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"Yea is Yea and Nay is Nay; Anything Else Smacketh of Evil"

A reader no longer trusts us about Yugoslavia because we said the 'wrong' things about Israel

Jared Israel Comments
[Posted 17 February 2003]


[ ]

Dear Jared,

You were one of the main people I read and admired in 1999 and 2000 because of your excellent criticism of American/NATO state terrorism against innocent Serbian people. Now that I know you're a defender of Israeli state terrorism, however, I feel some doubt about whether Milosevic and the Serbians as a nation really are as innocent as you portray them. Since you ignore and excuse Israeli atrocities and state terrorism, you will likely ignore and excuse Serbian atrocities too.

Get a clue, Jared. Zionism is Jewish Naziism. Ariel Sharon is a Jewish Hitler.

Your friend,
Dave T.


Jared Israel Comments


Dear Dave,

Thank you for your kind words about my work on Yugoslavia.

Regarding Israel, we at Emperor’s Clothes used to believe it was mainly responsible for the problems in the Middle East. However we changed our minds. Consequently some people are mad at us.

We began studying the Arab-Israeli dispute and anti-Semitism last spring. We had several reasons.

First, we found the media coverage of the fighting in Jenin to be biased against Israel in ways reminiscent of anti-Serb media coverage in Bosnia and Kosovo. The media accepted outrageous claims (that hundreds or even thousands had been brutally murdered, etc.) without applying common sense skepticism. This coverage created the public impression that, in Jenin, Goliath was massacring David. After the smoke cleared, only a few newspapers had reports such as this:

[Start Quote From Washington Times]

“Kadoura Mousa Kadoura, director of Yasser Arafat’s Fatah movement for the northern West Bank, told The Washington Times on Tuesday that after receiving a report from four Palestinian-appointed investigators, he no longer believed there had been a massacre at the camp. He produced a list of 56 persons known to have died in Jenin.”[1]

[End Quote From Washington Times]

The more we researched Jenin, the more we realized the media was even ignoring information *from the Arab press* that refuted the charges against Israel [2] Many of the same ‘experts’ being quoted against Israel regarding Jenin had previously been quoted by the media against Serbia regarding Kosovo and Bosnia - or even against Armenia in its conflict with Azerbaijan![3]This contradicted my own view, that Israel was simply an extension of U.S. power.

Second, we saw in the mass media, especially in Europe and the Arab countries, as well as on a variety of antiwar Websites and among critics of the US government, a growing campaign of anti-Semitism (in other words, not merely critical of Israeli government policies.) This campaign was geographically widespread and politically diverse. People with seemingly opposite politics attacked Israel in strikingly similar ways.

Thus, in the USA, some self-proclaimed Leftists, such as the A.N.S.W.E.R. organization, and open hatemongers such as David Duke, the ‘former’ Ku Klux Klan leader, claimed Israel was *the main problem in the world*. [3a] Both made the amazing charge that Israel was “Nazi.” Last April, A.N.S.W.E.R. mobilized people, mainly Arab Americans, for what turned into an anti-Israel rally in Washington DC. People who attended under the impression the focus would be on globalization told me the large rally was dominated by threateningly aggressive Palestinian groups, openly celebrating the suicide bombers. The only country attacked was Israel. Nobody attacked the Islamic states, perhaps the most harshly repressive in the world (and especially repressive against women). Quite a few demonstrators had signs equating the Star of David with the Swastika, and we heard reports that the same thing was happening in France and Italy.

