Hague Documents Make Clear that the Threat to Milosevic's Life is Real!

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Freedom Foundation's November 2 Letter to Judges Jorda and May
[Posted 12 December 2002]

On Thursday, October 31, evening, President Slobodan Milosevic suffered one of the sudden high increases of blood pressure, characteristic for his illness (malignant hypertension + angina pectoris). After that he felt so sick, that he couldn't attend the "trial" next morning.


President Slobodan Milosevic, national leader of Serbia and Yugoslavia and hero of resistance to USA/NATO murderous war machinery is being killed at The Hague by dungeon prison conditions, already nine months of a pervert political trial, mountains of papers, lack of fresh air, food, rest, physical activity, meetings with family and friends, any facilities to prepare his extraordinary court room battle. He is being killed also by total absence of medical care!

Here are the comments of the executioner "judge" May, according to Reuters:

``He has complained of exhaustion and is being seen by a doctor this morning and a report will be obtained,'' presiding judge Richard May told the U.N. court in Milosevic's absence.

``In the light of the state of the accused's health and the length and complexity of the case, the trial chamber is concerned about completion of the trial,'' said May, one of three judges hearing the case.

``Therefore we wish to have submission from the parties on the future conduct of the case in order to ensure its expeditious conclusion. We wish to have those submissions within seven days,'' he told prosecutors and court officials.


Let these seven days be days of public fight for life of President Milosevic!

President Milosevic has to be allowed to get specialized medical treatment in Belgrade, until full recovery, by doctors who took care about his health for years.

Perform every possible action!

Write to NATO puppet court ("International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia", "ICTY", fax +3170 512 8637) and tell them what you mean!

Lawyers are invited to write to the "ICTY President" Claude Jorda and "President of Trial Chamber III" Richard May, as well as to their friends "Amici Curiae" Steven Kay and Branislav Tapuskovic (using the same fax) and to tell them how they see "the future conduct of the case"!

This morning SLOBODA (Freedom) - Yugoslav Committee for the defense of Slobodan Milosevic wrote to "ICTY" the following:

Mr. Claude Jorda, President
Mr. Richard May, President

of the Trial Chamber III


The Hague

The Netherlands

The actual deterioration of the health of Mr. Slobodan Milosevic, long time President of the Republic of Serbia and of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is a direct and dramatic consequence of the way the process has been conducted and of the fact that you have neglected the recommendations of the physicians appointed by ICTY in order to determine the state of Mr. President’s health.

Even after of numerous warnings that, considering the state of health of President Milosevic, detention conditions and rhythm and conduct of the process can cause his death, you still continue to conduct your political process in the same way. We remain you and warn you once again that eminent Yugoslav cardiologists have concluded in their objective and impartial expertise, which got consent of the physicians appointed by you, that the way this political process has been conducted represent a threat to the life of President Milosevic.

In spite the claim that ICTY is an international court of UN, you in severest way violate the Resolutions and documents of the UN General Assembly, related to health of persons in custody.

The first principle of the Resolution 3794 on the principles of medical ethics, adopted by the UN General Assembly on December 18, 1982, establishes an obligation to protect prisoners or detainees from torture and other cruel, inhumane or humiliating sanctions or behavior. The same Resolution obliges you to secure the medical treatment of the same quality and based on same standards as for the persons who are not in prison or in detention. But in violation to that, you have not provided President Milosevic with medical therapy nor even with medical care of the same quality and based on same standards as for persons who are not in detention. This way you also violate the Article 6 of the Codex of behavior of persons responsible for application of the Law, adopted by UN General Assembly on December 17, 1979.

In addition to violation of the mentioned Resolutions, you also violate your own Statute, namely its Article 21, point 4b, which obliges you to provide every defendant with appropriate time and facilities for preparation of his defense.

The astonishing rhythm of this political process, purpose of which is not determination of the truth, but total endangering of the health of President Milosevic, leads us to a conclusion that the fatal outcome is your intention.

Experience with other persons in detention who faced dramatic deterioration of heath or even loss of life, is also obliging you to decide to allow Slobodan Milosevic to obtain medical therapy and recovery in Belgrade by medical specialists who followed his health condition for years, due to existence of special circumstances and to resume the process after the improvement of his health.

We warn you that it is your obligation to harmonize your Rules and practices with all UN documents on human rights protection, as well as with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Belgrade, November 02, 2002

President of the Freedom Association -

Yugoslav Committee for the Defense of Slobodan Milosevic

Bogoljub Bjelica

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