have illegally arrested me. If you are looking for war criminals, the address is not Scheveningen [district in which the 'Tribunal is located] but the headquarters of NATO."

He is being kept in isolation and under twenty-four hour surveillance with cameras on him all the time. During the first five days the lights were kept on 24 hours a day so it was impossible for him to sleep. He complained to them, asking, "What are you trying to do, torture me?" Now only the bathroom light is kept on 24 hours.

I asked him why he is in isolation. Why isn't he in the general population? He said, "When they first brought me in here they said they would keep me in isolation for 30 days because they were concerned about my security with the other prisoners." I asked him if there was any danger to him from the other prisoners. He smiled at that and he said, no, that was a statement made to create a certain public impression, in fact the other prisoners had gotten him word, from their families to his family that they wanted to be with him and help him any way they could.

I said "They don't have any right to keep you in isolation, even under their own regulations. This should be appealed immediately."
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