This was not a demonstration for *peace* but for PLO victory and for Israel’s destruction. How did the major media respond? They could have ignored the demonstration (that’s how they handled demonstrations during the bombing of Yugoslavia). Or they could have given equal space to the opposing side. The opposing side would have said that comparing Israeli Jews as Nazi-like victimizers and the Arabs as Jewish-like victims is absurd because it leaves out the entire history. First of all, Jews were the most law-abiding of German citizens, whereas the Arab world has been organized around terror with the goal of destroying Israel for more than 50 years. In Israel, anti-Arab hate crimes are prosecuted, but the most extreme hate propaganda - calling for killing all Jews - is a staple of Arab TV. In Arab countries, Nazi texts are bestsellers and officially endorsed, and violence against Jews is officially tolerated. [3b]

Israeli policies are a legitimate subject for critical scrutiny. However, it seemed patently absurd to me to portray Palestinians as victims of unprovoked attacks. After all, even I, who was very sympathetic to the Palestinians, and felt Israel was mainly at fault, knew that Palestinian terrorists based in the West Bank and Gaza had been murdering Israeli civilians and pro-peace Arabs since the early 1950s.  

But the media neither ignored the demonstration in Washington nor published both sides; rather, the demonstration was covered favorably. By way of example, I will put up a couple of pieces from the Washington Post from last April.[4]

Why such favorable coverage?  Why, I asked myself, unless the Washington Post was trying to make this ‘destroy-Israel’ position appear mainstream!

On the Web, people on the Left posted and circulated a *fictitious* interview with Ariel Sharon, supposedly himself boasting he was a “Judeo-Nazi”!

Others circulated a fictitious quote, which had Sharon (again) himself boasting (again!) that “The Jews” ran America - shades of that other fabrication, the Protocols of Zion.[5]

I traced the sources of the interview and the quote and found they were fabrications. When I posted my findings on email lists, I was accused of bringing up irrelevancies (!), or apologizing for Sharon, or working for the Mossad - or the CIA… Clearly there was an effort to demonize Sharon so that any attempt at a fact-based consideration of his actions would immediately marginalize one as an “apologist for a Nazi.”

In email list discussions, people argued that they could empathize with the Palestinian suicide bombers because, “What else can they do?” Others justified murdering *any* Israeli citizen because all were part of an “oppressor state.” Yet nobody on these lists made such harsh judgments, let us say, about Belgium, whose unbelievable crimes in Congo[6] and against Yugoslavia (as part of NATO) are a matter of public record. Nor, for that matter, were they made about the US and Britain for what they did to Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. And what about the Palestinian Authority, which kills Arabs if they are caught selling land to Jews? Indeed, they didn’t talk this way about any country or organization in the world, except for the Israeli Jews.

Was something wrong with this picture?

Emperor’s Clothes reprinted six articles on Jenin, three from each side. We received dozens of furious emails, accusing us of being Israeli propagandists - this even though we had printed *both* sides without editorial comment.[7] Apparently it was impermissible even to let the Israelis *speak*! These attacks came from people who identified themselves as being on the Right and Left. However, based on their arguments, I could not tell them apart.

On top of this, there was a campaign to blame Israel for 9-11, both in the West and the Muslim world.  This campaign was publicly begun by Maj. Gen. Hamid Gul, quoted in an article on MSNBC two days after 9-11. Gul said he was sure “The Jews” did 9-11 because they are responsible for *all* problems.  Why did MSNBC find this anti-Semitic trash newsworthy? According to that article Gen. Gul is:

[Start Quote From MSNBC]

“...the former head of Pakistan’s powerful Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI), its intelligence service, he had a key role in making Afghanistan what it is today. Gul is widely considered the architect of the Afghan jihad: the man who, with financial and logistical support from the CIA engineered the fight of the mujahedin against the Soviet Union …”[8]

[End Quote From MSNBC]

Reading this, I wondered: why was the CIA demonizing the Jews?

The campaign to blame “The Jews” for 9-11 took off in a big way  - indeed, it is still going on in the Muslim world and getting stronger, part of an escalating Arab media attack on “The Jews.”  But the same idea was spread in the West as well.[9]

All this made us wonder. Why the sudden escalation of anti-Semitism?  It was too widespread to be a fluke. Leftists, Rightists, the mass media, the CIA… Could it be that the US, European and Arab establishments were resurrecting the time-tested device of using anti-Semitism to create a fascistic ‘opposition’ under the banner of “Oppose Zionist Imperialism”? And regarding Israel, since it was clear we were getting misinformation - and outright fabrications! - both from the mainstream media and from so-called progressives, could it be that we ourselves had been misled about the situation in the Middle East?

