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by Jared Israel [8 June 2001]

A few days ago, 'Reuters,' the British news service, published a report on a NATO meeting in Lithuania. According to 'Reuters,' the NATO delegates passed a resolution calling:

"...on Macedonia to 'address the political and economic grievances' of its minority Albanians, on whose behalf guerrillas are fighting." ('Reuters' 3 June 2001)

"Minority Albanians, on whose behalf guerrillas are fighting"? Is this a news report? Or an editorial?

Isn't it amazing that the public relations image which the terrorists attacking Macedonia wish to project is presented without evidence as established fact by 'Reuters'?

And not just by 'Reuters.' Virtually the entire Western media refers to the terrorists attacking Macedonia as 'rebels.' In this way the media presents as news the unsupported assertion that these people are trying to fight discrimination. We can almost see the "minority Albanians" marching alongside Martin Luther King to Selma, Alabama.

A couple of problems here.

First, the media (and NATO) are constantly advising Macedonia to "settle the grievances" of its Albanian population. But this Albanian population is in fact being pressured from the outside to participate in an armed attack, the goal of which, as Diana Johnstone notes, is not to reform Macedonia but to crush it.

Second Dr. King was not trained, financed and managed by the most powerful and ruthless expansionist Empire in the history of the world. (Hint: the initials are USA) (1)

Third, Dr. King revealed his Dream in his actions. We all do. So what about the so-called rebels' actions? What do they actually do when they are rebelling?

Curious to say, the media (and the army of "human rights investigators" who have descended on Macedonia) tell us very little.

The following report is a light in the darkness. We have it thanks to Dr. Dragan Pavlovic, the tireless editor of 'Dialogue,' a French language journal which has published much thoughtful analysis on the Balkans.

Dr. Pavlovic writes:

"A friend of mine sent this to me. He lives in the Macedonian City of Kumanovo. He did not feel secure signing his own words, for reasons which will be apparent."

What could be so threatening that a member of the Terrible Slavic Majority fears to sign his name?

Here is the report from the friend of Dr. Pavlovic.

-- Jared Israel


Kumanovo, a town in the north of Macedonia (FYROM), is known world-wide as the place where on June 10, 1999 the Military-Technical agreement between NATO and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was signed, ending NATO's bombing campaign.

Now it is facing catastrophe.

Kumanovo is a town of about 100 000. It supplies drinking water from Lake Glaznja, which is fed by Lake Lipkovo.

Since May 3rd, the area around Lake Lipkovo has been controlled by Albanian terrorists. They have closed the outflow valves, which allow water to move from Lake Lipkovo into Lake Glaznja and from there, to us.

Our town's water supply has steadily decreased. The Authorities tried to compensate by rationing use, but it didn't help much.

As of June 6th, the water supply was down by 93%.

Today the terrorists shut it off completely. No water.

Kumanovo's Medical Service, its Surgery Department, its Obstetric and Gynecological Department, its Laboratory, and the Centre for Dialysis have all been shut down.

The town has a few small local, natural water sources, but these can not provide for even the barest essential needs. If the outflow valves on Lake Lipkovo are not opened immediately, we will have epidemics of typhoid, dysentery and other infectious diseases, which will almost surely annihilate our town, known for its heroic history in this region.

Why is the world's mass media silent? Why does it not even announce that 100,000 people are being murdered by the "rebels"?

We have no voice but the voices you lend us. Please, distribute this letter as widely as possible.

Save the innocent people of Kumanovo. (2)


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1) In Kosovo and in Macedonia, KLA terrorists are directed by U.S. and other NATO military and covert forces. Thus the KLA is a proxy army. or more on this, see:

* "BRIT PAPER SAYS: 'ALBANIAN' TERRORISTS ARE ALL IN THE FAMILY" at http://emperors-clothes.com/docs/ciab.htm and

* "Diplomats Admit NATO Backs KLA Invasion of Inner Serbia" at http://emperors-clothes.com/docs/admi.htm

2) The monstrous tactic described above, of surrounding and gradually destroying a town full of ethnic Slavs, in this case Macedonians, is typical of the Kosovo Liberation Army. It fits the KLA's political philosophy, which is: kill Slavs and 'Gypsies.' In this the KLA is heir to the World War II Fascist movement among Albanians. It is mind boggling that the Western media has been able to picture these Nazi heirs as disciples of Martin Luther King.

The attempt to surround and exterminate the 'Untermenschen' Slavs has been applied by the KLA under management of Dutch and German NATO forces in the Kosovo town of Orahovac. See:

* 'Save the Families of Orahovac!' at http://emperors-clothes.com/misc/savethe.htm

* "The Women of Orahovac Answer the Colonel" at http://emperors-clothes.com/interviews/trouw.htm


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