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======================================= PART 2 - TERRORISTS ATTACKING MACEDONIA ARE NATO TROOPS, NOT 'REBELS' by Jared Israel with research by Rick Rozoff, George Thompson and Max Sinclair. [11 June 2001]

[Note: The following article, published a year ago, sheds light on what is happening to Macedonia and how the US/European Empire functions. The text has been edited using materials available in July 2001] =======================================
*** Continued from Part 1, which can be read at http://emperors-clothes.com/mac/times-a1.htm


In the second half of May 2001 there was big row in Macedonia over U.S. diplomat Robert Frowick, the OSCE's special envoy in Skopje, Macedonia.

On May 18th Frowick announced that he was conferring with KLA leaders in Kosovo and leaders of Albanian parties in Macedonia, in the interests of peace, of course. Then it was revealed that he'd brokered a deal between leaders of the Macedonian Albanian parties, which were part of the Macedonian government, and the "NLA" terrorists attacking Macedonia. Again, in the interests of peace.

The Macedonian government reacted furiously, charging that this violated their policy of refusing to negotiate with terrorists. The deal was then denounced by some European diplomats, and Frowick left Macedonia.

This incident has been cited as evidence that the US and Europeans are divided over Macedonia, with the US favoring appeasing terrorists, and the Europeans siding with Macedonia.

Let's look at the big picture. The Macedonians are in fact fighting the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army. Its program is to create a Greater Albania out of parts of various Balkans countries, including Macedonia, and to drive non-Albanians, especially Serbs, Macedonians and "Gypsies" from all parts of the territory. They have mostly succeeded in Kosovo.

These terrorists were trained in camps in Northern Albania by NATO. They served as NATO's ground troops and as bomb "spotters" during the 1999 war against Yugoslavia. After NATO occupied Kosovo, the terrorists were brought into the Kosovo Protection Corps, or KPC, an official United Nations organization. And now they have been mobilized *by the KPC* to attack Macedonia.

Note the phrase: mobilized by the KPC.

This is crucial. According to the Times article, it isn't the case that some terrorists *who happen to be members of the KPC* are among those attacking Macedonia.

Instead, "reservists" in the UN's Kosovo Protection Corps have been "called up" by KPC leader Agim Ceku and sent to their old NATO training camps where they got refresher courses in terrorism and then attacked Macedonia. This is an official act of a United Nations organization. By feigning ignorance - even as they supply the terrorists with proper military maps - NATO and the UN demonstrate full consciousness of guilt for the worst crime: launching a war of aggression.

Most West European countries are members of NATO. All are members of the UN. The U.S. could not have launched the terrorist attack on Macedonia if European governments, comprising the bulk of NATO, opposed it.

Therefore the criticisms, which some European diplomats have made, that Frowick's attempt to legitimize the "NLA" terrorists goes against the European Union/NATO policy of not negotiating with terrorists, is an insult to our intelligence, and a lie.

Frowick was involved in an advance action to reward the terrorists by treating them as valid partners in the political process. When his deal was first announced, UNMIK-ONLINE - the Website of the UN in Kosovo - wrote:

"Head of the OSCE Mission in Macedonia, Ambassador Robert Frowick, possibly achieved his goal to end the fighting in Macedonia. Meeting far away from members of the media, Ambassador Frowick managed to receive consent to end the fighting in Macedonia....[It is expected that] it will also receive the blessing of all political leaders that are in the Macedonian coalition government in closing the last chapter of this conflict." 

But when the deal was made public, the Macedonian government, anxious to deflect public anger away from itself, reacted violently. To preserve their own credibility, the Europeans followed suit.

Commented the London Guardian:

"It is not clear whether Frowick, who is a special envoy to the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, was acting on his own initiative or, more probably, on behalf of governments who could disown him if things went wrong. Regrettably, when the Macedonian Slav leaders objected, the EU and Nato also did. They called the Frowick deal 'unacceptable'."

What is the European stance on Macedonia?

It was stated quite clearly by European Information Service on the occasion of Javier Solana's May 28th trip to Macedonia. (Solana is the High Representative of the European Union's Common Foreign and Security Policy.)

"The EU and the international community recognise that the ethnic Albanian community has legitimate grievances and Mr Solana is trying to force the pace on reform so that these are met. This, according to his officials, will remove the inter-ethnic tensions that have led to the uprising." (1G)

What does it mean for the Europeans to describe an invasion as an uprising based on legitimate grievances?

According to the London Times article, there are now about 1800 terrorists in Macedonia, a country of about two million. That's one terrorist for every eleven hundred Macedonians.

According to the London Telegraph of 1 July:

"Up to 20 per cent of the KPC are now absent from active duty - and, like Mr Ostremi [the KPC chief of staff, accused of launching the attack on Macedonia!] most are believed to be fighting with the NLA...."

So the majority of "NLA" members are apparently from the KPC. Many others may be Kosovo terrorists not in the KPC. So, it's an invasion.

What would Germany do if eighty thousand terrorists attacked?

What would the U.S. do if 250-300,000 terrorists attacked, with perhaps 200,000 coming from outside the country? Would Washington negotiate to "remove the inter-ethnic tensions that have led to the uprising"?