So we began, last spring, to study the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the history of anti-Semitism. The more we studied the more we found that our assumptions had been false - in my case, for thirty years! We have now started to share with our readers what we learned.

Francisco Gil-White’s “Palestine is Our Land And The Jews Are Our Dogs!”[10] is the main article we have posted to date on the Arab-Israeli conflict. It does not focus on Israeli government tactics or foreign policy. It examines the widely held view that (as a friend solemnly informed me), “Israel is on the side of the ‘bad guys’; Palestinians are the ‘good guys’. It’s that simple.”

Francisco Gil-White examined that construct and found it to be historically false.   We published his analysis, and it upset you so much, Dave, that you say you can no longer trust our writings on Yugoslavia.

But why does that follow?


How We Do Our Work


You see, we are not sloganeers. Our exposure of anti-Serb reporting does not rely on blind trust. 

It is based on *facts about Yugoslavia* and *comparative media analysis*. The latter is possible thanks to specialized research tools, like the Lexis search engine. These can scan thousands of news reports for the presence or absence of phrases. This makes research on media patterns *much* faster and more reliable. For example, researching Elie Wiesel’s 1992 trip to Bosnia, I uncovered AP, UPI and BBC dispatches which flatly contradict Wiesel’s claim, made recently at The Hague Tribunal, that his 1992 trip to Bosnia confirmed the horror stories then being published about the Serbs. Moreover, I found that the English-language news media had almost entirely suppressed those elements of the dispatches in which Wiesel failed to support the media claim that the Serbs were the villains in Yugoslavia. (Not that Wiesel was at that time *fair* to the Serbs - he was just *less unfair* than most public figures in the West, and less unfair than he is today!)

I will publish my research on Wiesel very soon.


Feel Free to Challenge Our Facts and Logic


Our documentation can be checked for accuracy because unlike most journalists we cite and name our sources. Our reasoning is clearly stated and therefore can be challenged.

But Dave, you make zero effort to contest our facts or logic.  You simply threaten to doubt us on Yugoslavia because we strayed on the Middle East. This reduces political analysis to a negotiated contract. You will uphold *our* favorite positions as long as we uphold *yours*. We broke ranks, so now you blackmail us, withholding trust until we return to the fold. This is silly.

Political analysis is useless if it is based on blind adherence to an approved list of dogmas that exclude whole areas of investigation. We are not interested in political correctness.


Yugoslavia - an Excellent Test of Integrity


Dave, your standard for trusting others is where they stand on the issue of support for the PLO. But why not the other way around?  Couldn’t one decide whether to trust the PLO or its supporters based on what they say and do regarding Yugoslavia?

This is not a hypothetical issue. Many PLO supporters have spread lies about the Serbs or have even organized anti-Serb violence. For example, Saudi Arabia funded Islamic terrorists who slaughtered Bosnian Serbs. [10A] Since they have also been funding the PLO, couldn’t this make one uneasy about the PLO? Yes, it could.

Or consider Noam Chomsky. He’s a leading opponent of Israel. In addition, much of his public discourse is Serbophobic. In correspondence with me, Chomsky admitted that NATO’s attack on Yugoslavia *required* lying about Milosevic. Yet in his public appearances and articles, Chomsky proceeded to spout anti-Milosevic lies. Given this manifest lack of integrity, mightn’t one doubt Chomsky’s integrity when he talks about the Arab-Jewish dispute?  Yes, one might.[11]

While such *doubts* do not constitute proof that Chomsky is wrong about Israel, such doubts cannot easily be dismissed, Dave. Unlike your criterion for correctness (support the PLO, and the facts be damned!) *our* standard is backed up by several hundred meticulously documented articles. These articles expose media lies about Yugoslavia. Hundreds of thousands of people have read them but nobody has been able to refute either their factual accuracy or their logic. Likewise, nobody has been able to dispute our video, “JUDGMENT!”, which shows how the media fabricated images to demonize the Bosnian Serbs.[12]

Noam Chomsky knows this work. His inability to show where we are wrong combined with his refusal to stop smearing the Serbs does mean that Chomsky lacks integrity. 

