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The following is from Srna, the Republika Srpska [Bosnian Serb Republic] news agency. Has anyone seen this information reported in the Western media? Where is 'Human Rights' Watch?

KUMANOVO, Wednesday, 6 June -- Albanian rebels in Macedonia have announced their intention to mine the water supply to Kumanovo and a nearby chemical plant.

According to Albanian electronic media, Ali Ahmeti of the National Liberation Army said the move would cause an "ecological catastrophe."

The move, Ahmeti said, was in reaction to the killing of "innocent civilians" by Macedonian forces.

Thousands of civilians have already been evacuated to Kumanovo as the fighting continues in the surrounding villages. (Srna)

Cloud of toxic gas rolling in over Pancevo in Yugoslavia after NATO bombed petrochemical plant.

The threat to mine "the water supply to Kumanovo and a nearby chemical plant" is of course a war crime. But it would be nothing new. The NATO leaders who control these terrorists did exactly that when they bombed the petrochemical plant in Pancevo, Serbia during their 78-day aggression against Yugoslavia.


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