By urging Macedonia to go easy on this invasion, the Europeans play a treacherous role. They are the "good cop," telling Macedonia to stay calm, talk things over, make concessions to these attack dogs because they have legitimate grievances...

This has a demoralizing effect on members of the Army and police and ordinary people as well, encouraging them to feel the world is against them. Thus the advice to stay calm and negotiate magnifies the damage done by the KLA attack dogs.

Published a few weeks after the Frowick incident, the London Times article reported:

"Macedonia's coalition government came close to declaring war after five Macedonian soldiers died in an ambush last Tuesday, but President Boris Trajkovski has heeded European Union calls for calm."

So what about President Boris Trajkovski, correctly described by the Times as heeding the European calls for "calm"?

In a dance of subservience, President Trajkovski and his government stay in step with the Europeans while talking out of both sides of the mouth.

To win, Macedonia needs to:

1) Replace wavering and treacherous members of the government;

2) Throw out the Western NGOs, the OSCE 'helpers' and all military advisers from NATO countries and military subcontractors;

3) Adopt emergency measures to defend the sovereignty of the country and to ensure the human security of all citizens;

4) Jail leading traitors and saboteurs;

5) Urgently request experienced military volunteers from similarly affected states in the world (including those from the Slavic East, which is the ultimate target of the NATO assault on the Balkans).

In other words, Macedonia must act as if it is being invaded, as if its very existence as a state is at issue. Because this is exactly the case.

Now is not the time to negotiate supposed grievances. The KLA is not 'rebelling' in response to 'injustice.' (1H)

The KLA is invading on orders from the covert apparatuses of the U.S. and some European countries. These countries do not want to appear as crude colonial powers, intervening directly. That would be politically costly. So they use the KLA a) as an attack force and b) to create the appearance of a legitimate rebellion, thus justifying intervention.

Therefore the trick is: Macedonia must take all measures to stop the KLA.


United States/West European policy in the Balkans is dangerous, but it is not unfocused or mysterious. Generally speaking, it is predictable. It is not based on the whims of U.S. Presidents, whether they wear the liberal or conservative mask. It is based on a broad consensus of powerful financial interests. According to this consensus, in order to preserve the hegemonic moment enjoyed by the U.S. and its close allies, it is crucial to prevent the development of opposing forces, to crush them in the cradle in order to guarantee world domination. The most important goal: to pulverize the former Soviet Republics and associated states, reduce them to impoverished, warring protectorates dominated by the U.S. and Western Europe and by local proxy forces, loyal to NATO, such as the secessionist faction among Albanians.

In this way, the American and West European Establishments would accomplish two things. First, they could exploit the former socialist world's vast resources. Second they could guarantee that the old Soviet enemy did not put itself back together in some new form and challenge the US/European Empire.

And if the U.S. were to succeed in reducing this great area to shattered subservience, it would be easier, much easier, to do the same to China.

But the people of the former Soviet Union cannot be enslaved peacefully. Ten years of Western 'help' has taught them plenty about Washington's intentions.

That is why the U.S. is trying to surround the former Soviet Union and penetrate it with military bases and hostile forces, often under the guise of humanitarian help or assistance in moving towards democracy. To this end, Washington must consolidate control over a devastated Balkans in which political forces that would resist foreign domination and the U.S./European drive to the East - especially forces among the Greek and Slavic populations - are weakened or destroyed. With this crucial southern flank secured, Washington's Empire would be in a stronger position to pursue low intensity warfare against Russia and the rest of the former SU. (1i)


The movement for 'Greater Albania, ' which is now attacking Macedonia, is presented in the media as a powerful independent force. It is not. Rather, Washington has taken advantage of certain features of ethnic Albanian culture, attitudes and recent history to use Albanians as a proxy army and a destabilizing force to further U.S. strategy for the Balkans.

These features are: a highly authoritarian clan structure; a tradition of violent, clan-based feuding; a strong current of anti-Slav racism; and an unfortunate history of being used by Italian Fascists and German Nazis during World War II. (2)

We discussed the ways in which Washington and its Kosovo Liberation Army have used these features of ethnic Albanian culture to 'turn' the Albanians in "Why Albanians Fled Kosovo During NATO Bombing" and in shorter form in "What's Behind KLA Strategy In The Balkans?" (3 and 4, below) In the end, the Albanian people as a whole will pay a terrible price for the crimes of the KLA and those who fall for its myth of an Albanian "Third Reich."

As those articles explain, it is difficult to defeat the U.S./KLA strategy. But a posture of accommodation is definitely not the way. The KLA recruitment pitch is basically this: *join us or we - who are more powerful than the Macedonian government - will kill you and your fellow clan-members.*

If the Macedonian government projects a policy of weakness, it lends credibility to the KLA claim to be all-powerful.


The 'Times' reports:

"There's plenty of money around and they've got good weapons," a Nato planner said [of the KLA]. "But we're hoping they've got the sense not to start shooting down Macedonian helicopters."

Ahh, NATO is hoping that its creature, the KLA, will have sense.

Isn't that encouraging?

-- Jared Israel



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