Regarding the use of Yugoslavia as a standard of integrity, here is an interesting point. I have found that the Israelis who most strongly oppose Arafat and Co. are the ones most critical of US policy in Yugoslavia, whereas, from my own experience, Israelis who are sympathetic to the PLO are also sympathetic to the secessionist Serbophobes in Yugoslavia. Along those lines, let us not forget that in attacking the Bosnian Serbs, Mr. Elie Wiesel and other well-known Jewish figures were apologizing for the Bosnian Islamic Fundamentalists, led by Alija Izetbegovic. Mr. Izetbegovic is on record stating that destroying Israel is the #1 moral issue in the world, and that any Jew who says Israel has a right to exist is the enemy.  This is the man for whom Wiesel was apologizing!  All I can say is, there is a whole lot of corruption in this New World Order…


The Quality of Truth is not Strained


Dave, you tell us that you would agree to trust us if we didn’t say what we now know is true about the PLO. Others tell us that they would trust us if we stopped publishing what we know about Milosevic. And still others would trust us if we would just remove our articles about 9-11, even though we know those articles are accurate.

We don’t calculate what we write based on whether people will like us. We write what we believe is true. Either one does that - just tells the truth  - or one does not. 

One of the biggest problems with those who opposed injustice this past century - that is, with those on the Left - is precisely that they often compromised what they *knew* was true, following a line justified by expediency. Or supposed expediency. Or temporary expediency. Or whatever. In other words, they lied.

For example, when the Soviets decided for geopolitical reasons to ally with Arab regimes, the Soviets helped those leaders undergo a ‘socialist’ makeover.  A wave of the wand and supporters of the Nazi leader, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, became Marxist-Leninists. Down came Hitler’s portrait. Up went Lenin’s.

The Arab or Jewish or other Leftists who had not already been murdered by people like Gamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt were now instructed by Communist leaders to hail them as heroes. What a nightmare! And now history repeats itself as farce. The Soviets are gone and various modern-day ‘Leftists’ tell us that the authoritarian Arab regimes and Islamic fundamentalists are leading an “Arab Revolution.” They are “Heroes of the Great Anti-Imperialist Struggle.” Ah, yes. And just who are these Imperialists whom they fight? As King Fahd of Saudi Arabia put it, “Israel, of course. Who else?”

Israel is the main problem in the world, say Saddam Hussein and Yassar Arafat… Is this the “Great Anti-Imperialist Struggle” or is it just an old-fashioned (*very* old fashioned!) Muslim holy war? You know, jihad:

[Start Quote From Evening Standard]

“In 1980, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia gave a clear definition: ‘What is meant by jihad is a united, comprehensive, integrated Arab-Islamic confrontation in which we place all our resources and our spiritual, cultural, political, material and military potential in a long and untiring ‘Holy War’ against Israel, of course, who else?’[13]

[End Quote From Evening Standard]

We have received a variety of letters about Francisco Gil-White’s article.[14]

Some indicate intellectual ferment, which is inspiring.

But as for the letters that sharply disagree with Francisco, they are like yours. That is, they rely on assertions of political correctness and/or they put the world upside down (the Star-of-David-equals-Swastika slander), and/or they issue threats.  A few include badly documented and sloppily argued general material with which we are already familiar. A few include insults or curses. But what *none* of them do is to take *any* of Francisco’s specific claims and show either that his facts are wrong or that his logic is flawed. None.

