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We've been lied to once again, this time about Milosevic
By Jared Israel
[Posted 30 January 2002, revised 16 March 2006]

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During the illegal NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright openly demanded that 'Tribunal' 'Prosecutor' Louise Arbour indict Milosevic. The purpose: to criminalize the Yugoslav leader, thus heading off any possibility that wavering NATO governments would meet with him. [1]

During the NATO bombing, NATO spokesman Jamie Shea boasted that the 'Tribunal' would never indict NATO leaders because NATO controls it.

Although the Milosevic 'trial' is slated to start on 12 February, in fact Milosevic has been on trial continuously in the Western media for fourteen years. Undoubtedly many of our readers have been persuaded by this media campaign and the supporting chorus - including some left wing intellectuals - that Milosevic is guilty. [2]

The only thing wrong with this trial-by-media is that the defense never gets to speak and the prosecution lies.

The most important charge against Milosevic is that he mobilized the Serbs based on race hate, the way Hitler organized Germans. If this charge were true, Mil0osevic would have had to do it publicly. You can't promote hatred in secret.

Therefore we can check the accuracy of the anti-Serb, anti-Milosevic campaign by reading what Milosevic wrote and then reading what politicians and the media claim he wrote.

I want to ask you to try a little experiment. Below is an excerpt from Milosevic's most famous speech, delivered in 1989 at Kosovo Field. Now before you go and read it, please make a few predictions. He's going to talk about nationalism and about the relations between Serbs and other groups in Serbia. Kosovo was/is legally a province of Serbia, so that includes ethnic Albanians. What is he going to say?

Here is what Robin Cook, then Britain's Foreign Secretary, said about the speech. Cooke made these comments in a talk on June 28, 1999:

"Milosevic used this important anniversary not to give a message of hope and reform. Instead, he threatened force to deal with Yugoslavia's internal political difficulties. Doing so thereby launched his personal agenda of power and ethnic hatred under the cloak of nationalism. All the peoples of the region have suffered grievously ever since." (Cook can be read in full at

Now here's Milosevic:

"Serbia has never had only Serbs living in it. Today, more than in the past, members of other peoples and nationalities also live in it. This is not a disadvantage for Serbia. I am truly convinced that it is its advantage. National composition of almost all countries in the world today, particularly developed ones, has also been changing in this direction. Citizens of different nationalities, religions, and races have been living together more and more frequently and more and more successfully.

"Socialism in particular, being a progressive and just democratic society, should not allow people to be divided in the national and religious respect. The only differences one can and should allow in socialism are between hard working people and idlers and between honest people and dishonest people. Therefore, all people in Serbia who live from their own work, honestly, respecting other people and other nations, are in their own republic.


"After all, our entire country should be set up on the basis of such principles. Yugoslavia is a multinational community and it can survive only under the conditions of full equality for all nations that live in it.

"The crisis that hit Yugoslavia has brought about national divisions, but also social, cultural, religious and many other less important ones. Among all these divisions, nationalist ones have shown themselves to be the most dramatic. Resolving them will make it easier to remove other divisions and mitigate the consequences they have created.

"For as long as multinational communities have existed, their weak point has always been the relations between different nations. The threat is that the question of one nation being endangered by the others can be posed one day -- and this can then start a wave of suspicions, accusations, and intolerance, a wave that invariably grows and is difficult to stop. This threat has been hanging like a sword over our heads all the time. Internal and external enemies of multi-national communities are aware of this and therefore they organize their activity against multinational societies mostly by fomenting national conflicts. At this moment, we in Yugoslavia are behaving as if we have never had such an experience and as if in our recent and distant past we have never experienced the worst tragedy of national conflicts that a society can experience and still survive."

-- From Milosevic's Speech at Kosovo Field, 28 June 1989. Emperor's Clothes has posted two Western translations. This is from the US government translation; the other was by the BBC. We've posted both in text form, and the BBC translation in PDF form, at

If this is virulent nationalism, I'm a duck.

Jared Israel
Editor, Emperor's Clothes


Further reading


1) How Madeline Albright Ordered The Hague 'Tribunal' To 'Indict' Milosevic at

2) On the creation of an imaginary "Media Milosevic," see
"On the Demonization of the 'Media Milosevic': How and why it's Done; why it's Nonsense," at 

3)For Emperor's Clothes articles on the causes of the breakup of Yugoslavia, go to


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