I close with this remark by the famous economist, John Maynard Keynes. Someone criticized Keynes for changing his position on an important issue. Keynes responded:

“When the facts change, I change my mind. Tell me sir, what do you do?”

Best regards,

Jared Israel
Emperor's Clothes

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Footnotes and Further Reading


[1] “Jenin ‘massacre’ reduced to death toll of 56,” By Paul Martin; THE WASHINGTON TIMES

[2] “How Al Ahram Weekly Unwittingly Disproved Anti-Israel Jenin Charges,” by Jared Israel *will be posted as soon as possible* at

[3] Most interesting in this regard is Prof Derrick Pounder, who has worked as a kind of travelling demonizer for the OSCE. Another old favorite wheeled out for Jenin was Helena Ranta, the Finnish so-called forensic pathologist (she is *not* a pathologist; she is…a dentist) who was used in Bosnia and Kosovo and was to lead the medical (dental?) investigation at Jenin…I shall post more on this ASAP. - JI

[3a] *An Editorial Thought Concerning The Arabization of the Left*
by Jared Israel

That "former" Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke calls Israel the world's #1 problem is no surprise. After all, he is...the KKK. He openly proclaims that America is run by "The Jews", who are allied, of course, with that other evil group, "The Blacks". It is not surprising that Duke has been a frequent guest in Arab countries and Arab media, including Al Jazeera, where he rages against "The Jews".

But the so-called Left is another matter. What is *its* excuse for being obsessed with 'Zionist Imperialism'? Did you know that as you read these words, forces linked to the US, Britain and Belgium are carrying out a *murderous* war in Central Africa? *Millions* of people have been killed in this latest hideous attack on Congo. Yet the so-called Left sees only the Middle East (and yes, this was true even *before* the current and never-ending crisis over Iraq! Witness the A.N.S.W.E.R rally last year in Washington, DC).

This obsession with Israel does not upset the US-led Western Empire. Indeed, it has many virtues. Hatred of Jews fans the flames of Islamic Fundamentalism, which Saudi Arabia, a key part of the Empire, uses to build its terrorist apparatus. It increases the strength of the Fundamentalist forces in Central Asia and the Caucuses, which NATO is using against the former Soviet states. It shifts attention from US/NATO actions in Central Asia and elsewhere around the former Soviet Union, away from the war in Congo, away from the war in Colombia and, of course, away from the trial of Milosevic and the continuing attack on the Balkans. If building Empire is the problem, fomenting hatred of Israel is part of the solution.

Regarding Congo, we have posted some material. I hope we will be able to post more. For Bertrand Russell's essay about the slaughter of millions of Congolese in what was probably the first genocide of the genocidal 20th century, see footnote [6].

* On the murder of Congolese President Laurent Kabila two years ago, see, "A Murder in Congo,' at

* For the current situation, see:

* Regarding the staggering number of deaths, go to
(Scroll to the bottom of the page, to #18)

[3b] The extent and extremism of anti-Semitism in the Arab media and schoolbooks is stunning. The contents of this material are not publicized much in the Western media, though the problem is sometimes mentioned. This is important. To be told once in awhile that there is anti-Semitism in Arab countries is not the same as reading quotes from actual schoolbooks and, most important, watching the TV programs.

Here are a few links for the TV programs:

* "Readers Ask: 'Aren't Israeli Jews Exposed to the Same Sort of Racist Propaganda As Arabs?' Jared Israel Responds," discusses an Egyptian TV program in which a leading Psychology professor endorsed suicide bombing as the height of the human experience. Includes a translation of the text and link to the RealPlayer video.

* An Egyptian TV program demonstrates the effects of racist indoctrination on a 3-year old child. I find this video heart breaking. The TV program was translated and put on the Web by For the RealPlayer video, go to

A transcript can be read at

* has made RealPlayer videos of sermons broadcast on Palestinian Authority TV, with English subtitles. To view several, go to

Regarding schoolbooks, the New York based nonprofit organization, Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace (CMIP) has translated texts of schoolbooks used both in Israel and in Arab areas, including by the Palestinian Authority and by Syria. Note that the UN relief organization, UNWRA, which handles the education of many Palestinian Arabs, *uses the same textbooks that are used in host countries.* Therefore, for example, UNWRA uses Syrian textbooks in Syria. Here is a small part of the report on Syrian textbooks.

[Start Excerpt from Report on Syrian Textbooks]

13. Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust are Justified

The Jews are presented as the sole cause for anti-Semitism. [Note: This line and the line above are from the CMIP. The following is from the textbooks.]

  • "...the state of isolation in which the Jews were living in the societies where they were found as a result of their looking down on others in those societies..." (National-Socialist Education, Grade 10, pp. 89-90)

    "Name the reasons for the grudge of the nations against the Jews in the societies where they live." (Homework, National-Socialist Education, Grade 10, p. 92)

    "During World War II Nazism persecuted millions of human beings in Europe and elsewhere and part of this persecution affected the Jews for the following reasons:

    • Because of the non-mingling with the nations and the societies where they lived.
    • Because of their control and monopoly over currency exchange, banks and commercial financing.
    • [Because of] their treason toward their homeland, Germany, as they had put themselves in the service of the Allies." (National- Socialist Education, Grade 10, p. 104)

    "He [Hitler] became aware of the conditions of the Jews in Germany and of their role in weakening it and in its defeat in the [First World] War... The most important of these [Nazi] principles and ideas [were]: ... The abolition of the Jews' electoral rights because they are strangers to the German Aryan society, in addition to their impact on Germany's defeat in the First [World] War." (History of Modern Times, Grade 11, pt. 2, pp. 68-69)

[End Excerpt from Report on Syrian Textbooks]

[4] Two ‘Washington Post’ articles with some commentary will be posted *as soon as possible* at 

[5] For articles on the “Protocols of Zion,” go to 

[6] Belgium started the last century by slaughtering possibly ten *million* Congolese. A lot of human beings for a small country to kill. Belgian crimes in the Congo have continued, but nothing they did subsequently matched the initial slaughter. The philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote about the Belgian system that led to that genocide. See, “Eyewitness to Hell,” at

[7] The six articles on Jenin can be accessed at 

[8] “Prejudice In Pakistan,” by Rod Nordlan at 

[9] Regarding the continuing attempt to blame 9-11 on “The Jews”, see the statement by Saudi Interior Minister, Prince Naif.  Naif is in charge of the Saudi investigation of 9-11 and also heads up the committee that gives money to the families of suicide bombers and also is in charge of the Saudi Committee for the Prevention of Vice and the Protection of Virtue, which beats and arrests those who fail to adhere to Islamic lifestyle rules. (They patrol with long clubs…) The statement by Mr. Naif (also spelled, Nayef) can be read at 

[10] “Palestine is Our Land And The Jews Are Our Dogs!” by Francisco Gil-White can be read at 

[10A] The US used Islamic Fundamentalists in Bosnia in the 1990s and in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Bosnia represented an advance over Afghanistan in that in Bosnia US intelligence succeeded in eliciting the cooperation of Saudi Arabia and Iran to import and fund Islamist terrorists. (These terrorists were a key part of the war effort of the U.S. backed side.) But in the earlier war in Afghanistan, only the Saudis played a significant role.

For more on the US coordination of Saudi and Iranian terrorist activities in Bosnia see, "A Diabolical Game: The US In Bed With Terrorists," by Nico Varkevisser at

For an overview of the earlier use of terrorists, in Afghanistan, in the 1980s, see "Washington's Backing of Afghan Terrorists: Deliberate Policy," at

[11] To read the exchange between Chomsky and me, go to 

[12] To read about our video, “JUDGMENT!” please go to 

[13] Evening Standard (London) May 19, 1994; SECTION: Pg. 9; LENGTH: 907 words; HEADLINE: A NEW KIND OF JIHAD

[14] Visit our Homepage

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